Discoveroids’ Nine-Day Creationist Seminar

This is that time of year when creationists feel the urge to get together for what may be the grandest revival meeting of all. Yes, dear reader, it’s time to start making plans for this year’s adventure in un-think — the Summer Seminar conducted by the neo-theocrats at the Discovery Institute‘s creationist public relations and lobbying operation, the Center for Science and Culture (a/k/a the Discoveroids, a/k/a the cdesign proponentsists).

We posted about this last year: Discovery Institute: Training Camp for Creationists. This year’s announcement is coming a bit early, so you’ll have plenty of time to make your plans. At the Discoveroids’ blog we read: How the Next Generation Gets Connected, Inspired, and Mentored in the ID Community.

That’s a thrilling title, isn’t it? You can be part of the next generation of creationists. You can get connected with your comrades in creationism. You can be mentored in the ID community. What more could an aspiring young creationist want? Here are some excerpts, with bold added by us:

The 2011 Summer Seminars for college juniors, seniors and graduate students is an intensive 9-day summer learning opportunity in Seattle, July 8-16.

Wow — a learning opportunity! Let’s read on:

These seminars are designed for outstanding and motivated students who seek a deeper understanding of science and its implications for society. Past alumni credit the seminar with giving them focus and inspiration for their research, as well as a place to network and receive the support and mentoring they need to equip themselves for the rewarding but difficult work ahead.

Think about it, dear reader. If you attend and learn all you can, why … some day you might become the next Casey Luskin! We continue:

The CSC [the Discoveroids’ Center for Science and Culture] Seminar on Intelligent Design in the Natural Sciences will explore cutting-edge ID work in fields such as molecular biology, biochemistry, embryology, developmental biology, paleontology, computational biology, ID-theoretic mathematics, cosmology, physics, and the history and philosophy of science.

You can explore the Discoveroids’ cutting-edge ID work. Won’t that be grand! Here’s one last excerpt, and this is the really important part:

Discovery Institute will pay expenses for students who are accepted into these programs (travel, lodging, meals, books and other course materials). Applications will be accepted until April 22, 2011, but earlier applications may receive priority consideration.

Well, what are you waiting for? Get that application in (there’s a link for it in the original article). The sooner the better!

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11 responses to “Discoveroids’ Nine-Day Creationist Seminar

  1. I’m honestly suprised that they don’t require a letter from your pastor as part of the application process. They ask for one from “a professor who knows your work and is friendly toward ID” instead.

  2. So ID advocates do research? Who knew?

  3. What, other than claiming that pi = 3, is ID-theoretic mathematics?

  4. I’m honestly suprised that they don’t require a letter from your pastor as part of the application process. They ask for one from “a professor who knows your work and is friendly toward ID” instead.

    For winnowing purposes, any godbot will do.

    For looking a little less like it’s all about church and God, a professorial godbot works better. Primarily among the rubes, but the latter are their movement, so…

  5. What a bunch of rubes.

  6. I wonder if there is a list of their past alumni anywhere. I imagine that is a closely guarded secret – the DI probably views this as a means of creating an army of “Manchurian Candidates” aimed at university science departments.

    Since they are only taking true believers, and all of ID can be summarized in a two hour meeting with a few powerpoint slides, what else are they going to do for 9 days?

  7. Ed: “So ID advocates do research? Who knew?”

    Actually some of them, like Behe do conduct original research. It just never supports ID, and often supports evolution. The associated publications are a gold mine for quote-miners, however.

  8. Nine days? It’s not clear from their site how much this program costs, but I’d bet that the room and board alone must be close to $ 1000.
    I wonder if a full frontal lobotomy would cost less and take less time — while giving a similar, but longer lasting result.

  9. Nine days!! IF GOD created the universe in 7 days, can’t they do their creationism/ID stuff in 7 days??

  10. @Realist1948: Back in the good old days, Walter Freeman and his “lobotomobile” made them very accessible. Certainly less than $1000 back then.