New Mexico Creationism Bill in Trouble?

It was only two weeks ago that we posted about the New Mexico Creationism Bill for 2011, sponsored by Representative Thomas A. Anderson – (R).

Now we read this at Panda’s Thumb: New Mexico Creation Bill Tabled. It’s very strange, about all kinds of chaos involving Anderson’s claiming that the bill was entirely his idea, and a local Discoveroid group who were claiming credit and agitating in support of the bill. Panda’s Thumb says Anderson’s bill “was tabled on a 5-to-4 vote in the NM House Education committee this morning.”

So we used this handy link with which we can track the progress of House Bill 302 as it works its way through the legislature; but we didn’t find any news there. We Googled for news and didn’t find anything either. We checked the National Center for Science Education (NCSE) site. Nothing there.

We were about to post something with a caveat that the news was unconfirmed, but just before hitting the “Publish” button we checked NCSE’s site one last time. Aha! They report: Antievolution bill in New Mexico tabled. They say:

House Bill 302 was tabled by the Education Committee of the New Mexico House of Representatives on a 5-4 vote on February 18, 2011, suggesting that it is unlikely to come to a floor vote before the legislature adjourns on March 19, 2011.

Two reliable sources. The news is real. Click over to Panda’s Thumb and also to NCSE. Then give thanks to the Olympian gods who watch over us all.

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3 responses to “New Mexico Creationism Bill in Trouble?

  1. The amazing story in this is how Anderson’s duplicity was exposed. He stated he wrote the bill, but he directly quotes earlier bills written by others and those are modeled on the DI’s boilerplate with much of the same language.

    Why is it that creationists, who always claim the moral high ground, are so chronically dishonest? Whether it’s quote mining, misrepresenting science, making up associations between the theory of evolution and just about any evil in the world, or just lying about a bit of personal conduct, it’s always the same.

  2. Ed says: “The amazing story in this is how Anderson’s duplicity was exposed.”

    It’s even more amazing that he seems to be troubled about it. Creationists are never embarrassed.

  3. I was there and I really don’t think Anderson knew what he was getting into. I think the IDiota who gave him the language misled him.