The Guardian Links to the Curmudgeon

We noticed that we were getting a lot of hits from the Guardian this morning, so we clicked over there to see what was generating the traffic.

To our delight, we observe that the Guardian (formerly the Manchester Guardian), which has probably the third-largest circulation of all British newspapers, has an article online that links to your humble Curmudgeon’s blog. It’s not only one link — the cousins are linking to two of our posts.

The Guardian‘s links to us appear in this article: The Vatican may be cosying up to science but it will never go all the way. You will understand, dear reader, if we say that we found the Guardian‘s article to be most excellent, and we recommend it highly.

Our posts to which they link are these: Science and the Vatican, and also The Vatican and Evolution.

We’ll try to be on our good behavior while the cousins are looking around.

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17 responses to “The Guardian Links to the Curmudgeon

  1. Congrats on that.
    By the way, someone on WEIT said you tended to rant about politics.
    See the thread for comment #8.
    Douglas E and I defended you against such a slanderous assault. (Not that you can’t handle it 🙂 )

  2. Lynn Wilhelm says:

    By the way, someone on WEIT said you tended to rant about politics.

    Probably one of those anarchist, vegetarian, pacifist, wiccan suffragettes.

  3. Congratulations!
    BTW, I’m a Democrat, but definitely not a vegetarian. May I still come here?

  4. Ellie asks: “May I still come here?”

    Well … yeah.

  5. Gabriel Hanna

    @Lynn, SC:

    SC is not the only one guilty of political rants. They are de rigeur at Panda’s Thumb and Pharyngula.

  6. And the Grinch’s Curmudgeon’s head grew three sizes that day.

    Congrats Curmy. I knew you had it in you.

  7. I did strike out Grinch. In my head at least.

  8. “Probably one of those anarchist, vegetarian, pacifist, wiccan suffragettes.”
    Looks like I am batting .400 ! !

  9. SC, when you’re up on stage accepting the award (that’s sure to come because of this exposure), just remember us humble Curmudgeonettes.

  10. Gary says: “just remember us humble Curmudgeonettes.”

    A Curmudgeonette named “Gary”?

  11. Well, “Curmudgeonhim” doesn’t have quite the same ring.

  12. SC — Beware “The Guardian” readership probably do not share your other “Enlightment” Values ….

  13. Longie says: “SC — Beware”

    I know. But maybe someone will change his views after roaming around here.

  14. @Gary – Curmudgeoneers could work. Reminds me of an irritable Musketeer. Females would naturally be Sensuous Curmudgeonettes.

  15. The Curmster states: “But maybe someone will change his views after roaming around here.”

    We aren’t talking about a certain pinniped from across the pond are we?

  16. Glad you like The Guardian Mr C…. would have thought it was a bit liberal for you tho.

    They also came up with this killer Creationism UK graphic (aka how retarded is your area)

    the news archive of creationism stories gives you a flavour of what its like over here on the sane side of the Atlantic 😉