Massive Creationism Epidemic Near Chicago

Less than two weeks ago we wrote Creationist School Board Candidates Near Chicago, about creationist school board candidates for the Fremont School District 79 board. We thought that was an isolated outbreak, but we were mistaken.

Today’s news comes from the same paper that told us of the earlier situation. It’s the Daily Herald , a suburban Chicago newspaper with the third-largest circulation in Illinois. There we read All four Dist. 95 candidates back teaching creationism in science classes. Here are some excerpts, with bold font added by us:

All four candidates for the Lake Zurich Unit District 95 school board believe creationism should be taught alongside evolution in science classes. One, Chris Wallace, went so far as to say creationism is fact and evolution is just a theory.

Egad! Here’s a link to the school board’s web page: Lake Zurich Community Unit School District 95. There’s also a Wikipedia article on it: Community Unit School District 95. They say it’s located in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago. They don’t describe the place, but we imagine that school district must lie entirely within the confines of an insane asylum, or perhaps it’s a commune of hopelessly inbred retardates.

As we said before, that state’s all messed up anyway, so it probably doesn’t matter if they go officially creationist. Creationism is the least of Illinois’ problems. Let’s read on in the Daily Herald :

Three of the candidates — Jim Burke, Doug Goldberg and Tony Pietro — are incumbents seeking additional four-year terms on the board. Wallace is a political newcomer.

Good lord! Three of the flamers are already on the board. Those students have no chance. We continue:

[T]he Carol Stream-based Illinois Family Institute, support creationism’s introduction in school as a way to present both sides of an argument.

Ah yes — another creationist advocacy group with the word “Family” in its name. Here’s one more excerpt from this news article:

Pietro [one of the incumbents seeking re-election] believes creationism should be taught in science class to give students “as much information as possible” about the origins of life. “I think we can say this is a theory,” he said Thursday. “None of us were here when man was created.”

When the court rulings on the issue were mentioned, Pietro didn’t waver. “When we teach (it), we need to say this is a theory,” he said.

There’s not much to be said about this situation. It speaks for itself. Click over to the Daily Herald and read the whole article. But be warned: There’s no good news to be found in it.

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15 responses to “Massive Creationism Epidemic Near Chicago

  1. Soooooo…………………..

    Texans aren’t the only dumbf*cks in the nation???

    Whew! That’s a relief!

    LOL! 😀

  2. (ps I hope Senior Curmie hasn’t noticed the sparsity of my responses lately… it is entirely a function of my ratcheted up school and work schedule and not a reflection of the excellence of His Majesty’s blog!)

  3. Your excuse is acceptable, LRA. But only temporarily.

  4. Only in Idiot America would voters have to choose between four creationist morons to be on a school board.

    I used to live in a nearby Chicago suburb so I’m a bit surprised to find out the Bible Belt now includes northern Illinois. I wrote about the problem here:

    Christian retards infest the school board of a Chicago suburb.

  5. Jeepers…do you guys have some Katrina like stupid cloud that blows around from state to state flooding said states in deluges of willful ignorance and idiocy? Are your electorates so proudly pig thick ignorant they fall for this faithfuller than thou grandstanding? Or is this some sort of new reality TV show… Americas Biggest Bubba Gump and the Retards Who Elect Em?

    Really MrC you need to start handing out the Buffoon Awards and golden dunce hats to states and their stupid electorates.

    Looks like Kentucky is a hot fave this year, with the Windy City bringing up a close second.

  6. The US has a long and jaded relationship with religion, it’s not likely to divorce itself from that warm and cozy marriage anytime soon, especially when the common man, and woman, has been sold a bill of goods portraying modern times as one small step away from hell and the past as the golden era. Part of that meme stipulates secularism as the primary reason the US is sidling up to the Devil hoping for a (gasp) quasi-homosexual embrace.

    The leaders of the movement responsible for this disinformation are well aware that the education system can be used both to debunk their message or to reinforce their message, so they are doing their rotten best to guarantee kids grow up with their message rather than that of the enlightenment.

    Lucifer means light bringer, so even though their god created the light, keeping people in the dark and blind to reality is, in their tiny little minds, the best way to put distance between the Devil and them.

  7. Tundra Boy says: “The US has a long and jaded relationship with religion …”

    While Canada has been blessedly immune. It must be something in all that walrus blubber you guys consume.

  8. Walrus blubber is wonderful stuff, until you smoke it.

  9. Outside of Chicago, the rest of Illinois should be called “North Kentucky.” I have lived in northwest-suburban Chicago almost all of my life (in the city proper before that). I read the Daily Herald every day (mainly for local news & sports). The paper usually reports well regarding science related issues. The greatest beef that I have with the paper is the letters to-the-editor section. It always seemed to me that the Daily Herald loves to print letters from creationists much more frequently than letters supporting evolution. I believed that this was way out of proportion to the thinking of the general population. At least that is what I believed in the past. I’m no longer so sure. The comments in the paper replying to the creationist letters appear to show much support for this lunacy. Also, hearing local politicians spouting crap (not just school board candidates), and then seeing them get elected, I wonder how so many of my neighbors can support these wacky people.

  10. Filgby says:

    Outside of Chicago, the rest of Illinois should be called “North Kentucky.”

    This is a map of the counties carried by William Jennings Bryan in the 1900 presidential election. Party labels change, but people don’t.

  11. retiredsciguy

    Evidently, the Lake Zurich school board would rather spend its money on lawyers than on education.

  12. retiredsciguy says:

    Evidently, the Lake Zurich school board would rather spend its money on lawyers than on education.

    Education? Education?!? Those kids get all the education they’ll ever need in Sunday school.

  13. I noticed that one, rubble. Nothing to blog about unless it develops into litigation, but I’m glad you mentioned it.