Noah’s Ark Searcher Murdered on Mt. Ararat?

The search for Noah’s Ark may have resulted in tragedy according to a disturbing report from WorldNetDaily (WND), the creationist publication. It’s titled: Christian man vanishes in hunt for Noah’s Ark, and sub-titled: “All evidence of missionary disappears without a trace.”

Well! This is most intriguing. The last time we discussed one of WND’s articles about an Ark hunt was Dispute about Noah’s Ark Discovery, and today’s article involves some of the same players. As you may recall, there was a big controversy about whether the latest Ark find was real or fake. Now, alas, things may have taken a tragic turn. Here are some excerpts, with bold font added by us:

[Jeremy Wiles, the] Jupiter, Fla., filmmaker can be described as a man of obsession – obsessed with Noah’s Ark since his childhood, and today obsessed with locating his friend and fellow ark hunter who mysteriously vanished on Turkey’s Mount Ararat in September, sparking the worst kind of speculation.

His friend “mysteriously vanished” on Mt. Ararat while searching for the Ark? We’re interested, so let’s read on:

It’s feared there was an accident or he was murdered,” Wiles told WND. “I helped organize an expedition to find him, but he wasn’t discovered.”

Murder? Egad! We continue:

The missing man is 48-year-old Donald Mackenzie, a missionary from the small town of Stornoway, Scotland, nestled on the isle of Lewis in the country’s Outer Hebrides. He was said to be passing out Bibles in a small, Turkish village in the final days before his disappearance. “He was a devoted Christian who began searching for Noah’s Ark in 2004, the same year I started my search,” Wiles said.

What could have happened? Here’s more:

The lure of the most famous vessel in history was far stronger than any deterrent of fierce weather, and Mackenezie returned to the mountain last year, only to disappear without a trace, as no evidence of Donald, his tent or belongings were discovered. His last communication was from 14,700 feet on Sept. 28, as Wiles indicates “cell phones work on Ararat.”

Disappeared without a trace? How is that possible? Moving along:

What makes this more than just a typical “man lost on a mountain” story is the fact that Mackenzie was looking to verify April 2009 claims by Hong Kong evangelists that they had found the remains of Noah’s Ark on the mountain. … “He heard the Chinese had found the ark,” his mother said. “And you couldn’t keep him back. He was determined to go.”

We wrote about that reported Ark find. See WorldNetDaily: Noah’s Ark Found! But it was controversial. Another excerpt:

Wiles agrees with Donald’s mother about the bogus nature of the Hong Kong group’s discovery, telling WND: “There has never been any solid evidence provided by an independent group of scientists to substantiate their claims.

So why did Donald go to Mt. Ararat? And what became of him? On with the article:

[Donald Mackenzie’s brother,] Derick Mackenzie, worries about something more sinister. “It would not surprise me if some undesirable types, such as Muslim fanatics, deliberately targeted him,” Derick told Britain’s Daily Mail. “We do know that some locals suspect foul play. The motive may have been religion or robbery. None of Donald’s equipment has been found. We know he may have been murdered or kidnapped, although it has been a while now and no one has come forward with a ransom demand.”

It would be indeed tragic if a noble Ark quest should have ended in Donald’s demise. One last excerpt:

Derick [the missing man’s brother] noted that although this situation is very unpleasant, and does bring him down emotionally, there is one thing which always stops him from sinking into depression, and that’s his Christian faith. “Some people in this kind of situation become obsessed about finding the person, and it seems to consume their whole world, going into a state of denial. But I can say, that although I desire that Donald turn up, I can also say, that if it be God’s will that he is found dead, or even never found, I can accept that, and say, Amen. Only by God’s grace.”

Good attitude! There’s much more to the WND article, so click over there to read it all. As for Noah’s Ark, it remains elusive. Your Curmudgeon predicts that despite the current mystery, the great quest will continue.

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18 responses to “Noah’s Ark Searcher Murdered on Mt. Ararat?

  1. How are we sure he wasn’t raptured? Maybe he was the only one worthy!

  2. Raptured? Yes, definitely a possibility!

  3. Perhaps he was about to expose the Chinese…

  4. Ed says: “Perhaps he was about to expose the Chinese…”

    There are so many possibilities. His brother thinks it may have been Muslim fanatics. You suggest the Chinese. Larian believes he may have been raptured. It could have been the abominable snowman — or is he only in the Himalayas?

    Hey — it might have been the Darwinists. They’re desperate to keep the Ark hidden.

  5. I was going to read the article, but I got sidetracked by the ad for SHOCKED BY THE BIBLE:The Most Astonishing Facts You’ve Never Been Told. And they were right! In all my years, I don’t ever remember reading about underwear that didn’t disintegrate even after 40 years of heavy use. Unfortunately, I don’t have $16 to spare, so I guess I’ll have to live without being SHOCKED.
    I do wonder what happened to Mackenzie — though not enough to keep reading WhirledNutsDaily.

  6. That darned Turkish Government. If they had not of prohibited him from searching ole Ron Wyatt would have dug that ark up years ago.

    Ditto for the Ark of the Covenant and the Israeli government.

    Now they have possibly killed this guy? Why don’t they want us true believers to unearth the ark?

  7. NDaBoonies asks:

    Why don’t they want us true believers to unearth the ark?

    I think the Ark was secretly moved to Area 51. That’s where the Darwinists hide all the evidence for creationism.

  8. Donald is probably still speechless at finding his cell phone working in the mountains of the Middle East. It’s more than they do in the Hebrides.

  9. Donald is probably still speechless at finding his cell phone working in the mountains of the Middle East.

    We could call this story “Lost Verizons.”

  10. For crying out loud people, he’s just being probed by the greys. He’ll be back little worse for the wear with several alien consolation prizes in his pocket.

  11. An excellent theory, Tundra Boy.

  12. SC, I contacted the head of Area 51 and asked whether they had the Ark. His reply was, “I can neither confirm nor deny that I may (or may not) know a possibly vague answer to whatever your question was.”
    Guess that settles that. Moving along…

  13. NDaBoonies

    SC, I contacted the head of Area 51 and asked whether they had the Ark. His reply was, “I can neither confirm nor deny that I may (or may not) know a possibly vague answer to whatever your question was.”
    Guess that settles that. Moving along…

    It’s there someone said so last night on Art Bell.

  14. Muslim fanatics might have done him in? Hm. . . in other words, the locals got tired of some wacko from the U. S. of A. coming over to convert them and invited him to have a look at the bottom of a ravine. If this fellow was anything like Ron Wyatt, I can understand them doing it.

    I say this, having nearly got into a fist fight with Wyatt. He gave a lecture on his “discoveries” at my college, and afterward, I asked him how he had found multiple significant archeological sites in the time of only a few years, when professionals take a long time on only one. He became furious, appearing to be on the edge of a stroke, and had to be calmed down by his supporters.

  15. Hi: I also looked for the ark; now I am looking for Donald Mackenzie. There are two “new” sites under investigation by interested ark-eologists: (1) the site on southwestern Ararat about 13,000 feet which was “encouraged” by the South Korean Evangelistic Assn. and (2) a site on northeastern Ararat being “discovered” at about 14,000+ and being “developed” by Noah’s Ark Ministries. Both are supposed to be “secret.” Bradley Paris on an expedition last autumn (12 days before Mackenzie came) took a picture of the 13,000 elevation site and his camera was confiscated. You may ask him about it at

  16. Well, Mary, you may find Donald. As for the Ark, I donno …

  17. retiredsciguy

    Everyone’s looking in the wrong place! The Ark will be discovered in Kentucky!

  18. Benjamin Franklin

    After much concerted thinking regarding this conundrum, I have reasoned it out that it was the Darwinist, Professor Plum.
    In the conservatory, with the wrench.

    Either that or Robespierre in the library, with the candlestick.