Creationist Homeschooling Is Educational Incest

Look what we found at the website Answers in Genesis (AIG) — the cornerstone of the creationist empire built by Ken Ham (ol’ Hambo), the genius who also brought you the mind-boggling Creation Museum.

They have a big article titled Homeschool Ready? Before you get all worked up and defensive, we acknowledge that there are some perfectly appropriate reasons for some people to choose homeschooling; but when a creationist outfit like AIG talks about homeschooling, you can fairly well guess the kind of zombie-brained children they want to create. Here are some excerpts, with bold font added by us:

In recent years, AiG has been steadily building our presence at homeschool conventions, and 2011 will be our biggest year yet. We will cover at least 21 states in the U.S. and two provinces in Canada. Several volunteers have taken extra time to train for helping at the conventions.

There are millions of people who think that’s good news. Let’s read on:

Ken Ham, president of Answers in Genesis, is scheduled to keynote seven conventions this season. He is one of the featured speakers in the four “Great Homeschool Conventions” [link omitted], which includes a convention in our “backyard” of Cincinnati as well as Memphis (March 3–5), Greenville, and Philadelphia. At other homeschool conventions, Ken will also be the keynote speaker in Atlanta, Georgia; Harrisburg, Pennsylvania; and Naperville (Chicago), Illinois.

If you want to attend one of those so you can hear ol’ Hambo speak, you’ll have to get the schedule from the original article. We continue:

In addition to offering excellent Bible-upholding talks at these homeschool meetings, we will make our most popular curricula available for attendees to thumb through, along with many of our new DVDs, children’s books, and other apologetics resources. AiG is looking forward to providing homeschooling families with meaningful, valuable, and faith-building materials in order to equip the next generation to defend their faith with excellence!

But if your kids go to school in Louisiana or Texas, that same stuff may be available in the public schools as “supplementary material.” Possibly in Tennessee too, if pending legislation passes. Here’s more:

AiG’s Educational Resources development team is continually providing valuable new curricula resources. Here is a short list of some of the items we will have on hand for homeschooling families to review and to consider implementing in their home education.

We don’t want to promote their creationist tracts, so you’ll have to click over to the AIG article to see that list. We assume it’s a bunch of young-earth, Adam & Eve riding on dinosaurs stuff, with the usual claims that “Darwinism” is atheism and leads to Hitler. It’s just what the kids need to be successful in life. One last excerpt:

You can see all of these resources and many more at the thirty-plus homeschool conventions [link omitted] where Answers in Genesis will be present.

As we said in the title to this post, creationist homeschooling is like educational incest. It’s ignorant parents abusing their children. Hey — keep it in the family!

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7 responses to “Creationist Homeschooling Is Educational Incest

  1. Another popular Christian homeschool source is Dr. Susan Wise Bauer. She will be a keynote speaker with Ham at an upcoming homeschool convention, but her publishing company recently put out a Bible curriculum by Peter Enns of BioLogos. The ICR was so upset that they would let an evolutionist talk to children, they issued a dramatic warning: “Parents beware!”. I’m sure Ham (and Jay Wile will be there, also) would agree with the ICR’s condemnation, but he’ll share the stage with Dr. Bauer. We’ll see if sparks fly in June.

  2. Not only is it educational incest, it’s intellectual castration… Only wish it somehow applied biologically to them so that their breeding would drop off…

  3. Too bad it’s just the opposite. They breed too much!!

  4. Lynn says ” They breed too much!!”

    Exactly, look at the Duggars! I think they have 20 or 21 kids now.

    Parents don’t understand that their kids are NOT going to be well-adjusted adults, able to deal with the real world, when all they are fed as children is a diet of pure ignorance. SC is right, it IS child abuse!! Of course their solution is to try to force regular schools to feed the same garbage to everyone else’s kids, so theirs won’t look so bad.

  5. I was sent to church schools that taught creationism as official doctrine and had to learn what I know about science on my own. It didn’t make me popular when I challenged foolishness.

  6. to defend their faith

    From what? No one is attacking their faith. Who’s saying, “Don’t you dare believe in Christ or Christianity! Don’t you dare believe in God!”
    I’m hearing crickets chirping on those questions.

  7. Creationist homeschooling is the perfect environment to teach children about the evils of evolution and…the green dragon.

    Science is the great Satan. 😉