Chicago School Board Candidates Deny Creationism

A week ago we wrote Massive Creationism Epidemic Near Chicago when it was reported that in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago, all four District 95 School Board candidates supported teaching creationism “alongside evolution in science classes.”

The candidates had been interviewed by the Daily Herald, a suburban Chicago newspaper with the third-largest circulation in Illinois. Today that same newspaper reports: Dist. 95 candidates distance selves from creationism comments. It’s a sad tale of creationist politicians slipping and sliming around in a mess of their own making. Here are some excerpts, with bold font added by us:

Three candidates for the Lake Zurich Unit District 95 board are distancing themselves from comments they made about creationism’s role in school. Two of them now say they misunderstood the question asked by a Daily Herald reporter about the issue.

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! The Daily Herald then says:

In a Feb. 24 interview at the Daily Herald’s Lake County office, all four candidates were asked, “Do you believe that creationism should be taught alongside evolution in science classes?”


The comments were reported in the Feb. 26 Daily Herald and online at A digital audio recording of the full exchange is available at

We’re inclined to believe the newspaper. Nevertheless, two of the candidates say they didn’t understand the question. Let’s read on:

Since that discussion, the issue has been picked up by bloggers focused on the creationism-vs.-evolution debate and other media.

If your Curmudgeon’s humble blog played a small role in embarrassing the candidates, we’re delighted — but the Daily Herald deserves all the credit. The newspaper says the candidates later discussed the issue on Facebook, and:

Wallace was the only candidate not to reverse his stance at the [Facebook] forum. He read a statement and quoted comments he’s made on a Facebook page dedicated to the controversy,

We know nothing about Facebook, so we can’t deal with that. The newspaper quotes Wallace’s Facebook comment as follows:

“It is unfortunate that the question that should have been asked was not: ‘Does this candidate support the teaching of a unilateral curriculum of creationism vs. the current theory of evolution in a science class,” Wallace’s posting reads, in part. “The answer to that question is most assuredly no.”

Whatever that means. The Daily Herald then goes on at great length reporting on the spinning and squirming of the other three candidates. If you like to see creationists making fools of themselves, click over there and read it. Here’s one more excerpt:

On Thursday, a letter from the entire District 95 school board to the community was added to the district’s website [Lake Zurich Community Unit School District 95]. It states the district’s curriculum follows state standards and the laws of Illinois, which do not allow for the teaching of creationism in science class.

This is a link to the Letter from the District 95 Board of Education to the Community. Briefly, it says:

[T]the Board of Education would like to take a moment to reassure our community that creationism is not part of the District 95 science curriculum. … The Illinois Learning Standards and the laws of Illinois do not allow for the teaching of creationism in science class, and we do not do so.

But three of the current crop of candidates, Burke, Goldberg and Pietro, are incumbents. They’re on the Board now and they signed that letter. We’ll leave it up to you to evaluate the letter’s credibility.

When we blogged about the original story our impression was that all four candidates are idiots. Now we have the impression that they are also without honor. In other words, they’re typical creationist politicians.

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9 responses to “Chicago School Board Candidates Deny Creationism

  1. OK, if they couldn’t understand a simple question, what are the odds they can handle a school budget or something really sticky like a First Amendment complaint?

  2. Gabriel Hanna

    Did the cock crow yet? Must be waiting on that third one.

    Jesus answered, “I tell you, Peter, before the rooster crows today, you will deny three times that you know me.”

  3. This is Disco Tute boilerplate. The Tute doesn’t support “mandating” the teaching of “intelligent design” creationism, setting up the mandating straw man, which they then proceed to knock down.

    However, they do publish a document to encourage teachers to present “intelligent design” creationism while avoiding constitutional entanglements, which worked so well in Dover, Pa.

    More liars for jeebus in ChiTown. What else is new?

  4. SC asks: Whatever that means.

    Seems obvious to me since he threw in the word “unilateral.” It means that he’s all for teaching creationism, he just wants to dress it up as strengths and weaknesses so he can sneak it in on the side.

  5. satchmodog

    I grew up near Lake Zurich and can honestly say there is very little chance of creationism ever having a place in the curriculum. The town and surrounding towns of Long Grove, Hawthorn Woods and Barrington are extremely wealthy and educated. While a good deal may be church goers, there are too many MBAs and PHDs about to have enough cretard pull to make a dent. There is a mega church in the area, but its hard core victims are drawn from all over and it seems the educated that show up do it for show and social function.
    For all of it’s faults, the Illinois legislature would never let this nuttery in the schools.

    And yes, your humble blog does reach the area and I do my best to spread it around the rest of NE Illinois.

  6. satchmodog says:

    And yes, your humble blog does reach the area and I do my best to spread it around the rest of NE Illinois.

    Wow — we go all the way to Chicago! That’s incredible. It’s good of you to spread the word.

  7. Hmm… No one seems to be mentioning Intelligent Design. One hopes that when the board members mention “creationism,” they also include ID.

  8. Gayle Stone

    I don’t think they “understand” what Creationism is or that there are as many different “stories” as there are interpretations of the book of Genesis. I commented on Jerry’s post about this with the way “The Real Truth” msgszine published by The Restored Church of God says creation happened. They state that many Eevangelisticals and Jewish religionist’s BELIEVE the Earth and solar sysem was created in a single event 6,000 years ago.They then go on for “two pages” of quotes from Genesis which I can’t see has any connection with the way they then say how it really ocurred. They admit that the countless pictures of stars and amazing galaxies of which 3,000 are avisible and real; saying that since it has taken light from some of them 80,000 billions of years to get to the Earth which has existed for billions of years, BUT, it was only relatively very recently that God renewed -recreated- the Earth to perpare it for the first human beings, Adam and Eve. “When one allows the bible to interpret itself (I can’t see that it did.), then use s that knowledge to properly interpret scientific data, the truth of creation is not only accurate, but magnificent and awe inspiring!” Well I don’t think God did a better job this time around to prepare for humans; why not recreate it with a stable cool center with no earthquakes, tsunamies or shifting of “plates.” Instead of man-eating wild beasts, just make cows for milk and horses to ride