James Perloff’s Creationism Revival in New Jersey

We learned about this creationism revival from a press release. For some reason, there are no news articles about it. There seems to be an intentional news blackout regarding this very important event. Why is the press ignoring James Perloff?

Well, who is he? We can’t find Perloff’s name mentioned at the Discoveroids’ website, or at Answers in Genesis, or at the Institute for Creation Research. He doesn’t seem to be in the — cough, cough — mainstream of creationism. Looking further for information, we went beyond the fringe — to the very edge of the flat Earth. Yes, dear reader, we searched for his name at WorldNetDaily (WND). Bingo — several hits!

WND is selling one of Perloff’s books at their online bookstore: The Case Against Darwin. And here’s a WND article from 2005 where they mention not only that, but also one of his other books: The Case Against Darwin’ FREE this weekend! Hey — you’re in luck. That other Perloff book is also available at the WND bookstore: Tornado in A Junkyard.

Looking for more information, we found a YouTube interview with him: Tornado in a Junkyard: Interview with James Perloff. It’s rather long and we’ve only seen the first few minutes. If you have more fortitude than we do, maybe you’ll want to sit through the whole thing.

Anyway, let’s get to the press release we found: Free Lecture by Author James Perloff on Intelligent Design vs. Evolution Sponsored by JBS South Jersey. What do those initials “JBS” mean? Stay with us, dear reader. All will be revealed. Here are some excerpts, with bold font added by us:

Are human beings a cosmic accident? Are we descendants of fish and apes, the products of chance evolutionary processes? Or are we a creation of God, the result of intelligent design? Mr. Perloff will address these questions and more at the Holiday Inn in Runnemede, NJ on March 18 at 7:30 p.m.

That’s ten days from now. You have plenty of time to arrange your schedule. Let’s read on:

James Perloff returns to South Jersey to speak on the topic of his two books “Tornado in a Junkyard” and “The Case Against Darwin: Why the Evidence Should Be Re-examined”. The topic will be layman’s level discussions of the growing scientific case against Darwin’s Theory of Evolution.

Wowie — it sounds exciting! We continue:

New scientific discovery has led to a more in depth understanding of the nature of the human cell that does not correspond with Darwin’s limited understanding at the time his Origin of the Species was written.

In place of the limited understanding of the cell as a bit of protoplasm, we now know that it is filled with nanobots that take the instruction sets stored in DNA and convert these instructions through a carefully orchestrated process into specific proteins as the cell need arises. This has raised serious doubts about how a carefully organized and specifically responsive system could possibly have arisen through a mutation driven mechanism such as natural selection.

It appears that Perloff really knows what he’s talking about! Here’s one more excerpt:

Other scientific discoveries point to the same conclusions. Mr. Perloff will address these issues in his lecture and are all covered in more detail in his publications.

If those who attend this revival are lucky, maybe Perloff will have some of his books available for sale. He might even be willing to autograph them for you. This is an opportunity you don’t want to miss!

Oh, here’s a link to the outfit sponsoring this momentous event at the Holiday Inn: South Jersey JBS Freedom Campaign. They inform us: “Organizational guidance and campaign tools are provided for the JBS Freedom Campaign Meetups by the John Birch Society.” So that’s what “JBS” means. Now you know.

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8 responses to “James Perloff’s Creationism Revival in New Jersey

  1. Aha! The long hidden relationship between the John Birch Society and Intelligent Design is finally exposed! The missing link is discovered!

  2. Ed says:

    The long hidden relationship between the John Birch Society and Intelligent Design is finally exposed!

    Yup. They’re creationists. If you visit their website and search for “Darwin” you’ll see what I mean. Their brand of conservatism reminds me of Don McLeroy’s.

  3. retiredsciguy

    Who woulda thought! The John Birch Society in bed with Pravda! Oh, the irony!

  4. Nanobots? Nanobots!?! What.. the… !?!?

  5. Help!
    Does anyone now of a book that would contain the
    interlocking of ALL of the following?
    The Council on Foreign Relations, the Bilderberg Group,
    the Trilateral Commission and the Institute of Public Relations + Communism?
    I know this is a mouthful but I’d really like to find a pubication that would tie all these groups together.
    Of course we all know toward what end they are all
    working towards.
    Thanks for any help.

  6. Try WorldNetDaily. They specialize in what concerns you.

  7. Aaaargh!

    The Birchers, The Discoveroids and the Republican Party

    now THERE is the real Axis of Stupid

    I see it all….the scales have fallen away. The Great Designer did that voodoo that he do soooo well 6000 years ago, creating good Designer fearing whitebread Americans and all that is good and white, then along came those devilish Darwinista commies putting their flouride in the Designers clean pure water and their Jefferson in our textbooks in an attempt to usher in the new dawn of the Communist Hitler lovin Caliphate!!!!

    Mwaa ha ha hah haaaaaa!!!!!!

  8. I also saw the JBS South Jersey press release, and was curious about Perloff. However, other than the John Birch Society connection (and the fact that a JBS-affiliated publisher published his ‘The Shadows of Power: The Council on Foreign Relations and the American Decline’) and the fact that he self-published his creationist tracts, I can find out very little about him. Yet another minor crank, it would seem.