Texas Creationism: Ratliff Beats McLeroy Again

A few weeks ago we told you about a new development in the always-weird annals of Texas creationism. That was McLeroy Supporters Strike Back! The hard-core creationists on the Texas State Board of Education (SBOE) were enraged because their intellectual champion, creationist dentist Don McLeroy, had been defeated in last year’s election by Thomas Ratliff. They were questioning whether Ratliff was eligible to serve because he is a lobbyist.

Well, the latest creationist tantrum has come to nothing, and we found two news stories about it. First, we’ll give you some excerpts from Attempts to sink Ratliff run aground, which appears in the Daily Tribune located in Mount Pleasant, Texas — Ratliff’s home town. The bold font was added by us:

When conservatives attempted recently to oust Thomas Ratliff from the State Board of Education, they found the Mount Pleasant Republican was two steps ahead of them.

“It’s fine,” Ratliff, who works as a lobbyist in Austin during legislative sessions, laughed about the right-wing plot. “I actually called the Travis County District Attorney’s office which has a public integrity unit. I told them that there is a concern raised and I wanted them to come investigate me.”

We like this fellow’s style. The story goes on:

“They said that s far as they know I’m the first public official to ask them to come investigate him,” Ratliff revealed.


Ratliff has no doubts about the source of his problem. “They are just mad at me for beating Dr. Don McLeroy.”

Let’s get to the second story. It’s in the San Antonio Express-News of San Antonio, Texas, where we read Prosecutors clear Ratliff of allegations. Here’s one excerpt, with bold font added by us:

The Travis County District Attorney’s Office has cleared new State Board of Education member Thomas Ratliff, R-Mt. Pleasant, of conflict of interest allegations.

That’s plain enough. The rest of the article is the text of a long letter from Susan H. Oswalt of the Travis County District Attorney’s Office, Public Integrity Unit. It’s addressed to Gail Lowe, chairman of the SBOE. Lowe is McLeroy’s successor in that post, and she’s the one who started the investigation.

It’s a great letter. Click over there and read it. Ratliff is cleaner than any politician in Texas. Tough luck for the creationists.

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7 responses to “Texas Creationism: Ratliff Beats McLeroy Again

  1. OMG, an honest… and clean politician. I don’t know if my heart can take it.

  2. Board member Terri “Airhead” Leo dismissed the letter as merely, simply, only, trivially a liberal, commie pinko “opinion” as quoted:

    “State Board of Education member Terri Leo, R-Spring, dismissed the letter as merely ” opinion from a prosecutor with the same liberal bent as Mr. Ratliff. ”

    Just a flesh wound! Come on, you coward, attack me! And, where’s your birth certificate? And where were you on 911? Hmmm, Ratliff, that’s a Muslim name, isn’t it?

    Us and Them, that’s how ideologues see the world. I had a friend whose family lived in a small town in Indiana for 30 years, raised their kids there and ran a small business, and were still treated as “outsiders.”

  3. comradebillyboy

    Bravo Mr Ratliff

  4. Proud to have contributed to his campaign. I still have the thank-you letter. Class act, and clearly sharp.

  5. BTW, The Texas attorney general is expected to present an opinion on the legality of a lobbyist being on the board. It’s supposed to be due April 4th.

    Two points, I could not find the relevant law in the Texas Constitution or Statutes. The article linked to here and the AG document didn’t give sufficient information.

    Two, I think the Travis County attorney was very smart by mentioning twice that a lobbyist had previsouly been on the school board. Even if it is agaisnt the law, precedent holds that the law can be ignored.

  6. Terri, with her education degree, obviously feels she is more qualified to judge matters of law than members of the district attorney’s office.

    Actually, both Ratliff’s actions and the review by the D.A.’s office are very impressive. It’s nice to see government work the way it’s supposed to.

  7. Little Lord McLeroy loses again! Now we have to find a rational conservatives to run against Terri Leo and her fellow theistic troglodites in the Republican primaries.