Creationist School Board Candidate in Missouri

In the Columbia Daily Tribune, one of two daily newspapers in Columbia, Missouri, we read Candidate advocates for creationism, Dickson wants theory taught. Here are some excerpts, with bold font added by us:

Candidates for the Columbia Board of Education frequently have been asked about budget issues and the achievement gap, but a forum last week gave them the opportunity to speak on a perpetual hot-button issue: teaching evolution versus intelligent design in the science curriculum.

In our humble opinion, every candidate, everywhere, should be asked about The Controversy. Let’s read on:

Current high school biology courses in Columbia Public Schools do teach evolution but mainly focus on plants and animals, rarely addressing human evolution.

That’s not too bad. It was probably the same when your Curmudgeon was in high school. At least they don’t teach creationism — not yet. We continue:

“I heard one of the candidates was a Christian conservative, and I thought the public ought to know her position on this,” Scott said. “I am absolutely opposed to teaching intelligent design. … It’s against separation of church and state.”

That’s Steve Scott, a local attorney and former board member, who hosted the forum. Here’s more:

The majority of the candidates said they opposed modifying the science curriculum

We’ll skip their comments. You want to get to the good stuff. It’s coming:

Candidate Sara Dickson, who labels herself as the Christian conservative voice in the race, was the only candidate to speak in favor of such modifications. “Evolution is a theory, … and I believe creationism could be taught alongside that,” she said at the forum.

There’s a photo of Sara at the Columbia Daily Tribune article. Check it out. We have never seen a human face that was such a clean slate. Moving along:

Teaching human evolution can create other concerns, Dickson said. Teaching children that humans came from monkeys, for example, might lead children to use racial slurs, she said.

Hey — that’s a new one! There’s more in the article about her comments, and it’s worth a look. Go ahead, click over there. We’ll give you one last excerpt:

Dickson does not have children enrolled in Columbia Public Schools and was home-schooled in grades K-12, but her campaign emphasizes she represents taxpayers without children in the district.

Ah, she was home-schooled. She’s pure — never contaminated with the taint of Darwinism. How fortunate!

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3 responses to “Creationist School Board Candidate in Missouri

  1. Her face is a clean slate, but I detect a tinge of that arrogance – perhaps it is her disdain for those educated in the public schools showing through.

  2. Dickson: “Evolution is a theory, … and I believe creationism could be taught alongside that,”

    Everyone who settles for that “equal time” nonsense needs to be forced to state exactly which of the following – evolution, the mutually contradictory YECs and OECs, the completely vacuous ID – they find supported by multiple lines of independent evidence. And why they want one or more that are not supported taught in the same science class as the one that is, even though none have earned the right to be taught.

    I guarantee you that the staunchest Biblical literalists will get all new-agey with that, if not plead the 5th. The reason is that even the most clueless rubes are at partly in on the scam or at least well-trained parrots of those who are.

  3. Her views on the teaching of history are just as “enlightened.”