WorldNetDaily: Book Challenges Darwin & Dawkins

When WorldNetDaily reviews a book, you know it’s about a work of great cultural significance. Thus we proudly bring to your attention Author challenges ‘new atheists’ on man’s origins. It’s about a book titled Cosmos, Creator and Human Destiny (Amazon listing) by Dave Hunt.

There are several men with that name, but this Wikipedia article is about WND’s featured author: Dave Hunt. It says:

Hunt is a strict Biblical Creationist – refutations of evolution are a frequent topic of his radio programs, Search the Scriptures Daily and According to God’s Word. He has stated that “I think that you would have to be, in my opinion, an idiot to think that this universe happened by chance.”

That’s who Hunt is. You already know about WorldNetDaily (WND) — the flamingly creationist, absolutely execrable, moronic, and incurably crazed journalistic organ that believes in and enthusiastically promotes every conspiracy theory that ever existed.

Okay, now we’re ready. Here are some excerpts from WND’s review of Hunt’s book, with bold font added by us. It starts by telling you that Hunt’s book is:

a robust challenge to the worldviews of Charles Darwin, Richard Dawkins and what Hunt calls “the new atheists.”

Not only that, but:

Always a favorite on the Bible prophecy lecture circuit, Hunt’s nimble mind and discernment about the culture lead him to areas beyond predictive prophecy, such as the debate over origins. Frankly, he has always delivered an intellectual component that is sometimes missing from other conservative commentators, and his gravitas today makes him the ideal candidate to take on the rigid dogma of Darwin, Dawkins and friends.

That got your attention, didn’t it? Hunt — “a favorite on the Bible prophecy lecture circuit” — is taking on Darwin and Dawkins. This is a book you must run out and buy!

Wait! A bulletin just came in. We interrupt this post to inform you that Dave Hunt is featured at the website of none other than Jack Chick, the divinely-inspired artist who brought you Big Daddy? Here, see for yourself what’s posted at Chick’s site: About Dave Hunt.

Okay, sorry about that interruption, but we thought it was important. Now let’s see a few more excerpts from the WND review:

Hunt offers a devastating critique of the breathtaking speculation that the new atheists employ:

[Quoting Hunt:] “What the average person believes to be his or her inner motives, desires or deepest thoughts, says Dawkins and other new atheists, are really the product of evolution turning each person into a puppet of the impersonal forces of natural selection!” Hunt writes. “You think you think, but you really don’t. It’s your selfish genes doing the thinking for you, and you are a meaningless lump of protein molecules.”

Powerful stuff, huh? Let’s see what else WND says:

Chapter 5, “In the Beginning: The Question of Origins,” Hunt really goes after Dawkins & Co., for he virtually demands that they respond to the simple questions: Where did energy come from? Where did life originate?

That is profound! We’ll skip a bit and get to the end, where WND sums it up like this:

Hunt is simply brilliant in this latest book, slicing and dicing through the inane arguments of society’s most feted thinkers. … He has talked with the hopeless, mired in the clay of naturalism, fashioned by Darwin and his contemporaries. Theirs is a philosophy of hopelessness; Hunt offers a counterweight that is so powerfully presented in “Cosmos, Creator and Destiny” that you simply must add it not only to your library, but to your daily conversation.

Well, dear reader, what are you waiting for? Hunt is recommended not only by WND, but also by Jack Chick. Go get his book!

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8 responses to “WorldNetDaily: Book Challenges Darwin & Dawkins

  1. if he is going to ask where energy came from or where did life originate, then lets ask the question “Where did God come from”

  2. It appears Hunt is a garden variety “god of the gaps” creationist. He asks “where does energy come from?”, “where did life originate?”, as though those questions somehow prove god exists.

    I wonder what definitive, proven answers Hunt has for “where did god come from?”, “when did god arise?”, “how did god create the universe?” etc. Oh, wait, asking questions like that would be blasphemy….

  3. samf – we were thinking alike….

  4. He has talked with the hopeless, mired in the clay of naturalism, fashioned by Darwin and his contemporaries.

    Um, yeah. Naturalism is usually attributed to Thales, in ~600 B.C. Not exactly a Darwin contemporary there.

  5. samf says:

    if he is going to ask where energy came from or where did life originate, then lets ask the question “Where did God come from”

    You’re jumping too far ahead. Before asking where something comes from, it should first be demonstrated that whatever it is you’re asking about actually exists — as with energy and life. Then you have something to research. The gods cunningly conceal the evidence of their own existence, thus they are exempt from such questions.

  6. Gabriel Hanna

    2 things:

    First, anyone who writes popular books and is a scientist gets accorded far more scientific heft, by the public, then their scientific work will support. Carl Sagan, for example. This is why creationists say “Darwin and Dawkins” in one breath, as though they were of roughly equal scientific standing, which is ridiculous; not to belittle Dawkins’ scientific accomplishments, more extensive than my own, and I am sure he would agree with me that his are not to be exaggerated in this way. Most people have only heard of a few scientists; the ones who write popularizations and the great ones of history. But the popular ones don’t last. 30 years ago the British public voted on a list of history’s greatest scientists. Newton and Einstein were up there, as well as a man who had written books and made TV specials about kids with psychic powers, whose name escapes me and is now forgotten by that public as well.

    Is energy real? I’m not sure it can be measured. You can calculate it from things you can measure, though. I’ve been thinking about this; someday I hope to write popularizations.

  7. Gabriel Hanna

    John Taylor was the name, brought Uri Geller to international attention. Thanks a lot, jackass. You can find out what James Randi thought of him here:

  8. So, are they not questioning Ken Miller or Robert Bakker on evolution? Just the new atheists?