Phillip Johnson’s “Darwin on Trial” for Free

We don’t know why anyone would want this, but if it’s on your list you can now read it free of charge. We think the price is equal to the value received.

We’re speaking of Darwin on Trial, the book by Phillip Johnson that started the whole Intelligent Design public relations campaign. We’ve written before about Johnson, for example: Godfather of Intelligent Design and also Intelligent Design: It’s Not About Science.

If you want your very own downloadable ebook copy of Johnson’s influential work, it’s here: DARWIN ON TRIAL. The thing looks like it’s a pdf file, but what do we know?

Why is the book being given away? The only reason we can think of is that it wasn’t selling very well, but your guess is as good as ours. Anyway, if you want it, go for it. An opportunity like this may never come again.

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8 responses to “Phillip Johnson’s “Darwin on Trial” for Free

  1. Some years later Dembski posted a picture of a Darwin doll with its head in a clamp and declared it his Vice (sic) Strategy whereby Darwinists ™ would be put on the stand and the Truth ™ squeezed out of them.

    Well, both Johnson, who wasn’t invited to the party, and Dembski, who chickened out of the party, got their wish at Kitzmiller where Darwinists WERE put on the stand and they WERE cross-examined by the fine creationist attorneys and Christian apologists from the Thomas More Law Center. And the Truth ™ WAS squeezed out of them.

    Unfortunately for the propagandists, cdesignpropagandists, that is, the scientific evidence proved mightier than the specially created propaganda. Evolution came out with another legal precedent and “intelligent design” creationism was revealed to be, well, just creationism.

    Legend has it that after the ruling was handed down poor widdle Casey Luskin cried himself to sleep.

  2. I know that book. It’s one of those books that when I see it in the science section at the used-book store, I take the time to properly re-shelve in the religious-fiction section.

  3. I just downloaded it, and now I’m configuring my printer to print it out on very absorbent toilet tissue.

  4. “Free” is still too much to spend for this document. There is a measurable bit of electricity involved in downloading and viewing, it will use up disk space, etc… If one reads it, there is the cost of therapy afterwards.

  5. I understand that this ebook is free but does that mean it has to be formatted in a manner befitting a fourth grader with ADD? I just skimmed through it and it’s the usually montage of craptacular creationist species arguments. Nothing to see here folks unless you are in dire need of a sleeping aid.

  6. I thought I might take a look at it. Problem is when you click the Download button it prompts you to log in. You can use your Facebook account if you want. Then I had this horrible fear that it would come up on my friends’ news feeds… “Poolio has downloaded Darwin on Trial”. Gah! The shame! This sort of thing needs to be downloaded anonymously, like porn.

    Erik is right about the formatting in the ebook version though. Looks like crap. Thought maybe I was missing a plug-in or something.

    He’s right about the content too. It isn’t worth the electricity it takes your computer to display it, or the wear and tear on your mouse to scroll the pages.

  7. Another case of “you get what you pay for”…

  8. Nice, thx. Going to have some fun reading it alongside The Greatest Show on Earth from Dawkins… and to add some spice (and suffering from my part), reread it with The God Delusion too …

    I’m bound NOT to find any contradictions, errors, mistakes, blunders, not to mention industrial level quote-mining, etc in that book right ? The so called «designer» is perfect right ? :))

    BTW Happy birthday to Dawkins.