Herman Cummings: The Ultimate Challenge

Herman Cummings describes himself as “the leading expert on the book of Genesis.” He’s the author (using the pen-name “Ephriam”) of Moses Didn’t Write About Creation!

Our last post on one of Herman’s challenges was only a couple of days ago: Herman Cummings Hurls Another Challenge. The novelty is wearing off, so we won’t spend much time on Herman’s latest. Like the others, this one appears at iNewp — the People’s Press. It’s titled The Fall of the Evolution Theory. Catchy title, isn’t it? It’s quite long and impossible to summarize, but we’ll give you the general idea. Here are some excerpts, with bold font added by us:

There has been an article that says “Herman Cummings Challenges the World”. If so, then consider this my ”Indigenous Galactic Network Challenge” (“Local Group” of galaxies).

Herman is talking about one of our earlier posts: Herman Cummings Challenges the Whole World! Now he’s going beyond that — way beyond. He’s taking on the Local Group — the modestly named cluster of about 30 galaxies which includes our own. Ambition is good, and Herman is a man who is unafraid to reach beyond the farthest horizon. Let’s read on:

I hereby give advance notice to all living entities that the monopoly of the evolution theory in our culture is coming to an end. Be advised that the arrival of the second to last phase of the era of modern mankind is at hand. It is well past the time for all that (think they) believe the Bible, to accept the whole truth, whether it be of Creation, salvation, or final disposition.

All right, dear reader, you’re on notice. We continue:

Current creationism has three players. The “young Earth”, the “old Earth”, and Intelligent Design (“ID”). … Each of those three were [sic] asked to unite with me in the effort to correct the false conclusions of science concerning our origins and ancient history. None were willing to repent and learn the truth. Neither could they correctly answer my points of scripture (the “first day”, the Fourth Day, the “fifth day”, and the “sixth day”).

Herman challenged them and they all failed. Here’s more:

Both “young Earth” and “ID” have had their day in court, and have lost. [References to some court cases that we all know about.]


Finishing up on Creationism, it appears that “old Earth” Creationism has avoided embarrassment in court. But they defame the Word of God, in an effort to compromise with scientific reality.


Let’s not allow the world of Theology, and the Clergy in general, to escape. Theology has never understood the first two chapters of Genesis. … The Superior Alien Intelligence that conveyed the Bible to about 40 people of Israel, over a span 1600 years, created science and the laws of our existence. That alone makes the Bible different and superior to any other written document on Earth.

We’ve skipped a lot of detail, but so far Herman has disposed of young-earth creationists, old-earth creationists, the intelligent design movement, and theology in general. At this point we’re maybe mid-way through Herman’s essay.

Next he takes on everyone else: the schools, religion, atheism, science, and even the ACLU. We’ll give you one more excerpt from near the end, which is a good place to wrap it up. The bold font is Herman’s:

So here it is, the Notice of Termination for the reign of the evolution theory. Bring on the fossil and geologic evidence of ancient Earth. I will bring the “Observations of Moses”, which conveys the correct literal interpretation of Genesis, and reveals the truth about that same evidence, proving the authenticity of God’s Word.

If you’re a fan of Herman’s work, click over to iNewp and drink it all in. We can’t offer you any commentary, because it’s just too overwhelming.

Copyright © 2011. The Sensuous Curmudgeon. All rights reserved.

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16 responses to “Herman Cummings: The Ultimate Challenge

  1. He says “Atheism is a religion”.
    I say, “Not until it has tax-exempt status.”

  2. They conveniently avoid explaining how the planet Jupiter obtained it’s moons, and how several of them can remain in orbit so close to Jupiter, without being overcome by the planet’s massive pull of gravity.

    No, actually “they” don’t avoid that. Maybe we could take up a collection and buy the gentleman a good astronomy textbook. If you’re going to shill for the Superior Alien Intelligence, perhaps a basic knowledge of science would help. A little.

  3. Am I cherry picking to note that Herman says: ” in an effort to compromise with scientific reality”? Cause right there he admits that reality is scientific. Thanks, Herman, we know. The fossil and geologic PROOF of the extremely ancient Earth is there for all to see, but first you have to take off your “Bible Blinders”. You don’t get to make legitimate claims about the validity of the science until you actually understand it. May I suggest Geology 101 at your local community college, to start? Any claims you make about the origin of the Bible MUST be backed up with hard, provable EVIDENCE, otherwise, it’s like any other fairy tale.

  4. Is Cummings telling us that he’s in league with alien intelligences? The FBI needs to investigate him as an unregistered agent of a foreign power, if not for treason.

  5. Herman Cummings


    I thought that I ‘d “drop in”. Hi Gary, the Supreme Court confirms that Atheism is
    a religion, and donations to the American Atheists are tax deductable. Didn’t you read the article? How did you miss that? I tried to not to leave any stone unturned.

    To SJR, “get real”. Science has admitted that no “capture” process is possible, so they have adopted the “impact theory” to explain our “lucky Moon”. But no impact scenario is possible
    with Jupiter. Do you remember comet “Shoemaker-Levy 9”, in July 1994? Any celestial body coming within the extended influence of Jupiter, that is not a native resident, get’s “sucked in” into collision. Two years earlier, it is surmised that the comet broke apart because of Jupiter’s gravity, during its next to last orbit around Jupiter, and crashed during its last orbit. But the moons put there by that “Superior Extra-Celestial Intelligence”, remain without incident, being in compliance with God’s directive.

    And “you”, SciTech. Thank you for sharing your ignorance. Why is it that you fail to understand that the “Observations of Moses” embraces scientific reality, and accepts the 650+ million year fossil record, and the 4+ billion year age of our Earth. Yet it successfully reconciles it with the (correct) literal interpretation of scripture. The rest of the universe is 3 days (72 hours) younger. Did you know that Genesis declares that mankind has been on this Earth, in his present likeness, for over 60 million years? That’s “more reality” than science will currently admit to. Try to do a better job of reading comprehension. Misquoting someone is embarrassing.

    Ending up with Mr. “Greg Camp”. Are you trying to make a joke? Along those lines, I’ll share something else with you. The order of existence of that “Super Alien Intelligence” no longer exists. He became “naturalized”.


  6. Hi, Herm! The American Atheist Association is a 501 c(3) organization, similar to any other charitable, non-profit group. That does not make them a “religion” any more than joining the Boy Scouts means you’re joining a religion. That said, which Supreme Court case are you citing that provided tax exempt status just to atheists?

  7. Gary asks:

    which Supreme Court case are you citing that provided tax exempt status just to atheists?

    It’s beyond comprehension that anyone would think that atheism is literally equivalent to religion. It has no scripture, rituals, dogma, or any of the usual trappings. References like Herman’s are usually to Kaufman v Mccaughtry, from the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals, which holds that a prison inmate’s religious liberties include allowing atheists to conduct study groups, just as religious prisoners are allowed to do. That case mentions a few US Supreme Court opinions that give atheism the same protection as religion, so they may be regarded as equivalent with respect to an individual’s freedom — but of course that doesn’t mean atheism is religion.

  8. Gabriel Hanna

    @Herman: Any celestial body coming within the extended influence of Jupiter, that is not a native resident, get’s “sucked in” into collision.

    Does Jupiter issue green cards? What you don’t know about physics, sir, would fill a Testament. Gravity doesn’t care where an object came from, only what its distance and velocity are.

    Still waiting for you to cite the Bible verse that mentions the war of the angels.

  9. Herman Cummings

    Hi Gary.
    You didn’t read the article, and are trying to comment on it? It’s “Torcaso vs Watkins, 347 U.S. 488 (1961)”, where the Court says “….and neither can aid those religions based on a belief in the existence of God, as against THOSE RELIGIONS founded on different beliefs”. Yes, Atheism is a belief system, aka a religion…, a religion of denial.

  10. So Herman, you get ALL your information about reality from one ancient script written by people who thought the world was flat, but every one else is “ignorant”? HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Sorry, SC. You’d think I’d learn.

  12. Hi you all.

    War of the angels? Are you talking about the Extra-Celestial Civil War? That is in Revelations chapter twelve.

    SciTech – You reveal your true colors…, colors of denial. What other book has contributors, ranging over 1600 years, with one central theme? It was One Deity, that inspired about 40 people to write about pre-historic history, the early history of modern mankind, God’s plan to get from under a failed covenant, the early history of one nation begun by God, and the future of our Earth and universe. One book, one God, one truth.

    Before someone starts, the world of Theology hardly knows the truth.

  13. Hey Herman, can you PROVE with EVIDENCE that your book is anything but a collection of fairy tales? NO, and you can’t prove that it was “divinely inspired” either, just cause some delusional writers millenia ago maks that claim. That’s like me claiming I can fly, but when asked for evidence I just say “you have to believe me cause I said so”. There is absolutely NO DIFFERENCE in your claim that your book is anything but exactly that – a book.

  14. Gabriel Hanna

    That is in Revelations chapter twelve.

    Nice try Herman, but that chapter is prophecy. Maybe you can argue there WILL BE a war of angels, but you can’t argue that there WAS one from that.

    And you can’t show from the Bible that Lucifer = Devil, since Isaiah clearly explains that Lucifer is Venus, the morning star, and is the only occurence of the name.

    What other book has contributors, ranging over 1600 years, with one central theme?

    Egyptian scriptures. Sanskrit scriptures. Sumerian and Babylonian scriptures.

  15. Herman Cummings

    Hi. Again.

    Unlike others, I “put my money where my mouth is”. I have a 62 minute PowerPoint presentation, that proves Genesis to be from God, and that both current creationism and evolution are false. Both the Clergy and academia are afraid of it. Ask your church or school to host it. It’s called the “Observations of Moses”. Science teaches the “observations of Darwin”.

    You can “bad mouth” young and old earth creationists. They have hardly any substance, nor understanding of the scriptures. You are basing your comments on theology’s mis-understanding of Genesis. Get this thru your head. They have the wrong view, and the seven days in Genesis are not Creation Week. The days are 12 hours long, but they are not linear.

    So save your comments until you have seen what I have. It blew away the Sanhedrin, so have the common sense to realize that it’s something you’ve never heard of before.

    As for you G. Hanna, prophecy is not just limited to what is coming in the future. It is also the revelation of what was in the far distant past. What sort of brain washing have you been exposed to? Both Isaiah and Ezekiel had not reason to prophecy about celestial bodies. It would not have served any purpose. I suggest you drop that junk.

  16. Gabriel Hanna

    Hermann, if your interpretation is correct, why does Rev 12 keep switching back and forth from future to past events without a break in the narrative? Better read your Bible again.