Florida Creationism: April Fool’s Day or Poe’s Law?

This isn’t directly related to Florida’s First Creationism Bill for 2011, but it may give a strong indication of that bill’s chances of becoming law.

We like to think that our humble blog has at least some credibility, so we must tell you straightaway that we have serious doubts about posting this item. We didn’t make this thing up; we found it in one of our usual news sweeps. However, you know that today is April First, so we can’t trust anything we find on the internet today, even if it comes from usually reliable sources.

And then there’s Poe’s Law, which is familiar to most of us who follow The Controversy between evolution and creationism. It states: “Without a winking smiley or other blatant display of humor, it is impossible to create a parody of fundamentalism that someone won’t mistake for the real thing.”

With that double proviso in mind, we urge you to read this item we found at the website of the Miami Herald: Democrat scolded for saying ‘uterus’ on House floor.

We’re not going to excerpt even a little bit. You have to read the original, and then see if you know what to make of it. Is it an April Fool’s joke? Is it a “Poe”? Or is it an accurate news story about the Florida legislature?

We report, you decide.

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11 responses to “Florida Creationism: April Fool’s Day or Poe’s Law?

  1. The is a plausible story, but I’m going to guess it is a Poe or an April fools joke (or both). I vote “not true”.

  2. sounds like a typical politician’s food fight. i vote “true.”

  3. I donno. Only one member of the legislature was named — Scott Randolph, the guy who allegedly said “uterus.” He’s listed at the legislature’s website, so presumably he exists. Those who objected to the word aren’t named. That’s a questionable feature of the story.

  4. retiredsciguy

    I say true story. If you Google “Scott Randolph, D-Orlando, you find other accounts that name those objecting. Here’s one, from the staff of the St. Petersburg times: http://www.tampabay.com/blogs/the-buzz-florida-politics/content/democrat-chastized-saying-uterus-house-floor

  5. retiredsciguy

    I tried searching the Florida Legislative record, but got frustrated and gave up. Maybe someone with better search skills can verify Scott Randolph’s words last week, and any reprimands.

  6. retiredsciguy says:

    I say true story. If you Google “Scott Randolph, D-Orlando, you find other accounts …

    Well then, I suggest that Representative Randolph should offer a Resolution for a House vote, officially declaring April First to be Uterus Day in Florida. And further declaring the uterus to be the official state organ.

  7. retiredsciguy

    SC: “And further declaring the uterus to be the official state organ.”

    So far beyond bad I’m left speechless. And my friends say *I’m* bad with puns…

    Actually, the Florida Legislature would brag about having a leg up on other states, but they don’t want to talk about body parts. That’s using their heads. Oops, did it again. Guess ya gotta give ’em a hand. Or, at least, a finger.

  8. Guess I’ll be the outlier here–I just can’t get excited about this one. It’s mildly funny as an Apr 1 joke, and if it’s true, who cares?

    Just my two sous


  9. retiredsciguy says: “So far beyond bad I’m left speechless.”

    I can do better. Bear in mind that this is just to rub the offending word in the faces (so to speak) of the creationist faction. I’d introduce a bill with “uterus” in it every day of the session. For example, Florida is now officially the Sunshine State. Rep. Randolph should sponsor a law to change it to … you guessed it: Florida, the Uterine State.

  10. retiredsciguy

    I can see the fight on the floor of the legislative chambers — it’ll be the Mother of All Battles.

    Actually, the shape of Florida on the map is much more like another organ, don’t you think? Maybe it should be “Florida, the Penile Penninsula”.

  11. retiredsciguy says:

    Maybe it should be “Florida, the Penile Penninsula”.

    I donno. It looks to me like a uvula — which, by the way, is irreducibly complex.