Louisiana Creationists Expose Themselves

The only thing more constant than the dishonesty of creationism’s promoters is their ultimate stupidity. Sometimes it exceeds that of their true believers

Consider Louisiana, the only state so far to enact one of those anti-science, pro-creationism “academic freedom” laws promoted by the neo-theocrats at the Discovery Institute‘s creationist public relations and lobbying operation, the Center for Science and Culture (a/k/a the Discoveroids, a/k/a the cdesign proponentsists).

You already know that Louisiana’s legislature almost unanimously enacted the Louisiana Science Education Act (LSEA), which encourages unspecified “supplemental materials” to be used in science classes. That law was promoted by the Louisiana Family Forum, run by Rev. Gene Mills, and it was signed by the state’s ambition-crazed governor, Bobby Jindal, the Exorcist.

Last year, when the Livingston Parish School Board announced their openly creationist intentions which they felt the LSEA authorized, we wrote several posts about it, including World-Class Idiocy. The Discoveroids tried to smooth things over by throwing Livingston Parish under the bus (see Bruce Chapman’s Louisiana Damage Control), but ultimately they just gave up, realizing that no real harm was done because everybody already knows they’re a bunch of creationists anyway (see Klinghoffer: “You Caught Us. So What?”). But they were embarrassed.

After the Livingston Parish fiasco, you might think Louisiana’s creationists would at least try be more circumspect about their true intentions, but you’d be wrong. That state’s flaming creationists are once again declaring their motivations to the world. The latest story is told at the website of philosophy professor Barbara Forrest, a star witness for the winning side in Kitzmiller v. Dover Area School District. She is a founder of the Louisiana Coalition for Science, and she’s been struggling tirelessly, almost alone, against the creationists in her state.

We’re not going to give you many excerpts from Dr. Forrest’s latest post, because we expect you to click over to her website to enjoy the entire essay she’s just posted. It’s glorious, and it’s titled Did Louisiana Family Forum’s prayer network malfunction? Here we go, with bold font added by us and Barbara’s links omitted:

A national prayer networking group, Intercessors for America, has revealed to the entire national prayer network via its website that the Louisiana Science Education Act, which the LFF wrote and promoted with the close assistance of the Discovery Institute, is . . . gasp . . a creationist law! Their March 2, 2011, prayer alert includes a notice about Zack Kopplin’s effort to repeal the LSEA: “Louisiana Student Battles Creationists.” Uh . . . oh.


There is a similar group in Louisiana, Intercessors for Louisiana, founded in 1999 by Louisiana native Tony Perkins, who also co-founded the LFF and now runs the Family Research Council in Washington, DC. Rev. Gene Mills, LFF executive director, serves on the board of directors of the Louisiana group, along with a couple of well-known politicians.

In other words, they’re all in it together, and they’ve shamelessly — no, make that flamboyantly — raised the flag of Noah’s Ark. They’re not hiding any more. They’re out and they’re proud. Full frontal creationism! Let’s read on:

The IFA [Intercessors for America] is asking its followers to pray both for Zack Kopplin and the LFF [Gene Mills’ creationist lobby] concerning the current repeal effort. But something seems to have gone awry in the prayer network. Maybe it was sunspots.

What went awry? Barbara quotes the IFA’s prayer request, and the bold font is hers:

Pray for the Holy Spirit to work in Zachary Kopplin’s heart, granting him understanding that ‘the universe was formed at God’s command.’ Intercede for the Louisiana Family Forum to be given the words to speak in defense of legislation that promotes open and objective discussion regarding Intelligent Design and creation. Intercede that Louisiana classrooms would truly be a place of learning and a place where students can exercise critical thinking skills.

That’s all we’re going to give you from Barbara’s post. Now click over to her website to read it all. You’ll be stunned. Even though you always knew that the creationist initiative in Louisiana was horribly misguided, you will nevertheless be amazed at how far over the edge they really are. No doubt the Discoveroids, who were originally thrilled about Louisiana’s creationism law (see Discovery Institute — Ecstasy Over Louisiana) are all cringing.

But why should they cringe? The propaganda that the LSEA was for promoting “good science” and “academic freedom” and “critical thinking” never fooled anyone. It doesn’t matter that the Louisiana law’s promoters are now revealed to have been lying about its purpose. We always knew that. In the words of the Discoveroids: “So what?”

Now get over to Barbara’s website!

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12 responses to “Louisiana Creationists Expose Themselves

  1. The double entendre in the post title is especially good this morning.

    Pray for the Holy Spirit to work in the hearts of the IFA, granting them understanding that pants should be worn in public. Heb 11:2

  2. Clearly their prayers aren’t working on themselves or they would have realized the irony of appealing to a supernatural entity to grant critical thinking skills that would lead one to the conclusion … never mind. It’s too painful to articulate!

  3. Tomato Addict says: “The double entendre in the post title …”

    Really? I wasn’t aware of it. I’ll try to be more careful in the future.

  4. I will be very interesting to read the DI’s response. The LFF gets a little unwelcome help from a group of well-meaning “intercessors”, who unfortunately draw back the curtain of lies a little too much. (A memorable scene from M.A.S.H. comes to mind). Even the LFF may post something in their effort to cover themselves.

    If the DI noticed this when it was posted on 2 March, they probably thought by now that it had passed by under the radar. Congrats to Dr. Forrest for bringing this to the surface and waving it in front of their noses.

  5. I seriously doubt that they are serious about teaching the truth. The Governor, the legislature, all the high schools with websites, the school boards (including Livingston Parish), even the middle schools which I could find, I have written to. None of them responded. Not a single one.

    If they want to teach something, you’d think that they would inquire from the only expert on the subject, and not teach the same old failed, false, and foolish doctrines of current Creationism. That is not helping the students at all. Only someone with the correct training can remove the confusion between what science has discovered, and what is written in Genesis.


  6. Gabriel Hanna

    Give ’em hell, Herman. One man with courage makes a majority.

  7. Curmy fires – “Full frontal creationism!”

    Oh, my god that is horrible. Somebody get a blanket so that can be covered up!

  8. Im guessing that, given this is prime ammunition in the case for repealing the law, that Zach is thinking Kitztmas came early this year. Im guessing old Zach is gonna need a day or three in court to get the law repealed mind with the ACLU by his shoulder.

    Man these creo-nuts are dumb. (And Herman…. you are included in that crowd. You seem to be like Christine O’Donnel…unable to tell when people arent lauging with you but AT you. As has been posted here before, you are the Time Cube of creo-nuts. Still, thanks for providing us all with an ongoing barrel o laughs).

  9. So one high school student has the entire creationist movement in Louisiana worried? Interesting. I think that says something (good) about Zack, and something (not so good) about the creationists in the state.
    And Herm? I didn’t see your name mentioned in there. Apparently, The Truth(tm) is not what they’re interested in.

  10. Tomato Addict

    Herman: Your fly is open.

  11. Herman is being sorely tested, but he must persevere. He will have his reward.

  12. SC, I bow to your truly gracious manners.