Tennessee Creationism Bill Passed in the House

This is hot from the San Antonio Express-News: House passes evolution bill 70-23.

They’re talking about the Tennessee Creationism Bill about which we last wrote here: 30 Mar ’11 Update. This is the news:

Teachers who allow students to critique scientific theories would be shielded from discipline under a proposal that has passed the House.

The measure sponsored by Republican Rep. Bill Dunn of Knoxville was approved 70-23 on Thursday. The companion bill is awaiting a vote in the Senate Education Committee.

Handsome majority, isn’t it? There’s not much else in the news story, and there’s really not much we can say that we haven’t already said. But we’ll remind you of a prediction we made six weeks ago: Tennessee’s Creationism Bill Will Become Law.

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6 responses to “Tennessee Creationism Bill Passed in the House

  1. Don’t matter, do it?

    Teacher teaches creationism = School district sued in federal court.

    “Law” doesn’t do a damn thing.

  2. Doc Bill says: “Don’t matter, do it?”

    No, it sho don’t. Tennessee will be the same whether this bill becomes law or not. I’m fairly confident they’re teaching creationism in their schools right now. The law will make no difference.

  3. *checks calendar*

    Yeah, 2011. Un-effing-believable.

  4. James F says: “Un-effing-believable.”

    I see no problem. The people of Tennessee should be left alone. Kinda like the Amish.

  5. Kevin Smith

    This is important. I’m in Tennessee and I attended our public schools. Yes, teachers have taught creationism, at least they did when I was in middle school (’89 or so). I don’t want this to keep happening, but the opponents of this bill are not asking the right questions in the sessions to expose it. Teachers should be reigned in for many of things they say, but this bill will prevent it. I can’t see how this bill would allow for a teacher to be fired if they taught the “weaknesses” of the Holocaust. It seems fair game under this bill.

    I know we have some backwards legislators in our state but we do want good science education. We are just outnumbered.

  6. shhhhhh…… hear that KerChing! sound???

    Thats what every lawyer in Tennessee is hearing right now. They are sitting in their offices clearing their Sunday schedules so they can f off down to their local houses of ignorance, ie Baptist churches, and do some networking to make sure parents have their numbers. They are accessing their precedent databases looking for the cases so they can throw them up in court to protect some ****bag student who disrupts biology class, or some totally inappropriately employed idiot teacher who decides they know better that 99.9% of the scientific community.