New Creation Museum Ads on Fox News

We have some hot news from Ken Ham (ol’ Hambo), the creationist Australian entrepreneur who has become the ayatollah of Appalachia. He runs the online creationist ministry, Answers in Genesis (AIG), and he also created the infamous, mind-boggling Creation Museum.

At ol’ Hambo’s personal blog we read On the Fox News Channel Starting Nationwide Today. Here are some excerpts, with bold font added by us:

Today is the debut of a new Creation Museum TV commercial. It will air nationwide in the U.S. on the Fox News Channel.

That’s just great! The news is already difficult to watch — and being a Curmudgeon doesn’t help the situation. But now, along with news of Congress, the economy, and our chaotic foreign policy adventures, we get to see commercials for Hambo’s fantasy theme park. Let’s read on:

We’ve had a few TV spots air on Fox, but this one is different and somewhat “edgy.” Viewers will get a glimpse of some of the negative press coverage the Creation Museum has received, and then I come on camera and end with a few comments, including the words: “Think for yourself.”

Think for yourself? BWAHAHAHAHA! If everyone did that, Hambo would be all alone in that “museum” of his. We think what he really means is this: “Don’t think! Just buy museum tickets and trinkets at the gift shop, and maybe make an extra contribution; in exchange I’ll do the thinking for you.”

As Hambo says, he’s advertised on Fox before — and we’ve written about it. See, for example, Creation Museum Commercials on Fox News, and also Creationism on Fox News. Okay, we continue with Hambo’s article:

These spots will air nationally on the number one rated news network on U.S. television and on the following shows (times are Eastern time zone):

* 7:55 AM—Fox & Friends
* 10:35 AM—America’s Newsroom
* 9:25 AM—America’s Newsroom
* 12:25 PM—Happening Now
* 3:55 PM—Studio B

We can’t be certain, but we think there’s no Hambo ad on Megyn Kelly’s show. If we’re right, that’s something to be thankful for. Here’s more:

Yes, in a culture in which public schools, science museums, and much of the media present an anti-biblical, pro-evolution viewpoint to the exclusion of biblical creation, we want people — as the TV spot shares — to “think for themselves” on an important topic like this one. A visit to the Creation Museum affords its visitors the opportunity to be exposed to a viewpoint that has been largely expelled from society.

Expelled! There’s more to Hambo’s article, but there’s no link to a video of the new ads. So you’ll have to watch Fox if you want to see them — it’s sure to be a rewarding experience.

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17 responses to “New Creation Museum Ads on Fox News

  1. I didn’t know anything could make Fox WORSE to watch, but now I know better.

    Ham’s “think for yourself” directive in this case is like trying to DIY brain surgery…you could, but why not trust the experts in the field? They have the skills, the science and the technology to do it right. The creation museum is what happens when narrow minded idiotic lay people take science into their own hands…NOT pretty.

  2. Nice to see it’ll be on Fox and Friends, the folks who think you can go to Walgreens to get Pap tests and breast exams.

    No, I can’t watch Fox. I don’t have cable. Sometimes, that’s a real blessing.

  3. I’m sure glad I’m not watching Fox News anymore. I saw PZ’s article about the video on his Pharyngula site the other day. Thankfully I had my Flashblock installed on my Firefox and Chrome browsers so I won’t have to watch that idiot commercial.

  4. As a matter of fact here’s the link to the article if you want to see it and have your brains blown out by it.

    Why is the Media so hateful to Ken Ham’s “museum”?

  5. Pete Moulton

    Not even the promise of seeing Ham make an even bigger fool of himself is worth the brain damage that would surely be incurred by watching Faux.

  6. Attendance must be dropping off.

    The only virtue of the ad is that it is short. There is no view of the museum other than a small bit over the whiney little man’s shoulder. (surely he could have chosen a better camera angle?) There is no description of any exciting things to see in the museum. On the contrary, the ad actually informs the viewer that according to at least three sources, and by implication many others, the museum is anti-science, kitschy, and horrific.

    Yeah, that’ll bring ’em in, Ham.

  7. Gabriel Hanna

    It can’t be too cheap to get those commercials. Dollars wasted on this futile effort won’t be used for effective purposes, and we can all be glad of that.

  8. Gabriel Hanna says: “It can’t be too cheap to get those commercials.”

    Maybe Hambo paid for the ad time by giving lifetime museum passes and a Noah’s Ark plank to Bill O’Reilly and Glenn Beck.

  9. Old Hambo build hisself a (not very amusing) amusement park. Think Hovind’s Dino Park without all the cool stuff.

    Unlike a real museum that changes and updates its exhibits regularly, Old Hambo has a one-trick-pony, starting with small lies and ending with big lies.

    I can see visiting it once out of curiosity, but twice or three times? No way! So, he’s stuck with a pyramid scheme with diminishing returns.

    However, Old Hambo gave me an idea and I might be looking for investors. Feature this: Sodom and Gomorrah Land – Before the Fire

    I think it could be like Vegas but without all the pesky rules. Maybe we could locate in Utah.

  10. retiredsciguy

    Sodom and Gomorrah Land — count me in, Doc!

    However, I’d recommend Nevada over Utah. State laws there are more permissive.

  11. I was tugging the prince’s beard, so to speak, with Utah. Could be the next Nevada!

  12. Doc, I think you should locate it next door to the Ark Park. That way, visitors could drop their kids off at the Ark Park and go party in S&G land. The kiddies would enjoy the ark and petting zoo, and the adults could enjoy more, ah, adult recreation.

  13. Here’s the (missing) link to the commercial:


  14. I distinctly remember when I first heard the phrase, “Think for yourself.” It was in an interview with Abbie “Viet-f*!**#!-nam” Hoffman in which he said all he and his ilk wanted to do was to make people “think for yourself”. I also distinctly remember thinking, “Based on the body English and the context, I believe he’s really saying, ‘I want you to think just like me.'”
    I’ve come to the conclusion that anyone who says, “I want you to think for yourself” is really saying, “I want you to think just like me.” Ham’s ad is great evidence for that hypothesis.

  15. It’s perfect! We could have a tunnel from Sin World to Confess World where characters dressed up as exaggerated Hambo’s (if that’s even possible, but maybe with big bodies and very tiny heads) would conduct patrons to the Forgiveness Rides. There would be the Confession Box Slide and the Penance Shooting Gallery or the Free Ride Gift shop where patrons could absolve their sins by purchasing a Hambo Tea Party gift set.

    I think we need to contact the Governator to secure some tax credits and state funding. This is a goer! (that’s what SHE said!)

  16. Gabriel Hanna

    This is all starting to sound like Foster’s Church of the New Revelation from Stranger in a Strange Land. (Not to ruin the book for anyone, but Foster’s revelation turns out to be true.)

  17. Ol’ Hambo isn’t apparently too Christian to screw over his fellow Creationists when they come to his “museum”….25 bucks for adults, 15 bucks for kids over 5! What a total rip-off! My local science museum charges $7 for adults, $4 for kids, and they actually have educational, scientific exhibits that change from time to time to teach new things. What a greedy bastard! Spreading lies and mis-information to gullible idiots AND ripping them off too, the Ham Way.