Florida’s 2011 Creationism Bill: Probably Dead

Creationist bill, road kill

We are boldly making this prediction 4 days before the Florida legislature is scheduled to adjourn. If we’re correct, Florida will join several other states that have failed to pass creationism bills this year.

Such bills have died in Kentucky, in New Mexico, in Oklahoma (Kern’s bill and probably two others that are still pending), and in Tennessee. (maybe — it passed in the House, but a companion bill is “on hold” in the Senate).

Florida’s legislative session is scheduled to adjourn this Friday, 06 May. The creationism bill is SB 1854: Required Instruction in the Public Schools, which we first discussed here. It’s the handiwork of Senator Stephen Wise, chairman of the Senate’s Education and Pre K-12 Committee.

Wise’s bill, like his very similar effort in 2009, requires “A thorough presentation and critical analysis of the scientific theory of evolution.” Everyone knows what that means, but creationist legislators always lie about it. That one goofy line about critical analysis is inexplicably tossed in with a bunch of otherwise unobjectionable mom and apple pie items that the bill requires be taught. Wise thinks no one will notice what he’s doing. His bill is sitting in the Senate’s Budget and also the Education Pre-K – 12 Committees. There’s been no activity, none is scheduled, and there’s no companion bill in the House. It appears that time is running out, so we’re declaring the bill dead.

It’s easy to predict that if Wise is back in the legislature the next time they’re in session he’ll attempt another creationism bill. Creationists are incapable of learning, and their opposition to science is incurable.

While we’re making predictions, it looks like Florida’s Theocratic Constitutional Amendment is also dead for this session, Although the wretched thing passed in the House and there’s a companion bill pending in the Senate, there’s probably not enough time to get it through the legislature this session. But we’ve been wrong before.

There are still a few other states with creationism bills pending in their legislatures: Missouri, Oklahoma (maybe), Tennessee (probably dormant for the session) and Texas. See: Creationism Legislation Roundup (24 Apr ’11). Your Curmudgeon is watching.

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5 responses to “Florida’s 2011 Creationism Bill: Probably Dead

  1. This warms the cockles of my heart.

  2. I’m also going to predict that the Missouri bill never gets out of committee and that the Texas bill fails.

  3. James F says:

    I’m also going to predict that the Missouri bill never gets out of committee and that the Texas bill fails.

    That would also leave Louisiana all alone. They must be proud.

  4. Dave Miller

    Probably dead? Heisenberg (and Schrödinger) like!

  5. i agree with james. though i’m not sure if i have cockles attached to my heart. it sounds good though.