New Orleans Says LSEA Makes Us Look Retarded

You know all about the infamous Louisiana Science Education Act (LSEA), Louisiana’s creationism law. You also know about Zack Kopplin’s Campaign to Repeal Louisiana’s Creationism Law, and that a repeal bill is now pending in the legislature in the form of state Senator Karen Carter Peterson’s SB70.

We didn’t post about it specifically, but you’re probably aware that the City of New Orleans has passed a unanimous resolution supporting Peterson’s bill to repeal the LSEA. That was reported by National Center for Science Education here: Continuing support for Louisiana repeal effort.

One of our most clandestine operatives has just provided us with this link to a video of the New Orleans City Council meeting at which the resolution to support repeal was made and passed.

The video is devilishly difficult to diddle with, but if you can manage to zoom to 2:58 you’ll find what we’re talking about. If you can’t do that, don’t even think of watching to the whole meeting, because the work the city council does is so boring you’ll probably think of suicide after only a few minutes. But if you can zoom to the right place it’s well worth the effort. The part of interest to us is only about 5 minutes long.

After about 2 minutes (at around 3 :00 if you can find it) Zack is praised, and then you can watch Councilmember Feilkow say that the current law is the sort of thing that “makes the state of Louisiana look pretty backward in my opinion.” It’s “legislation passed on the back roads.” He adds that “it makes us look backwater and retarded.” He didn’t stop there. He also said the LSEA is “a horrible piece of legislation.”

Then the Council voted on the resolution to repeal the LSEA, and the vote was unanimous.

Hey, this isn’t breaking news, but it’s very nice. So click over there and take a look.

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9 responses to “New Orleans Says LSEA Makes Us Look Retarded

  1. Awww…its ok Lou…dont feel down! Theres always Kentucky and Tennessee to look down on!

    Anyway, if it makes you feel more included Europeans reguard all Americans as educationally sub normal window lickers!

    See…it aint all bad 😉

  2. Do you think the State legislators will be as enlightened as the New Orleans councilmembers? Maybe…
    I loved the chair’s comment after the vote (paraphrased)
    “..perhaps next time Councilmember Feilkow will speak his mind?”
    LOL 🙂

    BTW, do we know when (if?) the state will vote on the repeal of this nonsense LSEA?

  3. Jim asks:

    BTW, do we know when (if?) the state will vote on the repeal of this nonsense LSEA?

    The legislature is in session until 23 June. But as Zack points out, the repeal bill has to get out of committee first.

  4. You’ve had a long run here, Sandman, and a few warnings along the way. It’s over now.

  5. Thanks ‘The Curmudgeon’,
    I don’t know how these things work – is it likely that it will get out of committee and get voted on before the end of the session? Assuming it isn’t being stalled at the committee stage?

  6. My guess is that those people will have a problem voting to repeal something that most of them voted for in 2008. Maybe Zack has a better feel for it, and will drop in to let us know. Or maybe he knows more than he can say. Anyway, I haven’t a clue, Jim.

  7. I think I can convince enough in the full Senate to have it pass there. Many of them voted for this because the amount of money the LFF spent marketing this law as an “academic freedom law.”

    Now that it has been revealed as a creationist law, I think many of them will feel tricked, and will vote for the repeal.

    I have a more concise answer here:

  8. Hi Zack,
    Thanks for taking the time to come over here!
    I have tremendous respect for you and your efforts to keep Science ‘clean’ in schools. As a Brit, I watch the efforts of creationists in the ‘States with interest – the same kind of creationist nonsense is gradually creeping in over here (Alas, we have no Church/State seperation, we actually have an established Church!).
    Keep at it Zack, I hope the State overturns the LSEA in this session, and Louisiana schools are freed from the shackles of religious extremism.