Online Poll — Chris Christie & Creationism

Quick, before PZ finds it — there’s a poll in New Jersey that cries out for your vote. It’s about creationism in public schools, and we assume it’s in the paper because of what we’ve been telling you lately, most recently here: Chris Christie Ducks Creationism Question Again.

In the Jersey Journal you’ll find Daily poll: Should N.J. public schools be allowed to teach creationism? As we post this there are only 18 votes that have been cast, and 16 of those say “No.” That’s not good enough.

You know what the issue is, and you know how to vote, so what are you waiting for? Fly, my pretties. Fly!

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23 responses to “Online Poll — Chris Christie & Creationism

  1. Done!
    Now 48 votes NO to 9 votes YES!

  2. Just added my “no” vote.

  3. Mudge – it’s a bit off topic but I thought you might be amused. Dear ol Murphy has disproved archaeopteryx is transititional !

    quote: My unscientific mind wonders how the food happened to be there to satisfy both reptilian and avian features. I mean, don’t those two species eat different things? If the reptilian feature ate what is necessary for it to survive, how did the avian feature survive, since it would require different food?

    Two notes before I close 1) the column is not solely devoted to evolution, ‘hate the sinner not the gay’ is the other half; and 2) I presume you’ve now converted…jus sayin


  4. Done, 88-12 now.
    Your minions have answered the call.

  5. Good info, jeff. Does Murph know that you’re his most devoted fan?

  6. Lynn Wilhelm says: “Your minions have answered the call.”

    Well done, but it’s embarrassing to reveal to the world how few my minions are. Well … the day is young.

  7. haha Mudge, pore ol Murphtoid complains I’ve “ridiculed” him, which I have. What’s hilarious to my mind is this dinky little small town, texas, biweekly newspaper has printed every letter to the editor that I’ve submitted.
    Maybe there is a god ?


  8. 133 to 17 now.

  9. Maybe we should vote “yes” because, after all, it’s only New Jersey.

  10. It’s still 88% voting “no,” the same as what it was back when I first posted. It would be good to get it up into the 90s. Well, at least it hasn’t gone into reverse.

  11. Just a minor point – it now shows 88.82 % voting “no” out of a total of 161 votes. There are actually only two significant figures (and you silently corrected their four digits to two).

  12. We’re not exactly setting the cyber-sphere on fire, but there are now 187 total votes, and “no” is up to 89.3%.

  13. Their poll question yesterday was: Was the U.S. right to kill Osama bin Laden? Wow! A real toughie. They had a total of 201 votes. A staggering number, and 89.55% voted “yes.”

  14. it’s embarrassing to reveal to the world how few my minions are.

    You could have posted after PZ, and then thrown up your hands in the air with a, “We’ll never know now!” Besides, it looks like you have surpassed the ‘dozens and dozens’ to graduate to the ‘scores upon scores’ of underlings.

  15. eryops says:

    Besides, it looks like you have surpassed the ‘dozens and dozens’ to graduate to the ‘scores upon scores’ of underlings.

    Most of my traffic is at night. At the moment I doubt that we’ve contributed more than 50 votes to the poll. And it now looks like the creationists have discovered it. Their percentage is suddenly climbing. We’re down to 82.5%.

  16. Tomato Addict

    >”Most of my traffic is at night.”

    Must be the Creationist checking in when they think no one is looking.

  17. Tomato Addict says: “Must be the Creationist checking in when they think no one is looking.”

    Must be. The “yes” vote is now up over 1/3. It was much better when we had it all to ourselves.

  18. Salon agrees with my prediction that by being ambiguous about creationism, Christie is signalling that he has presidential ambitions: Five signs your Republican governor wants to be president.

  19. uh-oh, they’re continuing to catch up…
    it’s currently at 168 (yes) to 293 (no).

  20. I just looked and it’s 93.95% against.

  21. I just voted. It’s now 3600+ votes with 94.5% against. Even though that’s not a representative sample, it’s lopsided enough to suggest that there are more “Judge Jones conservatives” out there than these politicians think, and that being politically correct might lose more votes than it gains. Anyway, I left this comment regarding one of my pet peeves (the “teach creationism in church” thing):

    Creationism should NOT be taught at the church/mosque/synagogue either, even though we have no legal right (and rightly so) to prevent it from being taught there. The reason is that creationism, which is first and foremost a misrepresentaion of evolution and the nature of science, is bearing false witness. Don’t get me wrong, I see nothing morally wrong with teaching Genesis at the church/mosque/synagogue, because many people already know to take it allegorically, not literally. But “creationism,” especially in its ID or “strengths and weaknesses” form, neither of which mention Genesis or God, is a scam. It piles on one misconception after another, and effectively censors any attempt to critically analyze them. And their peddlers have the chutzpah to whine that they are being censored!

  22. Frank J says: “I just voted. It’s now 3600+ votes with 94.5% against.”

    I took a look and it’s up to over 3,900 votes now, with 94.91% against. Curmudgeon power!

  23. Ha! Frank J, I almost replied to that saying that “Thou shalt not lie” should be pointed out more often in those religious establishments. 😀

    Anyway, I voted too.