Louisiana Creationism Repeal: Big Vote Today

Most of you are aware of the Louisiana Creationism Repeal Bill we’ve been writing about. All the background information you might need is at that link, but as a quick update in case you’re new to the topic, we’re talking about SB70 – 2011 Regular Session.

The bill was introduced by Senator Karen Carter Peterson, and it’s the spear-point of Zachary Kopplin’s Campaign to Repeal Louisiana’s Creationism Law. This is Zack’s website devoted to the repeal effort.

They’re paying attention in neighboring Texas. In the San Antonio Express-News we read Bill would repeal La.’s ‘Science Education Act’. Here are some excerpts, with bold font added by us:

A Senate panel is considering a proposal to repeal a Louisiana law that allows public school science teachers to use supplemental materials in their classrooms beyond state-approved textbooks.

That’s right. Today’s the day that a Senate committee considers Senator Peterson’s bill. Your Curmudgeon even has a link to today’s agenda for the Senate Committee on Education. Peterson’s bill is there; it’s the third item. And here’s a link to a list of the committee’s members. It has their telephone numbers and email addresses if you want to contact them (it’s likely that you’ll only reach their staff). Peterson isn’t a member.

Unless you’re the biggest political fundraiser in the state, we suggest you don’t waste your time trying to reason with the committee’s chairman. If you call his office, it should only be to politely let his staff know your position on this matter. The chairman is senator Ben Nevers. He’s the same guy who introduced the creationism bill back in 2008 (see Louisiana’s Ben Nevers: Creationist Doublethink).

There’s not much else in the Texas newspaper, except for the information that “Bobby Jindal opposes Peterson’s bill.” Ah yes, Louisiana creationists can always count on Bobby Jindal, the Exorcist.

Well, dear reader, today is important. The repeal bill won’t go anywhere unless it gets a favorable vote in Ben Nevers’ committee. It could all end right here, or this could be the beginning. Stay tuned.

Addendum: The bill failed to pass in the committee. Louisiana will remain stupid Forty-three Nobel Prize winners defeated by six clowns in the state Senate. Moral: Don’t bring a slide rule to a knife fight!.

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25 responses to “Louisiana Creationism Repeal: Big Vote Today

  1. Today will be interesting. We have a decent shot at making it through.

  2. Zack Kopplin says: “We have a decent shot at making it through.”

    Good luck, Zack.

  3. Best of luck, Zack. Keep fighting the good fight!

  4. Great audio link, Doc Bill. Thanks!

  5. I missed who the scientist was who just spoke in SUPPORT of the LSEA.

    Now, creationist White is using the old Disco Tute mantra that the LSEA doesn’t “mandate” the teaching of ID. Well, of course. It’s not about mandate, it’s about promotion.

  6. OMG, now White is claiming that the judicial standard of evidence is just as good as science. (Wrong!) and now expounding on Darwin’s book! HA HA, irreducible complexity! Come on, White, keep talking!

  7. Please, blindfold me and put wax in my ears! Witness is talking about “particles to man,” macroevolution is false, random and unguided is just so improbable, Global Warming and teh Expelled Scientists!

  8. White is better at reciting Casey’s talking points than Casey is. It’s really chilling listening to these people.

  9. Has the witness brought up goat entrails yet? Oh, the suspense…

  10. Kill me now. Historical Science! (Hysterical science) It’s not the same as Observational Science! Evolution is not science!

    (This from a young woman who taught science 18 years ago, but is now a lab tech. Wonder why she’s not teaching science? Could it be she is clueless?)

  11. Well, she’s right about one thing. Dinosaurs didn’t evolve into reptiles!

    This witness is a raving, ignorant, creationist loon. I don’t think “critical thinking” means what you think it says, loon.

  12. Lady from the Governor’s Office brings up the Bible in the first sentence.


  13. She says Louisiana is booming! It’s all because of the creationism law. Don’t repeal it!

  14. Senator Peterson speaks! And immediately countered the pitiful economic statement from the Governor’s office.

  15. Peterson is very good!

  16. Will Zack get to speak? I wish I was there…

  17. Senator Peterson is a powerful voice! She used the word “bifurcation.”

    Repeal the non-sensable act!

    Moved to defer repeal. Not seconded. Vote is now!!!!

  18. Well, the bill dies in committee. That’s how it goes.

  19. Repeal failed!!!!!!

  20. Fix!

  21. magpie61 says: “Fix!”

    Politicians only respond to massive numbers of votes or tons of money. Arguing science to them is a waste of time. Don’t bring a slide rule to a knife fight.

  22. Politicians only respond to massive numbers of votes or tons of money. Arguing science to them is a waste of time. Don’t bring a slide rule to a knife fight.

    Words to live by, but what a shame that a young person like Zack has to find it out the hard way. My generation is already jaded, but his presumably isn’t yet. Governors and school boards must come up for reelection, however. My guess is that the moderate voters in Louisiana are listening and taking names.

  23. Curmudgeon: “It has their telephone numbers and email addresses if you want to contact them (it’s likely that you’ll only reach their staff).

    Urgent request for Lousianans: Now that the vote failed it is more important than ever to contact those senators who voted against it. Tell them that they lost your vote and the votes of most scientists and people who value science. If you can vote in the Republican primary, make sure they know that too. Please don’t complain about religion (if you’re so inclined) . Remind them that it’s about science education, and they can look forward to more boycotts by science organizations. Oh yes, and CC Jindal on it.