Texas SBOE: Gail Lowe To Be Out as Chairman?

SBOE Chairman Gail Lowe

We have mostly been ignoring Texas this year. With the exception of Texas’s First Creationism Bill for 2011, there hasn’t been much to engage our interest. That bill is Bill Zedler‘s monument of ignorance, HB 2454 , which seems to be doomed for failure because it’s gone nowhere and the legislature is schedule to adjourn on 30 May. But we’ve just found something.

To appreciate this, we need to remind you about Don McLeroy, the creationist dentist. He was the leader of the anti-science, anti-evolution, pro-creationism faction on the Texas State Board of Education (SBOE). McLeroy had been appointed to be the board’s chairman by Rick Perry, the creationist Governor of Texas. But then McLeroy suffered the disgrace of seeing his appointment rejected by the Texas Senate (see Texas Creationist Don McLeroy: Rejected). To replace McLeroy, the Governor appointed Gail Lowe (see Lowe Named Chairman of BOE). Adding to McLeroy’s humiliation, in the Texas Republican primary election of 2010 he was defeated by Thomas Ratliff (see Texas SBOE Elections on 02 March).

Okay, now you know the background. In the Austin American-Statesman we find this editorial: Education board about to lose another leader. Here are some excerpts, with bold font added by us:

Barring 11th-hour action by the Senate Nominations Committee followed by a swift vote in the Senate, Gail Lowe’s tenure as chairwomen of the State Board of Education dies when the legislative session closes on Monday.

Awwww. She was just getting started. Let’s read on:

Lowe, who often sides with the board’s ultra-conservative wing, must win Senate confirmation to hold on to the board’s top post by the time the session adjourns on Monday. The Senate on Wednesday voted on a final list of nominees and Lowe’s name was not on that list. Failure of the Senate to act on the nomination kills it as dead as a negative vote would.

There’s much more in the editorial, but we’ll give you just one additional excerpt:

Failure of the Senate to confirm means Lowe relinquishes authority immediately. Vice Chairman Bob Craig, R-Lubbock, takes over until the governor appoints a successor.

That’s good news. Craig is one of the sane Republicans on the SBOE. But Perry probably won’t appoint him as the permanent chairman. We’ll have to watch things to see how it goes.

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7 responses to “Texas SBOE: Gail Lowe To Be Out as Chairman?

  1. A sane Texas Republican….hmmm….maybe dodos are not

  2. Gov. Good Hair Perry may experience his King Canute moment trying to command the tide not to roll in as he faces more and more public humiliation in the press for supporting religious creationism as science and Christian revisionism as history. The voter “base” that supports this nonsense is shrinking the the moderate voters are finally getting ticked-off about this stuff enough to actually vote. Perry has survived by keeping the kooks happy, quietly, so as not to annoy the moderates. He may realize that appointing a THIRD creationist to the chair will be the straw that brings the moderates back … to the polls.

  3. Did she approve that picture?

  4. magpie61 asks: “Did she approve that picture?”

    It’s more flattering than her official photo.

  5. Very good news. Doesn’t cancel out Louisiana, but good news.

  6. James F says: “Very good news. Doesn’t cancel out Louisiana, but good news.”

    Good news and bad news on the same day. What are the odds? Surely you see the hand of the Designer in all of this.

  7. It’s official in the Houston Chronicle today. Lowe was voted down 12-0.