Zack Kopplin on Hardball

The video runs about 5 minutes. It’s Zack’s appearance on Hardball today, 27 May. This is about what we posted yesterday: Louisiana Creationism Repeal: Big Vote Today, and then Louisiana Creationism Repeal Fails in Committee.

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6 responses to “Zack Kopplin on Hardball

  1. We’re going to see a lot of that young man.

  2. Good job, Zack!

    I learned something from this clip. I didn’t realize that Governor Jindal, the man who signed the LSEA into law and opposed your repeal effort, was a biology major at Brown University! In other words, he should (and probably does) know better. What I had assumed was the product of honest ignorance is more likely based on cynical pandering, fraud and deceit.

    Well, well. That changes things considerably, doesn’t it? I propose a new nickname for “Bobby Jindal, the Exorcist”. How about “Jindal, the Swindle”?

  3. Oh. I just Googled Jindal the Swindle and 117,000 results instantly appeared. I guess it’s old news to residents of Louisiana.


    I think I’m becoming more and more of a Zack Kopplin fan. I am a 61 year old UM minister and signer of the clergy letter. We need more young men and women like Zack. Zack, I’m in Arkansas, you’re in Louisiana. I really can’t travel, but I may have some time on my hands in the foreseeable future . . . I’d like to help.

  5. Zack, you did a fine job. I hope we continue to see you active in this fight for quality education in your state.

  6. So Zack will be at Rice, in Houston? Yay! That’s a terrific gain for Texas. Maybe he can help put the kaibosh on the IDiocy here?