First Weinergate, Now Curmudgeongate

The internet is exploding with the scandal known as Weinergate, involving a photo of Congressman Anthony Weiner in his underwear.

We are not laughing. A month ago, when Obama was compelled to release his birth certificate, your ever-sympathetic Curmudgeon felt obliged to follow his example (see Curmudgeon Releases His Birth Certificate). Once again our benevolent nature cries out against the cruelty we see all around us.

This Weinergate affair is an outrage! The great lawmaker is being crucified merely because a pic of him — in his undies! — has found its way onto the internet. But what happened to Weiner could happen to anyone. Who among us is innocent?

To show our solidarity with the besieged Congressman, we are posting a pic of your Curmudgeon which was snapped without our consent when we were in swaddling clothes, pushing a swing or something in the back yard. How embarrassing!

Anthony Weiner, the Curmudgeon feels your pain!

Copyright © 2011. The Sensuous Curmudgeon. All rights reserved.

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10 responses to “First Weinergate, Now Curmudgeongate

  1. Tomato Addict

    Maybe all politicians should be required to published underwear pictures as a requirement to run for office, then it wouldn’t be such a big deal when the pictures surface again later.

  2. Tomato Addict says: “Maybe all politicians should be required to published underwear pictures”

    Yes! A politician should have nothing to hide.

  3. Tactfully cropped, but Baby Huey still wants his lingerie back.

  4. Cheryl Shepherd-Adams

    Dawwwww. How cute and pre-curmudgeonly.

  5. Cheryl Shepherd-Adams says: “How cute”

    Now all I need is a Twitter account and I can get some action.

  6. That was snapped back in 1904 wasn’t it?

  7. Yes, Tundra Boy. 1904.

  8. Oh teh humanitie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Quit scandalizing us with your uber-cuteness!


  9. techreseller

    You were a cute kid. What happened?

  10. techreseller asks: “You were a cute kid. What happened?”

    We were all cute kids, but look at us now. Yuk!