Louisiana Creationism: Column by James Gill #2

A few weeks ago we posted Louisiana Creationism: Column by James Gill. Well, Mr. Gill has just outdone himself, so you’ve got to read his latest.

We present to you, dear reader, Louisiana Legislature deserves an F in science, which appears in the New Orleans Times-Picayune. It’s so good that all we’re going to do is select a few choice sentences from various paragraphs. If our sampling isn’t enough to get you to read the whole column at the newspaper’s website, there’s no hope for you.

What seems to have motivated Gill here is the state Senate’s Education Committee’s approval last week of the latest creationism bill we’ve been writing about (see Louisiana’s HB 580: The Flat-Earth Option, #3). Okay, here we go, with bold font added by us:

Let’s get it over with and just ban the teaching of science in Louisiana. How happy future generations will be, free of all curiosity about the nature of the world they inhabit.

Perhaps that is asking too much, but the Legislature continues to lead us in that direction by beating up on Charles Darwin at every opportunity.

The Senate Education Committee, which operates as a subsidiary of the evangelical Louisiana Family Forum, was at it again Thursday, approving a bill that will severely curtail scientific oversight of official biology textbooks and allow local school boards to spend all they want on whacky material of their own choosing.

If it weren’t for a lonely representative of the Louisiana Coalition for Science, the committee hearing could have passed for a revivalist meeting.

But Louisiana creationists apparently see themselves as soldiers in an epic battle between righteousness and heresy.

They have grown more subtle and nowadays conceal religious motive with weasel words.

That’s enough. Now click over to the Times-Picayune and read all of Gill’s column. That guy is so good, why … he could actually be a blogger some day!

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5 responses to “Louisiana Creationism: Column by James Gill #2

  1. The article also has an interesting comment thread – one of which, by RickK on the second page, is as good as the original article. Rick describes the DI’s role, including identifying one of the other commenters as a DI shill. Good reading.

  2. One of the responders to this is so unawares as to ask about evolution:

    When did it start? How did it start? Why did it start? What forces started it? Is it over? What proof do we have that it is still ongoing? Did it stop? What stopped it? Will it start again? When?

    Of course, everyone knows that Intelligent Design has deliberately refused to address any issues like these, and even Young Earth Creationism (the most explicit form of creationism) hasn’t pretended to have an answer to almost all (except “When did it start?”).

    How can one hope to deal with people who cannot recognize when they are scoring an “own goal”?

    Not that we should be surprised (saddened but, alas, not surprised) that someone would not know of the common observations “that [evolution] is still happening”.

  3. >”One of the responders to this is so unawares as to ask …”

    I’m betting that one was a sockpuppet for the DI shill.

  4. Certain responders said it well — basically, why would anyone with half a brain want to raise their children in Louisiana? The state’s going to have a tough time attracting educated professionals in any field, but especially science and medicine.

  5. great article and great discussion as well. fortunately most of the respondants who support creationism/id used the same old tired arguments of irreducible complexity and circumferential appeals to thermodynamics. so as usual they offer nothing new and just prove their ignorance. nice to see so many people who can and do hand back the ID arguments so handily.

    i hope zack and all the other intelligent people remaining in LA keep up the good fight, or come to MO to help us ward off the idiots here.