Zack Kopplin Receives Humanist Award

If you’ve been following Zack Kopplin’s courageous Campaign to Repeal Louisiana’s Creationism Law, which achieved national recognition (see Zack Kopplin on Hardball) but which, alas, Failed in a Senate Committee, then you’ll be delighted with today’s news.

In the New Orleans Times-Picayune we read Zack Kopplin to be honored by New Orleans Secular Humanist Association. Here are some excerpts, with bold font added by us:

Zack Kopplin, the teenage son of [New Orleans] Mayor Mitch Landrieu’s top aide, has been waging a personal crusade to repeal a state law that’s seen by some as a ploy [the law, not Zack’s crusade] to allow the biblical creation story to enter the science curriculum.

That was a badly-written lead sentence, but we think its meaning is clear now. Let’s read on:

Though the effort failed, Kopplin’s campaign to scuttle the Louisiana Science Education Act will be recognized today by the New Orleans Secular Humanist Association, which will present its “Humanist Award” to the recent Baton Rouge high school graduate.

We’ve noticed over the years that creationists are always red in the face and foaming at the mouth whenever they mention secular humanism, so this award will add fuel to their already demented rage. We continue:

Association President Harry Greenberger said the plaque his group is presenting to Kopplin will recognize “his dedication to the separation of religion from government, to the separation of faith from science in education and for his relentless efforts” to repeal the curiously titled law.

Being awarded for those reasons is something for which Zack can be proud. There’s much more to the article, so click over there and check it out.

Before we leave this subject today, we can’t help making a contrast between Zack, who will be starting at Rice University soon, and a very different young man from California. We’re speaking of the creationist student who caused so much trouble for James Corbett, the Advanced Placement European history teacher at Capistrano Valley High School in Mission Viejo, California. As far as we know (James Corbett Case: Update 12 Feb ‘11), Corbett’s case is still on appeal, and the kid who complained about him just completed his first year at Pepperdine University.

If we were Olympian deities, we could look at this as an experiment. Here we have two young men, each of whom has achieved recognition for steadfastly defending his beliefs. What does the future hold for them? We expect to be hearing good things about Zack some day. As for the other young man, well … he may go on to accomplish great things in creation science. We shall see.

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8 responses to “Zack Kopplin Receives Humanist Award

  1. There’s a clear difference between the two. One uses the political process in an attempt to make a positive change for all students in the state, the other uses the legal process in an attempt to destroy an individual teacher for personal gain.

    My guess is that one is majoring in the sciences, and the other is hoping to become a lawyer and work for the DI.

  2. A well deserved honor! to Zack!

  3. Congratulations, Zack. You are doing what is right.

  4. Thanks for your great efforts, Zack!

  5. Oh, and thanks to The Curmudgeon for helping us keep up with Zack’s solid work.

  6. waldteufel says: “Oh, and thanks to The Curmudgeon”

    I am naught but a humble blogger..

  7. We’ve noticed over the years that creationists are always red in the face and foaming at the mouth whenever they mention secular humanism…

    Secular Humanism,
    Secular Humanism,
    Secular Humanism!

    ‘Atta boy, Zack!!

  8. While Zack deserves this award and more, I’m afraid some anti-evolution activists will unfairly spin it that, because a humanist group gave the award, evolution is not religiously neutral. Of course, had a pro-science Christian group given him the award, the activists would either be silent or accuse the group of being “accommodationist.” Consistency is not a virtue in the big tent.