Barbara Cargill: Rick Perry’s Newest Creationist

We spotted this at Little Green Footballs and we had to post it. This is the second of four consecutive videos of a recent appearance by Barbara Cargill at a meeting of Eagle Forum.

As you already know, Rick Perry, the creationist Governor of Texas, has recently designated Barbara Cargill to replace Gail Lowe as chairman of the Texas State Board of Education (SBOE), after Lowe (his previous pick) was rejected by the Texas Senate — a fate that also befell Don McLeroy, Perry’s earlier choice as chairman. See Texas SBOE: Gail Lowe To Be Out as Chairman? We discussed Cargill’s appointment again here: Rick Perry = Bachmann with Male Genitalia.

We reported that Cargill is said to be just as whacked as McLeroy and Lowe, but now you have a chance to see for yourselves. Much of this video is pure blather, so zoom to just before the five minute mark when she starts babbling incoherently about evolution. Then you’ll understand why Perry chose her.

Want more? Okay, check this out — it’s part 3 of the 4 videos from the same event. After the first ten seconds or so Cargill starts squawking about all the gaps in the fossil record. There’s not much else of interest in that video, but you’ll see enough at the beginning to convince you — the woman knows nothing, but what she thinks she knows is spectacularly wrong. Here you go:

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10 responses to “Barbara Cargill: Rick Perry’s Newest Creationist

  1. “…We have a staff of zero. Actually it’s me and my computer – and my little dog, if you count her running around the house…”

    Yep, that adds up to zero alright. Except for the little dog, who’s probably the brains of the outfit.

  2. Let me take this a quote at a time. These are all from the first video. I had enough and will need to build up strength to wade through the second one.

    Remember, I’m a science teacher.

    Meh. My science teachers actually knew and understood science.
    And then the whole micro / macro spewage again.

    It is macroevolution that causes the controversy.

    No, it isn’t. There is no controversy. There’s only the propaganda of theocrats such as yourself, Babs.

    Where did life begin, where did man begin… um… etcetera…so that, of course, is the huge controversy.

    So which is it, Babs? Is evolution (how species evolve) or is abiogenesis (how life began) the controversy? Dear Lord, woman, make up your mind!

    So, I’m tellin’ my boys don’t look at blogs. It’s just like putting poison in your brain and just ignore, ignore, ignore because we must be doing the right thing if so many people are becoming angry.

    That, my friends, is the money quote. Regardless of reality or facts, she’s going to see to it that science is perverted in Texas.

  3. Remember, I’m an ideologue. I’m a sociopath. I’m really quite stupid but I managed to get an education degree and did a so-so job corrupting little minds.

    I have a little dog.

  4. It’s a shame she’s not running for office. “It’s just like putting poison in your brain!” and “Just ignore, ignore, ignore!” would make wonderful campaign slogans for the Ignorant Party. Or maybe it should be called the Stoopid [sic] Party, with a backwards “S”. For the bumper sticker and t-shirt graphic, they could have a brain in a red circle with a line through it.

    If I was raising children in Texas, though, I wouldn’t be laughing…

  5. I’m still waiting for a response from her on the “strengths and weaknesses” junk (

    Ok, I’m not REALLY waiting. I’m sure I won’t get a response. 🙂

  6. I clicked on the video this morning, and it did not play. Instead, the screen goes black and the message: “this video is private” appears.

    Apparently someone took it down.

  7. Ed says: “Apparently someone took it down.”

    I can’t imagine why that would happen. Cargill should be proud to have her ignorance on display.

  8. It was the little dog. A canine can take only so much embarrassment.

  9. Gary: “My science teachers actually knew and understood science.”

    And for all we know she might too, but her burning agenda to save the world forces her to sound hopelessly confused about science. As a science teacher – and apparently “in on the scam” – she must have heard the answers to her misinformation (micro/macro, abiogenesis vs evolution, etc.) many times. While it’s possible that she is so compartmentalized that she forgets them each time – like those “suppressed memories” we hear about – it’s easier to believe that she deliberately pretends they don’t exist because she thinks her audience can’t handle the truth.

  10. airtightnoodle: “Ok, I’m not REALLY waiting. I’m sure I won’t get a response.”

    You would have if she was really confident that you were wrong. She has had 2.5 years to think up answers, and apparently knows better than to even try. That’s almost as long as Ben Stein has been avoiding responding to this.