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We have some powerful news today from Ken Ham (ol’ Hambo) — the Australian entrepreneur who has become the ayatollah of Appalachia. He runs the online creationist ministry, Answers in Genesis (AIG), and he also created the infamous, mind-boggling Creation Museum.

Hambo has a “Letter from Ken” posted at the AIG website titled Reaching Out—in Arabic. Here are some excerpts, with bold font added by us:

Have you ever thought of AiG as a “reservoir?”

Why, no, Hambo — more of a sinkhole, actually. Let’s read on:

Actually, it is — although perhaps not in the sense you may be thinking!

What’s he talking about? Here it comes:

By sharing some recent thrilling events with you, I will explain the reservoir comment. Frankly, telling you about these special events sends tingles down my spine!

Your Curmudgeon is already getting a thrill up his leg. Hambo continues:

Who would have thought that a burden to reach millions of Arabic-speaking people in the Middle East with the message of creation-apologetics, biblical authority, and the gospel, would also even end up being used thousands of miles away by a missionary?

That’s quite a sentence! Then he tells us about two people he met named Nagy and Nashwa Iskander. They are:

Egyptian doctors living in Scotland with a huge passion to reach their homeland of Egypt and other Middle Eastern countries with the gospel. They have visited the Answers in Genesis offices and our Creation Museum a number of times and have attended our intensive International Training Seminar at the museum.

Aha — two Egyptian creationists! Hambo tells us what they’re doing:

Through our association with them, the Iskanders have produced the first (to our knowledge) creation-apologetics books in Arabic, and have translated and printed a number of AiG resources to distribute in the Middle East.

The Iskanders have also been involved in translating many articles from our main website into Arabic. These Bible-upholding articles are now being accessed by countless Muslims (and others) in the Arabic-speaking world.

That’s exciting news? Well, it is to ol’ Hambo. Here’s more:

What thrills me is this: AiG can’t reach everyone in the world. AiG can’t spread its resources so thinly and start offices in every country. We just don’t have the finances and personnel to translate our books/DVDs/websites into numerous languages around the world.

Recognizing this, I have always looked on AiG as a “reservoir” of resources. From this reservoir many pipes are connected, and they lead to places all around the globe so our life-changing resources can be used by God.

We’re not even halfway through Hambo’s article. Then he drones on and on, telling of other AIG outreach activities elsewhere in the world. We know you’ll want to click over there to read about them. We’ll give you one more excerpt, from near the end:

Yes, AiG is a “reservoir,” and the Lord is “piping” the Bible-affirming contents of this vast reservoir throughout the world. Oh, how the Arabic-speaking world (mostly Muslim) needs to be reached with the truth of God’s Word. It really does excite me to think how the Lord is using AiG to reach souls all over the globe.

Globe? That’s blasphemy! Doesn’t Hambo realize that, according to scripture, The Earth Is Flat?

What can we say? If the lord is using AIG, then the lord has reached the end of his rope. Perhaps we really are living in the End Times.

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5 responses to “Answers in Genesis — Global Outreach

  1. Ah yes, the Iskanders of JAM Trust fame.


  2. Tomato Addict

    Yes, AiG is a “reservoir,” and the Lord is “piping” the Bible-affirming contents of this vast reservoir throughout the world.

    I was about to be clever and substitute “cesspool” and “sewerage”, but then I noticed something even better. It’s not Ham doing this, or the Iskanders, or even the internet, but The Lord himself that has plumbed their depths. Ken Ham may be many things, but humble ain’t one of them.

    I think we should switch from calling him “ol’Hambo” to “ol’Narco”.

  3. Tomato Addict says:

    I think we should switch from calling him “ol’Hambo” to “ol’Narco”.

    There are many things I could call him, but we’re trying to run a classy operation here. It’s best to let the man’s work speak for him.

  4. aturingtest

    Can we say the “Egyptian doctors living in Scotland” were No True Scotsmen?

  5. As my mom was fond of observing, it’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye. Ham’s crowing that his tracts are being translated into Arabic is juvenile point-scoring that ignores the widespread, often very violent, intolerance towards other religions in general, and evangelism and missionary work in particular across pretty much the whole Arab-Muslim world. If you want to support religious minorities in the Middle East (think the Copts in Egypt, for instance) there are much more responsible ways to do it. But then I suppose that making life, as opposed to the afterlife, better for people isn’t the major emphasis here, is it?