Creationist Wisdom #197: No Evidence!

Today’s letter-to-the-editor, titled The fact of creation can be proven by science; evolution cannot, like one we wrote about recently, appears at the website TCPalm. That site hosts several newspapers of the Scrips chain that are located in Florida’s “Treasure Coast” area. We’ll give you a few excerpts, enhanced with our Curmudgeonly commentary, and as we usually do we’ll omit the writer’s name and city. Here we go, with a bit of bold font added for emphasis:

Very few evolutionists today dig to find proof of evolution because no evidence exists. This was even a concern for Charles Darwin. In more recent years human and animal bones were sealed together to look like they evolved. In one instance bones were painted a different shade of color to prove that they existed in whatever date it was intended to be.

Fraud– it’s all one big fraud! Great letter, huh? Stay with us, there’s more:

Today our children and grandchildren in public schools and colleges are told in science class that they must believe in evolution because it is proven in scientific experiments. However, creation can be proven by science. Read the book [title of stupid book deleted].

Sorry about that expunction, but we’re not in the mood to promote lunacy. You can click over to TCPalm for the letter-writer’s recommendation. Well, okay — here’s the book’s listing at Amazon: Book with “Darwinism” in the title. One more excerpt from today’s letter:

Many doctors say that it is impossible for many body parts, such as the eye, brain, liver, body cells, and the heart to evolve.

Yes, and they’re probably the same fine practitioners who get all their clientele from personal injury lawyers.

Okay, that’s enough. If you want to read it all, we urge you to visit TCPalm and experience the letter in its entirety.

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6 responses to “Creationist Wisdom #197: No Evidence!

  1. The comments to the letter are good. It appears that an actual scientist weighed in.

  2. Painting bones to change their dates? Is that a reference to piltdown? I thought I was familiar with most creationist tropes but don’t recognize that one.

  3. being a physician myself, i resent the letter writer’s comment… apparently though there are some physicians, even one who attended my medical school who advocate idiocy, so he may not be lying that some docs say stupid things like that.

    this guy sounds a little like my father-in-law. he’ll give you all kinds of ‘scientific evidence’ that creationism is true. unfortunately a lot of it is the same tired, recycled, quote mined material used by our friends ken ham and kent hovind.

  4. I love the “title of stupid book deleted” part

  5. Kent Hovind is still in prison in Colorado, where he will remain until at least August 2015, unless God or the Federal government intervenes. I only have two words to say to that: Ha and ha. Off topic, but it’s been 3 days since the Stephen Hawking broadcast, and still no official reaction from Klinghooey?? I’m surprised, because he’s unaccustomed to taking the high road in these matters. I’ll bet his face twitches uncontrollably like Herbert Lom’s in the Pink Panther movies at the mere mention of Hawking, but I admire his recent, uncharacteristic restraint.

  6. I agree, magpie, both to your statements on hovind and on the Hawking broadcast. While I’m not sure I agree with his conclusions, I’m so far from his level of intelligence that I can’t really dispute them with the mathematics/physics. Unlike the creationists, I’ll leave the physics to the physicists.

    Don’t kid yourself though, Klinghoffer is just biding his time. He’ll say something soon, or one of his cronies will.