Your Bowels Prove Creationism

Don’t judge our title too harshly, dear reader. We are merely reporting what we learned from the website of the granddaddy of all creationist outfits, the Institute for Creation Research (ICR) — the fountainhead of young-earth creationist wisdom.

ICR’s informative and thought-provoking article is titled: Why Would Parasitic Worms Help Bowel Disease?

Worms? Bowel disease? Don’t click away! ICR takes what most people would find repellant and they transform it into a lesson you are certain to find moving. (No pun!) Here are some excerpts, with bold font added by us:

According to a recent report, one biotech company has plans to test and market a rather unusual treatment for certain autoimmune intestinal ailments like Crohn’s disease — a concoction containing the eggs of a parasitic whipworm that infects pigs.

This seems to be the source of ICR’s information: NYC’s Coronado Biosciences Plans Two Drug Trials. That article is largely about the financing of a start-up company (an amazing accomplishment in this market), and they may have a hot new medical product. It says:

The parasite treatment … was inspired by the “hygiene hypothesis” — an observation made by some academics that the incidence of autoimmune diseases such as Crohn’s has increased along with the cleanliness of society. Some experts believe that the lack of exposure to parasites may actually pre-dispose humans to inflammatory diseases. That’s because parasites similar to the pig worm that Coronado is studying actually regulate cell mechanisms that prevent excessive T-cell activation — one of the major causes of autoimmune disorders.

The idea is to give patients a dosage of eggs from the pig parasite every two weeks or so. “Because humans aren’t the right host, the worms can’t colonize,” Sandage explains. “The eggs stay there a couple of weeks and then dissolve.” But with regular dosing, the eggs seem to spark a positive immune response:

Interesting, but to ICR it’s much more than that — it’s also inspiring, as you will soon see. ICR describes the situation (as best they can) and then they provide us with their own unique perspective. Here it comes:

But if intestinal worms evolved, why and how would they have achieved an ability to regulate T-cell activity in host tissues? If evolution were true, then worms should try and survive by eating more and reproducing faster. This would leave no time, energy, or ingenuity to develop the intricate and specific biochemistry required for precise interspecies tissue communication. In other words, it looks as though these worms were made for a purpose — intestinal tissue regulation.

Yes — “these worms were made for a purpose.” Why didn’t we see that right away? Let’s read on:

Communication breakdowns within and between different organisms’ tissues can result in disease, and this is a manifestation of the curse under which all creation was placed as a direct result of human sin.

Right. When you’ve got a rumbling in your intestines, it’s caused by sin! Adam & Eve — how could you have done this to us? We continue:

However, the fact that vestiges of such a complicated communication apparatus still exist testifies to an original creation of high order.

Verily, it’s plain to see. And this is ICR’s uplifting conclusion:

The benefits that worms apparently provide could only exist because of well-designed, purposefully created systems. Though marred, such design suggests that parasitic worms were originally created as part of a very good creation.

Rejoice, dear reader. The bowel distress you occasionally suffer is proof of creationism. We are grateful to ICR for showing us the way.

Copyright © 2011. The Sensuous Curmudgeon. All rights reserved.

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24 responses to “Your Bowels Prove Creationism

  1. Wow, so the creator couldn’t make our bodies work properly without parasites.
    What a designer!

    What about those parasitic wasps and their relationships with the caterpillars on which they lay their eggs? Signs of beneficent creation?*

    *Probably signs of The Fall.

  2. Tomato Addict

    Here I sit
    broken hearted,
    paid my dime
    and failed to demonstrate the superiority of Creation science.

  3. Let me get this straight. A parasitic worm that infects pigs was actually created to regulate bowel problems in humans. WTF?

    God sure made it hard to discover this helpful benefit – it required modern science to discover and will require modern technology to produce. All at a divine profit, I’m sure.

    Is there anything that ICR cannot spin into evidence for creation?

  4. Tomato Addict says: “and failed to demonstrate the superiority of Creation science.”

    The proof of the pudding is in the eating.

  5. So let me get this straight…. worm species that is NOT native to human gut, that happens to have some shared signals as species that sometimes invade human gut, that may provide some benefit to those who have autoimmune disease somehow proves creationism… I think I missed something.

    Couldn’t be that the human immune system works well when exposed to some real pathogens because it evolved in the presence of those pathogens. couldn’t be coevolutionary mechanism at work.

    I suggest everyone over at the ICR participate in a research project: 1/2 of them ingest tapeworm eggs, the 1/2 don’t. Then in a few months they can report on how healthy the 1/2 that ate the worm eggs are! They’ll be trim and fit, and they won’t have any constipation. They would actually be doing science for once.

  6. @TJW:

    You know, if I’d only had someone like you as my high school biology teacher, it would have been SO much more interesting! (Although I wonder what other sorts of experiments you’d have encouraged. But all in a good cause, right?)

  7. TJW says: “I think I missed something.”

    That’s because you’re blinded by Darwinism! You see only intestines and worms and dung. The creation scientists at ICR look at the same things and see beauty, grandeur, and design.

  8. @SJR:

    I could never be a biology teacher. Being a pediatrician is a much more fun endeavor, except the teenagers, they’re why I could not be a teacher. (no offense to any bloggers here, as any teen blogging on this website is not the kind of teen I usually see).

    From a professional point of view, worms are NOT a normal part of human biology. However, there is a lot to be said about the hygeine hypothesis. A nurse I know has a saying, “dirt don’t hurt” and to an extent she’s right.

  9. The thought of God designing a parasitic pig worm to help with autoimmune deficiencies is only the icing on the cake. The cake is that this implies God wants us to live in filth. After all (and kudos to ICR for pointing this out), modern living conditions are too clean for God’s preferred solution to work.

  10. @Ed:

    Actually, to take it one step further: God created a parasitic worm that infects pigs for the purpose of regulating human intestinal disorders, and then forbade humans to eat pork.

  11. It’s all tripe.

  12. that’s why you never waste pig and you never waste cow…. mmmm…. ribs….

  13. eric says: “this implies God wants us to live in filth.”

    Not necessarily. But we have to think scripturally, as ICR would want us to do. The trick is to transfer these parasites from the pig’s intestines to a human’s. That can be done without any of this blasphemous modern technology. Let your imagination roam free. The technique will become apparent. ‘Tis the way of the Designer.

  14. Well, what passed through my bowels and what passes for creationist science are both similar in makeup. Another coincidence unexplainable by evolution, perhaps? Creationists, eat worms and die!

  15. This is old news – everyone knows that natural selection is incapable of selecting for traits that help the organism survive and reproduce.

  16. that’s why you never waste pig and you never waste cow…. mmmm…. ribs….

    That reminds me, the Lone Star state was in the news again, but it won’t be to Perry’s liking:

  17. Robert Murphy

    At least the answer didn’t have something to do with a banana. Or an enema. Or both. Just visualize the youtube video demonstration with Kirk Cameron. Now try to wipe that image from your mind. You’re welcome. 🙂

  18. I could not stomach this post.

  19. It’s food for thought, Tundra Boy.

  20. At least the answer didn’t have something to do with a banana. Or an enema. Or both. Just visualize the youtube video demonstration with Kirk Cameron…

    Not for me, thanks, but it may give Ray comfort.

  21. As in biology, sometimes a tiny mutation causes a huge change. Actually, it’s your vowels that “prove creationism.” Talk.Origins regulars know exactly what I mean.

  22. comradebillyboy

    The Curmudgeon says: ‘That can be done without any of this blasphemous modern technology. Let your imagination roam free. The technique will become apparent. ‘Tis the way of the Designer.’

    One might wonder exactly what the mechanism was before we were so clean. As I recall the old fashioned term for a poor rural yokel was “sh** heel”.

  23. Tundra Boy said:

    I could not stomach this post.

    Yeah, well, it moved me.

  24. Their latest post is even weirder – I bags “Youth Ministry: Pagan Evilutionist Infiltration” as a headline 😛