Discoveroids Plan Another Oklahoma Revival

The good folks of Oklahoma will soon be visited by yet another creationist revival staged by the neo-theocrats at the Discovery Institute‘s creationist public relations and lobbying operation, the Center for Science and Culture (a/k/a the Discoveroids, a/k/a the cdesign proponentsists).

We wrote about their last festival of folly just a few months ago: Discovery Institute’s Oklahoma Revival: It’s On! It must have been a roaring success, because at the Discoveroid website they have this announcement: Oklahoma Premiere of Metamorphosis.

Interestingly, the sub-title says: “Sponsored by the OU IDEA Club.” We thought those campus creationist cells had gone extinct (see Discovery Institute: IDEA Clubs Flopped?) but they still have a chapter in Oklahoma, and their website is still up: IDEA Center. The name is an acronym: IDEA = Intelligent Design and Evolution Awareness. Clever, huh?

Okay, let’s see the news about this latest Discoveroid revival, sponsored by what seems to be their last surviving IDEA club. Here are some excerpts, with bold font added by us:

Throughout history, butterflies have fascinated artists and philosophers, scientists and schoolchildren with their mystery and beauty. In the new Illustra Media film Metamorphosis you can explore their remarkable world as few ever have before.

Whoopie! Illustra Media works with the Discoveroids to produce creationist “documentaries.” David Coppedge is (or was) on their board of directors, and he was distributing one of their DVDs on the job at JPL. We’ve written before about their Metamorphosis production (see Klinghoffer: Butterflies Prove Creationism).

Now that you know what they’ll be showing, let’s get back to the news of the revival:

The screening will be followed by Q and A with Discovery Institute Fellow Paul Nelson and Biologic Institute research biologist Ann Gauger, two of the experts featured in the film. DVDs will be available for purchase at the event.

It sounds like a really great educational opportunity. And instead of a church, where the Discoveroids usually (and appropriately) have these events, they’ve managed to hire a theater that gives the illusion that their film is about science. This event will be at the Sam Noble Museum of Natural History at the University of Oklahoma, Norman, Oklahoma.

The date for the revival is 19 September, and admission is free! Every idiot for miles around will be there, and you can be there too. So get on over to the University of Oklahoma and enjoy some of that good old fashioned, down-home, foot-stompin’, psalm-singin’, floor-rollin’, rafter-shakin’, old-time creationism.

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22 responses to “Discoveroids Plan Another Oklahoma Revival

  1. Discoveroids Plan Another Oklahoma Revival

    Who knew that the boys and girls at the Disco’tute were into Rogers and Hammerstein???

    “Oh, what a beautiful Mooooooornin’….”

  2. Paul “Gasbag” Nelson is a featured expert? They must mean “expert” or another Paul “Gasbag” Nelson because the one associated with the Disco Tute is credential free.

    My guess is that Ann has it in her contract with the DI Lab where she works that she must be allowed out in the sunlight once a year. That would make Nelson her chaperone to ensure she doesn’t say something stupid (and truthful) like the last time she was allowed out alone.

    “Yes,” she said, “we’re doing experiments to prove ID but so far all they do is support the theory of evolution and common descent.” Clang! Out came the hook! Dr. G isn’t feeling very well, folks, so we’re going to adjourn the meeting.

    With any luck I hope they get a good turnout, if you get my drift. I wonder if Abbie and Arnie are up to an evening of fun?

  3. Abbie likes to show up when Casey is appearing. They’re quite the couple. And I forgot to mention, I learned about this revival from one of my clandestine operatives — code name “OO.”

  4. UPDATE!

    Gauger is an official American Loon.

  5. I take it that Herman Cummings is not invited. Invoking Genesis and criticizing other “kinds” of evolution-denier. That practically makes him a “Darwinist” to the Discoveroids.

  6. I find the announcement that the Oklahoma showing is sponsored by the IDEA Club at the University of Oklahoma puzzling. The Club has been moribund, as far as I can tell, since November 2009, the last item posted on their web site. There have been no announcements of meetings or other activities. Also the IDEA Club is not listed as one of the approved 400+ student organizations on the University web site. I am trying to find out just who contracted with the Sam Noble Museum of Natural History (SNOMNH) for the film showing. We understand that the Museum cannot deny rental space to organizations for such events and the DI has used the facility previously for their Cambrian film crap (with Meyer and Wells to comment).

    Previous visits of the DI folks have been met with some hard questioning by students (mostly) and a few faculty and other activities to oppose them that were quite succesful. We can again expect such a response from messages I have already received. I have also encouraged Abbie Smith to come again and put some fear in them! I will post (or send to CR) any new information that may be of interest.

  7. vhutchison says: “I have also encouraged Abbie Smith to come again and put some fear in them!”

    Abbie is awesome! It’s almost unfair to unleash her upon them.

  8. For whatever reason, DI operatives have been on the ground in Oklahoma with several tent revivals. I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that the OU IDEA “club” is a shell organization used by the DI to “sponsor” events like this. Easy enough to find some sap and make him/her President for Life and throw in a pizza. Hey, for free pizza I’d host a DI Night!

    And for lulz, here’s the IDEA club Mission Statement:

    What is the IDEA Club’s Mission Statement?

    The purpose of the Intelligent Design and Evolution Awareness Club is to:

    ·Promote, as a scientific theory, the idea that life was designed by an Intelligent Designer

    ·Educate people about scientific problems with purely natural explanations for the origins and evolution of life

    ·Challenge the philosophical assumptions of Darwinism, naturalism, and materialism

    ·Hold, through other arguments, that the identity of the Designer is consistent with the Christian God.

    Praise be to the Designer!

  9. Doc Bill: Exactly! The thought of the DI using the IDEA Club as a shell is why I have made the inquiries mentioned in my post above! It may not be something illegal, but it would be nice to know and expose.

  10. I was waiting for it, but it never showed up, so I guess I’ll have to do it.

    The DI has absolutely no IDEA about evilution and debating them is about as much fun as clubbing seals.

  11. b_sharp says:

    The DI has absolutely no IDEA about evilution and debating them is about as much fun as clubbing seals.

    Hey, I thought clubbing seals was your national sport.

  12. Abbie is awesome! It’s almost unfair to unleash her upon them.

    If the few things I’ve picked up on a quick Google search for Abbie are halfway correct, “almost” in this case means “Yeah, go ahead.”

  13. Hold, through other arguments, that the identity of the Designer is consistent with the Christian God.

    I know I’ve said it before. No one who believes in “Intelligent Design” actually believes in a “Designer”. They believe in the God of Abraham, and they are too stupid not to say so! It’s the only philosophy which has no adherents among its proponents. (Well, except for solipsism, whose proponents are not adherents by definition.)

  14. Gabriel Hanna: “No one who believes in ‘Intelligent Design’ actually believes in a ‘Designer’. They believe in the God of Abraham, and they are too stupid not to say so!”

    Sadly I’m nearly unique among “Darwinists” in this respect, but I think that’s the one of the few things that ID peddlers (Discoveroids and the subset of followers who are in on the scam) are honest about. Like many of their critics (e.g. Ken Miller) they have no problem admitting that they personally think – and hope – that the designer is God. They admit it not because of stupidity or ignorance, but because they have nothing to lose. Their scam would be traceable to other forms of anti-evolution activism no matter what they said about the designers, Creators, etc., because all they have to teach are the same long-refuted misrepresentations of evolution that all the other scams have – as if they need any more smoking guns than “cdesign proponentsists.” If they had some of their own evidence, supportable on its own “convergence, neither sought nor fabricated” it would be different, and they really would have to watch what they say. But they have no hope for that, and they know it.

    I think that Behe was completely honest when he admitted that the designer he claims to have caught red-handed, and who, per his Dover testimony, might not even exist anymore (as in “dead”) is not necessarily God. Maybe a delegate from God, but with his/her own free will, not necessarily almighty and possible fallible. As much as I disagree with the DI’s strategy, ironically I think much like they do when it comes to the “ultimate cause.” An almighty Creator/designer could make His/Her Creation’s causes appear indistinguishable from evolution. But ID peddlers insist that what happened is different from evolution – due to “inconsistencies” that they insist are “fingerprints” of the designer. While an almighty Creator/designer could choose to leave “fingerprints” for some reason, and a non-almighty one could (for all we know) be undetectable, the fact that they do claim to have detected those “fingerprints,” thus possibly “outsmarting” the Creator/designer, tips the balance in favor of a non-almighty one.

    Of course where I do think that they – Discoveroids at least – are dishonest, is that, deep down they know that they have not caught any designer, almighty or not. IOW, privately they are no different than Ken Miller, who speculated where God might intervene (quantum indeterminacy), but know that such speculations are not testable. But unlike Miller, the DI is fighting a culture war, and they don’t think they can win unless they fool the “masses” into thinking that “Darwinism” is “weak” and “evil.”

    Whether or not anyone agrees with me on that, we can make that internal debate moot. Instead of dwelling on who/what the designer is, or what ID peddlers think he/she/it is, let’s just keep pounding on them to elaborate on what the designer did when. That’s their Achilles’ heel.

  15. I wonder whether they are inviting any geocentrists.

  16. The OU idea club has to be a shell organization. Their website:

    hasn’t been updated in almost two years and if you do a Whois of the domain name you will see it is owned by a Mario Lopez of Chula Vista, California. If memory serves, Lopez does a fair amount of web development for the DI.

  17. Should we report it to UO or would that make us part of the Darwinist conspiracy, and if so do we get badges?

  18. After checking with the Museum Director, I find that the Oklahoma IDEA CLub has registered with the University under just ‘Intelligent Design’. The request to use the SNOMNH auditorium under the name of the IDEA was made by the club’s faculty advisor, a high energy physicist (!) that is a well known creationist (a YEC, I think). I understand that his father or gandfather was a well-known Baptist theologian and that his brother is a Baptist minister. So far, I have seen no activity by students from the IDEA group – makes one wonder what is going on here. Maybe the advisor is the only active member? It should be emphasized that SNOMNH is NOT a sponsor, but is only the rented venue. Indeed, the Director, Dr. Michael Mares, is a member of the Zoology Department faculty and a strong supporter of evolutionary biology. He published a strong rebuttal of the DI when they were here to show their Cambrian film at the last ‘Discoveroid Revival’.

  19. vhutchison says:

    It should be emphasized that SNOMNH [Sam Noble Museum of Natural History] is NOT a sponsor, but is only the rented venue.

    I think they were looking for a replay of the California Science Center affair. Apparently it isn’t going to work out as they hoped.

  20. Gabriel teed this one up for good old Doc Bill:

    Should we report it to UO or would that make us part of the Darwinist conspiracy, and if so do we get badges?

    As President for Life of the Darwinian Pressure Group, Delta Pi Gamma, I can arrange for you to purchase an official badge. Just send 100 Quatloos in a SASE to BR-549.

    However, in general, we Darwinists don’t need no stinkin’ badges.

  21. There has got to be a way to find out that there are no actual students in this club and show UO that the club does absolutely nothing, that it is being used by an outside group for an excuse to showcase pseudoscience at a legitimate university.

  22. TomS: “I wonder whether they are inviting any geocentrists.”

    No, but Tony Pagano will be camping outside with signs pretending that the DI supports him. While the DI will pretend not to know him.