Creationist Wisdom #205: The Evolutionist Creed

Today’s letter-to-the-editor, titled You can’t prove the theory of evolution, appears in the Cumberland Times-News of Cumberland, Maryland. We’ll give you a few excerpts, enhanced with our Curmudgeonly commentary, and as we usually do we’ll omit the writer’s name and city.

We will disclose, however, that this one is definitely worthy of your special attention because the letter-writer is a preacher. Here we go, with a bit of bold font added for emphasis:

True science does not and should not endorse unproven theories as science. Evolution, of course, is not a proven fact. From a purely scientific basis no one has scientific proof of when or how the universe, life, man, came into existence.

You have no proof, dear reader. So why do you cling to your beliefs? The preacher knows. Stay with us, you’ll see:

Factually most people who believe in and teach evolution do so because they fear the existence of God and His creating the world they live in.

Fear — it’s all about fear! Let’s read on:

Here is the basic creed or belief of evolutionists. I have shortened it just slightly to save time. But when pushed here is the evolutionist creed. Nothing plus nothing plus time equals everything.

Aaaargh!! He’s figured it out! We continue:

Look where this leaves us educationally. We don’t study the first man, Adam. We don’t study the greatest King, David. We don’t study the strongest man, Samson. We don’t study the greatest general, Joshua. We don’t study the wisest man, Solomon.

We wind up not knowing who we are, how we got here, what we are supposed to be doing, and not knowing what happens after death. And this is called first class education.

We know nothing — nothing! It’s painful to read the preacher’s letter, so we’ll skip to the end:

Evolution is not scientifically provable, It is just wild guessing and wrong interpretation of things. It is clearly anti-god, anti-religion, and anti-reason. Don’t be taken in by such nonsense.

That’s it, dear reader. Now as you go about your business today, reflect upon the emptiness of the false doctrine you learned in school: “Nothing plus nothing plus time equals everything.” There may still be time to repent.

Copyright © 2011. The Sensuous Curmudgeon. All rights reserved.

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10 responses to “Creationist Wisdom #205: The Evolutionist Creed

  1. From a purely scientific basis no one has scientific proof of when or how the universe, life, man, came into existence.

    Ah, once again, The Truth has been found out… that this guy has no idea that he’s not talking about evolution, but abiogenesis. Wait. I’ll just shorten that to “This guy has absolutely no idea what he’s talking about.”

    “Nothing plus nothing plus time equals everything.”

    So, “0 + 0 + t = infinity”? Did this guy get his math learnin’ from Ellis Washington?

  2. Pharaoh, pharaoh, don’t teach my people nothing.

  3. From the letter: “…every farmer knew if things were left alone, whether it was livestock or crops,” This, from the alleged teacher who taught evolution, but didn’t believe it? I’m happy he just “taught” evolution and not agriculture. Apparently, when he was reading his Bible, he missed the part about Jacob’s selective breeding program.

  4. Not zero, but very tiny amounts, and not “plus time”. And yes you can get something not zero.

    For example. Take the square root of 3 (about 1.7). Add 3 to it. Take the square root of what you just had (about 4.7) and add 3 to it. This will give you about 5.2. Add 3, take the square root again. Repeat forever. This will give you about 2.3 when you’ve finished.

    It works for numbers besides 3, of course. Any number n, when apply that process forever, will give you 1/2 * (1 + sqrt(1 + 4*n)).

    Now, what happens as n gets very tiny, very close to zero? The process produces 1.

    In other words, take the square root of a very tiny number, practically zero, and add practically zero to it. Take the square root of that and add practically 0 to it. Repeat for ever. You will get a number that is practically 1. And the smaller you make “practically zero” the closer you get to 1.

    Another example: Compound interest. Start with a dollar. Multiply by a fraction, which gives you pennies. Add pennies to you dollar and repeat forever. Wait long enough and you will have millions and billions.

  5. Factually most people who believe in and teach evolution do so because they fear the existence of God and His creating the world they live in.

    Really? I thought it was because they feared the existence of zombies and the coming zombie apocolypse. I studied finance and economics in college because I feared the existence of leprechauns and their elusive pots of gold.

    Sure, preacher, people don’t study science because they’re interested in it, nope, they work their way through all those college classes and earn difficult degrees because they are afraid of something else. It’s all clear now.

  6. That’s it…. I’m off to become a Quaker. This guy has totally enlightened me and now I’m shaking all over and praying for forgiveness.

  7. people who believe in … evolution
    It should be pointed out that this does not cover those of us who do not believe in evolution (nor in atoms, flight, electromagnetism, …).
    We accept that certain things happen because we are aware of the evidence for them.

  8. Lately I have become fascinated with the mind of the letter-to-the-editor writer on this subject. Compared to them the evolution-denier-on-the-street and the career anti-evolution activist are boring. But the latter all start out as the former, so reading those funny letters-to-the-editor is like watching a speciation in progress. “Natural selection” weeds most of them out; after being embarrassed at learning how wrong all those sound bites are that they learned by rote, they revert to “la la la I can’t hear you!” But the “fittest” few do learn the the wonderful world of word games that few “kinds” have mastered like the career anti-evolution activist.

  9. Actually it’s “nothing from nothing leaves nothing.” God had an inordinate fondness for the “fifth Beatle.” 😉

  10. Frank: nice comparison.