Theocratic Madness in Florida

That video is about 2 minutes long. It shows Florida’s lieutenant governor, Jennifer Carroll, speaking a couple of days ago at something called the Faith and Freedom Coalition rally. That outfit was founded by Ralph Reed.

Here’s an article about it in Florida Today, a newspaper serving. Brevard County, Florida, in which Cape Canaveral, Cocoa Beach, and Titusville are located. The article is Lt. Gov. Jennifer Carroll denounces news media attack on Christians. A few brief excerpts:

“These are very sad times when we allow the minority to poison the minds of the majority,” Carroll said and then added: “This is exactly what dictators and socialist rulers did.”


She was one of a long list of people, including GOP presidential candidates Gov. Rick Perry and Mitt Romney, who spoke to a crowd of several hundred people at the coalition rally.

Several of the speakers mentioned God and the Bible, but Carroll in her remarks challenged those in attendance to show their faith and help bring about a “righteous government.”

Your Curmudgeon is thrilled. No matter which party wins the 2012 election, America will be Number One.

• If the Republicans win, we’ll lead the world in creation science, theocracy, and witch trials.

• If the Dems win, we’ll lead the world in social science, food stamps, and environmentalist crusades.

Either way, the future looks rosy.

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9 responses to “Theocratic Madness in Florida

  1. The DaVinci Code? Seriously? The DaVinci Code?

  2. Ellie asks: “The DaVinci Code? Seriously?”

    It seems to be a big issue with some people. It was probably Darwin’s fault.

  3. Screwtape: Even in England we were pretty successful. I heard the other day that in that country a man could not, without a permit, cut down his own tree with his own axe, make into planks with his own saw, and use the planks to build a tool shed in his own garden.

    Judge Patrick Fielder, in 2011no, Plaintiffs do not have a fundamental right to consume the milk from their own cow…no, Plaintiffs do not have a fundamental right to produce and consume the foods of their choice…

    The creationist threat to liberty is negligible.

  4. Gabriel Hanna says: “The creationist threat to liberty is negligible.”

    Yes, at this time. All they want to do is convert the public schools to Sunday schools. We can get around that with private schools, so we can survive them. For now. That’s why I’ll vote against Obama, regardless of who runs against him. But history shows that such people can’t be trusted with power. They won’t be content to run the schools. They want it all. As do the Dems.

  5. Da Vinci Code? Uh, fiction, I recall.

    I guess when your reality is based on fantasy then fantasy becomes reality.

    Just ask Dembski about Bible codes.

  6. Carroll: “These are very sad times when we allow the minority to poison the minds of the majority…”

    I agree 100%. It is technically true that only 25-30% – a minority last time I checked – approves of teaching “evolution only” in science class. While this minority is currently “ruling” in that sense, most of the other 70-75% would also agree if they knew how devious and relentless anti-evolution activists were in their goal to promote unreasonable doubt of evolution and massive confusion of the nature of science. So in that respect, the majority has triumphed – in part by electing G. W. Bush, who in turn appointed Judge J. E. Jones.

    Authoitarian extremists often whine that US is not a “democracy” (referring to the cartoon caricature where everyone has to vote on what’s for dinner) but a republic, whereby elected representatives and their appointees make the decisions. Yet when the decision is not one that they like they whine that it’s not “democratic” enough.

  7. As much as I love democratic freedoms and having some, albeit small say in my government, some decisions are not best handled by true democratics voting. When something can be objectively demonstrated we have to go with the evidence, not with personal feelings.

  8. just read the commentary to the article over at Florida Today and looks like our friend Herman Cummings has posted a comment. He’s inviting the Lt. Gov. to learn the truth of Genesis from him.

  9. TJW says: “He’s inviting the Lt. Gov. to learn the truth of Genesis from him.”

    I’m sure the two of them will get along just fine.