Jack Chick and Halloween — 2011

"The Devil's Night" by Jack Chick

Every year around this time we remind you that Halloween is coming, and there’s no better expert on the meaning of that day than the world’s greatest theologian, philosopher, illustrator, communicator, and creationist — Jack Chick. If you’re not yet familiar with the Creationist Comic Books from Jack Chick, you ought to be.

Last year’s post on this topic was Have a Jack Chick Halloween. For your holiday pleasure, we are once again reminding you of Chick’s comics about Halloween. Here’s the whole list so you can enjoy them online.

Happy Halloween
The Little Ghost
The Devil’s Night (The graphic above this post comes from that one.)

Chick isn’t the only creationist concerned about Halloween. Here’s one of our old posts about the thinking (so to speak) of Answers in Genesis: Halloween: The Creationist Viewpoint. And here’s something we just found at the website of the Institute for Creation Research (ICR). It’s by Henry Morris, the now-deceased founder of ICR. His article is dated 1998, but the message is timeless: The Devil And Halloween. Here are a few excerpts:

This is the day when witches and warlocks gather to praise their leader and extend his work on Earth. Festivities are marked by unprecedented evil and blasphemy, with blood sacrifices and hedonistic practices playing prominent parts.


Accordingly, let us strive to see that his harmful influence is thwarted on this, his special day. The children of each community need protection from the evil influences boldly swarming this night. May we, ourselves, not fall prey to his dark deceptions, and especially in the lives of our children, may we focus their attention on the Light, instead.

Wise words indeed! It’s times like this that your Curmudgeon feels that he’s truly providing a public service.

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7 responses to “Jack Chick and Halloween — 2011

  1. I’m making sure my house is completely surrounded by the devil’s evil so creationists can’t come to my door for candy. I bet it works a damn.

  2. Tundra Boy says: “I’m making sure my house is completely surrounded by the devil’s evil …”

    Smart move. Then you’ll have evil inside and out.

  3. Ceteris Paribus

    The ‘Halloween’ article was actually authored by John D Morris, PhD, younger son of ICR founder Henry M Morris, PhD. Each of them had an earned science PhD. John’s was in Geological Engineering, U of Oklahoma, 1980.

    There is a third ‘Dr’ Morris in the clan; the elder son Henry, but his doctorate is a D of Divinity from a seminary.

  4. The year that the Blair Witch Project was all the rage, I made stick men and hung them from the trees and put little rings of stone in the yard. The only lights were candles in the windows. I had about 1/4 the number of kids come to the door. I could see them walk by the house, get creeped out and move on. Classic!

    And, a few years ago Halloween fell on a Sunday. One of the neighborhood mothers came around and asked if I would save some candy for the day after. She said something like, “I don’t think it’s proper for my children to to Trick or Treating on the Lord’s Day” or something like that.

    I told her I didn’t think it was proper for children to go Trick or Treating on November 1st.

    And, in case there’s any doubt, I do yell at kids to get off my lawn!

  5. Curmudgeon: “Every year around this time we remind you that Halloween is coming.”

    Why did you bother this year? That’s 10 days after you know what.

  6. Frank J asks: “Why did you bother this year? That’s 10 days after you know what.”

    True. I guess I’m just trying to keep everyone’s spirits up.

  7. Cheryl Shepherd-Adams

    Never underestimate the power of red-dyed corn syrup, teenage offspring, and ninja-black gear.