Discovery Institute: Eugenie Scott is a Menace!

A month ago we posted Science Film: “No Dinosaurs in Heaven”. You can still make arrangements to see the film on 25 October in New York (for details, see Evolution in the Classroom: No Dinosaurs in Heaven).

We thought the film was newsworthy because its exhibition comes in the middle of an ongoing cascade of nonsense posts about a creationist “documentary” from the neo-theocrats at the Discovery Institute‘s creationist public relations and lobbying operation, the Center for Science and Culture (a/k/a the Discoveroids, a/k/a the cdesign proponentsists).

We haven’t written much about the Discoveroids’ film, except for Klinghoffer: Butterflies Prove Creationism back in May, but they’ve posted about it an astonishing number of times.

Now it appears that the release of No Dinos, featuring people like Eugenie Scott, Executive Director of the National Center for Science Education (NCSE), is almost more than the Discoveroids can bear. Look what just appeared at their blog: NCSE and Eugenie Scott Attack Critics of Evolution with New Film, No Dinosaurs In Heaven. Here are some excerpts, with bold font added by us:

If you believe you are on the side of truth, you are most likely at ease. After all, truth remains long after attacks on it have ceased. It is usually those who feel threatened with the possibility of being wrong who make the most noise, who bare their teeth menacingly, and who feel most uncomfortable with respectful discourse and debate.

BWAHAHAHAHAHA! Right. That’s why the Discoveroids are attempting to implement their notorious wedge strategy. It’s because they’re at ease with being on the side of truth. Their fantastically funny post goes on:

This is the reason many Darwinists and atheists hesitate to debate science with proponents of intelligent design. As long as they can label opponents of Darwinian evolution as “unscientific” or “religious”, they don’t have to critically analyze or defend their beliefs to anyone.

BWAHAHAHAHAHA! Let’s read on:

This is also the reason for the National Center for Science Education (NCSE), which exists to support and promote the teaching of evolution in public schools. Its inflated name makes it sound like an official government agency or national public institution. It is actually a small outfit in Oakland, California, headed up by activist and former professor Eugenie Scott, who for the last twenty-five years has made it her mission to quell any opposition to the teaching of evolution in American public schools. … In the realm of science, the NCSE will do everything in its power to keep evolutionary theory’s critics and doubters silent. And that includes students and teachers.

Yes, Genie is just desperate activist on a mission to quell opposition to evolution. We continue:

The NCSE recently ramped up their defense of evolution with their first foray into documentary film, No Dinosaurs in Heaven.

“Defense” of evolution? BWAHAHAHAHAHA! If someone were to make a documentary about the physical nature of earth, which incidentally ridiculed the beliefs of the Flat Earth Society, who (other than flat-erthers) would deride it as a desperate “defense” of the spherical earth? Here’s more from the Discoveroids:

Make no mistake – the main target of Scott and No Dinosaurs in Heaven is “creationism” or creation science, the belief that the universe and living organisms originate from specific acts of divine creation, as detailed in the Biblical account. However, the scientific theory of intelligent design is also under attack from Scott, who, like many other members of the scientific establishment, still cannot understand or accept that intelligent design is a purely scientific pursuit wholly separate from creation science.

BWAHAHAHAHAHA! This thing is so good you’ve got to click over to the Discoveroids’ blog to read it all. Here’s one more excerpt:

Eugenie Scott and the National Center for Science Education are bent on preserving evolutionary theory as the only explanation for life and origins taught in American classrooms. Their efforts are noisy, menacing, and disrespectful, and only serve to divert attention and delay progress. Our children deserve more than that.

Genie Scott — menacing! BWAHAHAHAHAHA!

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6 responses to “Discovery Institute: Eugenie Scott is a Menace!

  1. Makes me want to go and watch a Genie Scott video. Actually, it reminds me that I haven’t yet watched the one you featured in your blog recently. I could listen to her talk for hours, and unlike the Discoveroids et al, I don’t find that she threatens my faith at all.

    Oh, and the world is still here in Western New York. If it’s going to end, I hope it happens before I start scrubbing the bathroom. I hate that job.

  2. Ellie, as a former Western New York resident (not a “New Yorker,” please), I first heard Genie Scott speak at a UU church in Hamburg NY, around 1997 or so. Indeed, she is a delight to hear. The trouble is that I’ve heard so many of her talks (on YouTube) that the repetition factor is setting in, so I pick and choose which of her talks is worth my time.

  3. The least “at ease” organization I can think of is the DI – with their hyperbolic pieces about evolutionary science leading to Hitler and genocide etc. etc. Irony meters must be exploding everywhere.

    I’ve also noticed that they have been complaining lately that scientists (whom they term Darwinists and Atheists) hesitate to debate science with advocates of ID. I can think of several reasons why this might be true. (1) the scientific validity of an idea is not determined by a debate, so no scientific purpose is served, (2) there is no “science” of ID to debate anyway, even if someone were so inclined, (3) ID advocates avoid defense of the their own ideas, but choose the opportunity to debate evolution instead, (4) ID advocates believe that rhetoric is more important that honesty, and will cheerfully lie if it suits their purpose, and (5) debating an ID creationist provides them with more stature than they deserve.

    Maybe if they came up with some positive evidence for ID rather than just postulating that life is complex and improbable, and evolution leads to Hitler, then they would be taken more seriously.

  4. However, the scientific theory of intelligent design is also under attack (snip)

    Uh, no, it isn’t. You have to have a theory before it can be attacked. No theory, no attack. Your argument doesn’t fit, so why not quit?

  5. Discoveroid whine: “…[Scott’s] mission to quell any opposition to the teaching of evolution in American public schools…”

    That’s nothing. What truly makes Scott a menace is forbidding students to read anti-evolution propaganda during the 99+% of their time that they are not learning evolution in publicly funded science class.

    What’s that? She does nothing of the sort? Oh. Never mind.

  6. Ed: “Maybe if they came up with some positive evidence for ID rather than just postulating that life is complex and improbable…”

    They don’t even need to do that. All they need to do is say “what happened when” instead of the “RM + NS” that they claim can’t accomplish this or that. They don’t even need to spell out detailed testable mechanisms (e.g. assembly of the first flagellum). A very basic “How old is life – is it ~4 billion years, like Behe says?” and “Do humans share common ancestors with broccoli, like Behe claims?” would be a start. Even the YECs and OECs can muster that pathetic level of detail. Discoveroids refuse to do even that, with rare exceptions like Behe conceding almost everything to evolution. Those antics are just what we would expect if they knew that we were right but feared that the “masses” could not handle the truth.