Ken Ham Has Hot News for Creationist Women

At the personal blog of Ken Ham (ol’ Hambo), we find some thrilling news for all you creationist ladies. We’re not exaggerating — this is really, really thrilling.

As you know, ol’ Hambo is the Australian entrepreneur who has become the ayatollah of Appalachia. He runs the online creationist ministry, Answers in Genesis (AIG), one of the major sources of young-earth creationist wisdom. He also created the infamous, mind-boggling Creation Museum.

Hambo’s blog article is titled Another First for AIG. We know you want to learn the news, so here are some excerpts, with bold font added by us, and Hambo’s links and scripture references omitted. He says:

AiG speaker and researcher Dr. Georgia Purdom has a special announcement; she wrote the following:

We must interrupt to give you some background information on Dr. Georgia Purdom, who received her Ph.D. in molecular genetics from Ohio State University: Her bio page at AIG’s website says:

To our knowledge, Dr. Georgia Purdom is the first female Ph.D. scientist engaged in full-time research and speaking on the Book of Genesis for a creationist organization (i.e., which accepts Genesis as literal history, including a young earth).


She is a peer reviewer for Creation Research Science Quarterly and has attended several creation conferences held by AiG and the BSG (A Creation Biology Study Group). She is also a member of the research team for the GENE project being conducted by the Institute for Creation Research. Dr. Purdom helped design several exhibits for the Creation Museum and serves as an instructor for the online apologetics classes offered through AiG.


Another one of Dr. Purdom’s keen interests is the Intelligent Design Movement. … Regarding the IDM, she commented that: “On the surface, IDM looks very attractive to Christians in that it supports the existence of God through science alone, while leaving out the Bible. It seems less controversial because a ‘god’ is not named and therefore, could be taught in schools in opposition to evolution. Many Christians are not educated about the IDM and the implications that it is teaching, which I think are problematic.”

Dr. Purdom heard first heard Ken Ham speak several years ago when she was a student at Cedarville University (in Central Ohio). She soon had a dream of being able to work in creation studies, especially after noticing that there were not very many women engaged in even part-time creation research and lecturing.

Quite a woman! Okay, now that you know a bit about her, here’s what Hambo’s blog quotes her as saying:

I am thrilled to announce that next year Answers in Genesis will host the first-ever Answers for Women Conference at the Creation Museum. We have a great lineup of topics and speakers including our special guest speaker, Mary Mohler (wife of Dr. Albert Mohler, President of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary). She will be speaking on the topics of biblical womanhood and memorizing Scripture.

How wonderful! Let’s read on:

Stacia McKeever, an AiG curriculum writer and my personal good friend, will be speaking on understanding disabilities from a biblical perspective. Stacia is speaking from her personal experiences as a mother of a child that suffers several mental and physical disabilities. Her view on this has been such an encouragement to me, especially as it concerns the sovereignty of God.

That too should be a stimulating speech. We continue:

I [Georgia Purdom] will be speaking on the importance of Genesis to biblical authority (of course!), understanding death and suffering from a biblical perspective, and the biblical answers to racism in relation to the adoption of our daughter from China. These presentations are very personal for me because I will be sharing several difficult experiences from my own life.

No one will want to miss that! Here’s more:

The registration cost includes free admission to the museum, a planetarium showing, lunch on one day, and a special drama performance by AiG’s Geri Campbell on the story of Gomer.

The story of Gomer? He was one of Noah’s grandsons. That should be interesting.

There’s not much else that ol’ Hambo has to say, but as part of the Curmudgeonly service, here a link to more information, and how you can sign up for this history-making event: Answers for Women Conference. It’s scheduled for Thursday, 19 April 2012 to Friday, 20 April 2012. Registration costs only $99, but if you sign up early you can get a discount.

Make your plans, ladies. Mark your calendars. This will be an event to remember!

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9 responses to “Ken Ham Has Hot News for Creationist Women

  1. No, I don’t want to attend, thank you. Not much interested in hearing Ms Purdom, who says about the Christian Bible, “You can’t pick and choose, you can’t say this part is right, and this part is wrong.” I hope Ham hasn’t scheduled this conference when it’s “that time of the month,” because I’m sure Ms Purdom, who takes every word in the Bible literally, wouldn’t be able to attend.

    However, I am going to guess that since this is a conference for women, the “Gomer” mentioned is probably Hosea’s wife, the harlot, rather than Noah’s grandson.

  2. Ellie says:

    the “Gomer” mentioned is probably Hosea’s wife, the harlot, rather than Noah’s grandson.

    I’ve always had trouble with my Gomers.

  3. I understand the Chippendales are still negotiating.
    They want top billing.

  4. Hmmm, my first attempt doesn’t show up.

    I understand that the Chippendales are still negotiating.
    They want top billing.

  5. Curmudgeon: “I’ve always had trouble with my Gomers.”

    Sorry, someone’s gotta do it. Which one worked at the fillin’ station before joining the marines?

    Georgia Pudom: “Many Christians are not educated about the IDM and the implications that it is teaching, which I think are problematic.”

    Gaw-aw-lee. Denyse O’Leary ain’t gonna like that!

  6. Doesn’t their book have some stuff about women learning in silence? I guess if old Hambo is there to approve, it’s all OK.

  7. Gomer represented the first documented case of hemorrhoids in the Bible. Surely you’ve heard of Gomer’s piles!

  8. Gomer Pyle — isn’t he the guy that sings “Back Home Again in Indiana” to start each Indianapolis 500? I knew the guy was old, but sheesh! Noah’s grandson???

  9. What exactly does a YEC show at a “planetarium showing”?