Creationist Wisdom #219: The Science Priesthood

Today’s letter-to-the-editor appears in the Herald Journal of Logan, Utah. It’s provocatively titled Evolution not ‘science’. We’ll give you a few excerpts, enhanced with our Curmudgeonly commentary, and as we usually do we’ll omit the writer’s name and city. Here we go, with a bit of bold font added for emphasis:

To begin, many of us who reject evolutionary dogma, and so-called man-made global warming, are not rejecting science or reason. Rather, we are rejecting the high priests of the evolutionary faith who presumptuously presume to speak exclusively for science in these matters.

It’s always commendable to question an arrogant priesthood, and we assume the letter-writer has some data to show that “the high priests of the evolutionary faith” are wrong. Let’s find out:

It would appear many of those who belong to the evolutionary religion suffer from a severe form of arrogance, self-righteousness and self-importance. It’s not that they have a particular opinion that’s the problem, but rather, they seem to believe it is the only point of view on the subject that could possibly have any scientific merit.

No data yet, but it’s clear that he doesn’t like “the evolutionary religion.” Let’s read on:

In many cases, evolutionary scientists presume to know that which they do not, in fact, know, based on speculation, conjecture, hypothesis, theory, extrapolation and just plain guessing. They assume, but do not know empirically, that they can tell what happened in the past – historical science – based on calculations made in the present that cannot be verified over past ages, “uniformitarianism.” This concept is central to the evolutionary faith, but it is not science.

Ah yes, no one can know that past. It’s the old “Were you there?” tactic, dredged up from the foulest gunk in the cesspool of creationism (see ICR Says Scientists Don’t Understand Science). We continue:

Something does not become accepted science simply because someone states: “… the science says.” Members of the evolutionary faith should stop patronizing those of us who reject their religion.

The letter-writer is obsessed with classifying evolution as a religious faith. It seems to be his ultimate insult. Here’s more:

Further, man-made global warming does not become fact simply because Al Gore and his sycophants loudly proclaim it is occurring. For that matter, Mr. Gore has never been willing to debate this issue with any qualified scientist who dissents from his position.

If there were nothing more to it than the screechings of “Al Gore and his sycophants,” we’d be with the letter-writer on that one. Moving along:

Life spontaneously appearing from no life, great intelligence appearing from chaos, extraordinary order, design and complexity occurring from the genesis of a “big bang,” our solar system calibrated like a fine watch, and all this occurred from what the evolutionary religion calls “natural selection” – a multiplicity of innumerable accidents all moving inexorably over billions of years resulting in the incredible world we know today. Unbelievable.

The Big Bang and the solar system “calibrated like a fine watch,” all occurring from natural selection. “Unbelievable” indeed! And now, dear reader, here’s how the letter ends:

Or, conversely, we have: “In the beginning God …” (Gen. 1:1).

Hey, that was great — with one little scripture quote, the letter-writer refuted everything! And he did it scientifically, with no arrogance at all. Well done!

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2 responses to “Creationist Wisdom #219: The Science Priesthood

  1. It would appear many of those who belong to the evolutionary religion suffer from a severe form of arrogance…


    Yeah, right.
    Person 1: “I have received a direct message from God, telling me the Truths of the universe.”
    Person 2: “Sadly, I have not received any such message. Lacking any better method, I provisionally accept ideas based on what my eyes and ears tell me.”
    Person 1: “That’s sooooo arrogant!”

  2. I would like to call my next witness: The Ghost that Never Lies. Ghost that Never Lies, can you identify the murderer? Don’t point at me, you jackass!