The Big Bang? Breaking the Stupid Barrier

Go ahead and watch the thing. It’s only two minutes long.

If you like the way preacher David Rives presents the issues, you’ll be delighted to know you can see an ark-load of his videos at the website of WorldNetDaily: David Rives Archive, and you can buy a Rives DVD right here.

We agree, this is grotesque, but there’s not much else going on. It’s quite all right if your comments are off topic.

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8 responses to “The Big Bang? Breaking the Stupid Barrier

  1. He looks like that young preacher in the movie
    “There Will Be Blood”.

  2. Why would anyone think that a book written for first century illiterates would or even could contain all of the information needed to understand the cosmos? Unbelievable . . . literally!

  3. I think I heard the sound of a gauntlet being thrown down when he said, “Compromise is not the answer.” He seems to have far greater ambitions than just evolution. He wants to destroy science and reason altogether.
    I did have to agree with his statement that the Bible has a “simple, easy to understand explanation”. Yes. Yes, it does. And those who want to literally believe that “explanation” truly are “simple”.

  4. Ceteris Paribus

    Reverend Rives quotes from 2 Peter 3:17:

    Ye therefore, beloved, seeing ye know these things before, beware lest ye also, being led away with the error of the wicked, fall from your own stedfastness.

    Oh, so the Reverend. Rive’s debate game is ‘eat my bible quote’ is it? And one with plenty of dependent clauses and flourishes of commas to impress the audience?

    OK, I will let Mark Twain respond:

    And what makes that worn anecdote the more aggravating, is, that the adventure it celebrates never occurred. If it were a good anecdote, that seeming demerit would be its chiefest virtue, for creative power belongs to greatness; but what ought to be done to a man who would wantonly contrive so flat a one as this? If I were to suggest what ought to be done to him, I should be called extravagant–but what does the sixteenth chapter of Daniel say? Aha!

    Mark Twain – Roughing It Chapter XX

  5. This is nothing. Try his, “Chemistry can’t work without a Creator”.

    His argument is so wrong that you might have to watch it several times to work out what he is trying to say.

    Did this fellow ever go to school?

    Probably not.

    Obviously he makes enough small errors to prove that he does not know the first thing about what he is talking about. Somewhere in his muddled mind is some half-forgotten story of a problem in astrophysics – that of making carbon out of three helium atoms. This problem was solved by Sir Fred Hoyle (even creationists have heard of him) :

    David Rives is too ignorant to have made this up himself. Where did it come from?

  6. I wonder if Rick Perry is watching these riveting documentaries.

  7. Funny they have biology textbooks in the background while talking about the big bang theory.

  8. The argument that the big bang must be wrong because we don’t know where the material that forms the universe came from to explode always bugs me. First of all, scientists do have some ideas, but the explanations are so complex, Rives probably can’t understand them. But my main problem with it is that the same could be said about god: where did god come from, to be able to create the universe? “He has always been there, since the before the dawn of time” isn’t a satisfactory answer.