David Coppedge v. JPL & Caltech: Trial Delayed

This is about the case of David Coppedge, the creationist who claims he was wrongfully demoted (and later fired) by his employer because he was promoting Intelligent Design (ID) on the job. He used to work as a computer technician for Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL). He also maintains a creationist website: Creation-Evolution Headlines [which was recently moved here].

If you haven’t been following the case, you can find some background information in this earlier post.

The trial had been scheduled to start on 14 December, only 9 days from now. However, upon checking the court docket, we noticed the following entries:

12/02/2011 at 09:00 am in Department 54, Ernest Hiroshige, Presiding. Final Status Conference – Matter continued

There’s no indication as to who requested the continuance, or if it was something the judge did on his own.

In the section on future hearings we see this:

02/24/2012 at 09:00 am … Final Status Conference

03/07/2012 at 09:30 am … Jury Trial

That’s all we know — the trial’s been reset for 07 March. We’d like to think that Coppedge and his lawyer begged the court for more time, wet their pants, and sobbed hysterically praying for mercy, but that probably didn’t happen. When we learn more you’ll read about it here.

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6 responses to “David Coppedge v. JPL & Caltech: Trial Delayed

  1. Another three months? Argh. I think Coppedge’s lawyers just want more time to try and induce some sort of settlement. Once it goes to trial, it’s over – and they will lose. On the other hand, even a small settlement would help them recover at least some of their legal fees, and salvage a PR victory.

  2. I would guess that JPL has their own legal department or at least a stable of legal bagels on restrainer, so the costs to them might not be so high and a delay not a problem. However, inquiring minds will want to know what’s the hub bub, Bub!

  3. JPL’s legal team filed no less than 8 motions on November 30, apparently to limit Coppedge’s evidence in court. In turn, Becker filed a 187-page declaration of some sort, along with motions to “permit the showing of two intelligent design DVDs to the jury,” among other concerns.

  4. Courts routinely adjourn cases on either party’s motion, or even their own. Especially if there is any chance of settlement or narrowing the issues. Nothing can be read into an adjournment—not even who asked for it.

    Thanks for keeping up with this case.

  5. doug maenpaa

    How sad, yet so typical of the political-correctors at JPL and Caltech.

    I am a Christian myself, and I an unashamed to declare to all that the support for intelligent design is staggering.

    America used to be great, because America used to be good. Not anymore.

    When someones’ right to free speech get trampled on, because they dont tow the “party line”, this is a form of tyrrany. I thought free speech was guaranteed by the Constitution. How sad,

    Doug Maenpaa

  6. Doug, there is no scientific support for intelligent design. Obviously you have been misinformed.

    Nobody’s right to free speech has been “trampled on.” Coppedge is still running his website nonsense as usual, for example.

    IMO America is still great. But if America inches uncomfortably close to a theocracy, as you seem to prefer, that status will rapidly change. Should that occur, you will experience real tyranny.