Ken Ham is Furious

Evolution of Man

Things are strange in the world of Ken Ham (ol’ Hambo), the Australian entrepreneur who has become the ayatollah of Appalachia. He runs the online creationist ministry, Answers in Genesis (AIG), one of the major sources of young-earth creationist wisdom. He also created the infamous, mind-boggling Creation Museum.

At Hambo’s personal blog he’s posted something titled Bizarre in Belgum.

Bizarre? Considering that Hambo built his creation museum, and he’s busy raising money for his proposed replica of Noah’s Ark — Ark Encounter — and he hangs out with his creation scientists, what would he consider “bizarre”? You’re about to find out. Here are some excerpts from his blog post with bold font added by us:

My friend Bryce in Minnesota sent me an interesting T-shirt recently.

Okay, so Hambo was sent a T-shirt. Why do we care? Be patient, all will be revealed. Let’s continue with his article:

Bryce runs marathons around the United States; he’s over the age of 50, but he still has some very good marathon times. An acquaintance of his in Belgium was the promoter for a race last month called “The Classic Tessenderlo” (named after the town in which it’s run).

What does that have to do with anything? Stay with us and you’ll see:

In this photo, I’m holding the shirt that — I’ve been told — was given to all the runners after the race.

Aha! The T-shirt he’s holding has a simplified drawing of the familiar “evolution of man” sequence, but the last stage in the sequence shows a man running. Kind of cute, really. What we’ve posted above comes from the Smithsonian website. It isn’t the pic at Hambo’s blog, which shows ol’ Hambo himself, in a locker room (or maybe it’s his office), and he’s holding the actual marathon T-shirt. We didn’t post that because we don’t want to use Hambo’s property without his permission. But you might want to click over there to see what he’s talking about. It’s worth a look.

Okay, you’ve stayed with us this far. Now here’s the payoff. At this point ol’ Hambo flies into a foaming-at-the-mouth rage and exclaims:

This is just more evidence of how evolutionary thinking permeates the Western world, even in a race that on the surface has nothing to do with the question of origins or biblical authority.

BWAHAHAHAHAHA! Hey, Hambo — calm down. It’s just a souvenir T-shirt. We understand that a hard-core creationist might want to round up the marathon’s promoters and burn them at the stake, but those days are gone. Deal with it.

Hambo doesn’t say much else that we consider worth mentioning. He closes with his usual line:

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying

You’re welcome, Hambo. And thanks for that nifty blog article!

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7 responses to “Ken Ham is Furious

  1. “Belgum”?
    Maybe Hambone’s just upset about being some $20 million short of his goal of $24.5 million needed to float his Ark Park, pushing back groundbreaking at least a year. So he’s taking it out on Belgium.

  2. If he’s upset about that, the Science Channel, the National Geographic Channel, and the Smithsonian channel must all be on parental block in Hambo’s home, even for the adults.

    Come to think of it, a surprise reference to an earth older than 6000 years can pop up on almost any channel at any time, and it probably happens hundreds of times a day, maybe thousands.

  3. aturingtest says: “Belgum”?

    Yeah. Lotta Darwinism in Belgium. Hambo ought to do something about that.

  4. Nova had a good two-hour episode on evolution last night. I’m surprised Hambo isn’t ranting about that – but maybe Jack’s right, and he has PBS blocked in his home. It was especially nice since it featured Shubin and Tiktaalik.

    Instead, all Hambo can do is brag about being sent a clever t-shirt. What would he put on a runner’s t-shirt? A figure running with lighting bolts striking the ground behind him?

  5. I’ll second Ed’s nomination of last night’s Nova program, “What Darwin Didn’t Know”. Definitely worth two hours of your time to Hulu it.

    It would be very interesting to hear what Ham might say if he were to watch it himself. One would think it would be difficult to reconcile the facts presented with his peculiar worldview.

  6. @RetiredSciGuy

    It would be very interesting to hear what Ham might say if he were to watch it himself.

    You might have to force him to watch it, like Alex in A Clockwork Orange.

  7. Ceteris Paribus

    Ken Ham may never watch the program, but NOVA left some morsels on the table for creationist harpies to quote mine.

    A few seconds into the opening: (emphasis added)

    CLIFF TABIN: What’s incredible about this timing, from a scientific perspective, is we’re going to be able to understand that diversity. And that just adds to the excitement. It doesn’t demystify it, it makes it all the more magical.
    NARRATOR: And this is the magic and mystery of evolution: over eons of time…

    And later: (emphasis added)

    MICHAEL LEVINE (University of California, Berkeley): Watching a developing embryo is truly the most glorious miracle of nature, no baloney.

    We are already having enough problems getting creationists to understand what a scientist means by “theory”.
    No need to throw “magical” and “miracle” into the conversation. Bill O’Reilly will say science has accepted defeat in their war on magic, mystery, and miracles.