It’s 2012 — Happy New Year All Weekend!

Like last weekend, this one is likely to be a slow day on the internet. The only “news” we could find is that Jack Chick has released a new tract: Here Comes The Judge. The plot is ridiculously stupid and contorted. Sorry to give away the surprise ending, but the bad guy refuses to be saved so he gets what he deserves. It’s nowhere near as much fun as Big Daddy. If none of that excites you, you can always immerse yourself in the wonders of The Time Cube.

This post — adorned with our own artwork — may be the best we can do for the weekend, unless some fabulous news story comes our way. Maybe the Discovery Institute will decide to disband because they can no longer endure being rejected, reviled, and ridiculed by the entire rational world. But that’s unlikely to happen because it would require sound judgement and an awareness of reality.

Therefore, rejoice — the absence of news is liberating! This is another intellectual free-fire zone for the discussion of pretty much anything — science, politics, economics, whatever — as long as it’s tasteful and interesting. Banter, babble, bicker, bluster, blubber, blather, blab, blurt, burble, boast — say what you will. But avoid flame-wars and beware of the profanity filters.

We now throw open the comments to you, dear reader. Have at it. Oh, and Happy New Year!

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13 responses to “It’s 2012 — Happy New Year All Weekend!

  1. No it’s not!
    It’s only 17:38 here – just 12:38 EST (I think) – still a few hours to go yet 🙂
    Oh, and Happy New Year to you too – bound to be a bumber crop of creationist hilarity, what with the US elections and all!

  2. Oh, and that Chich Tract? Just as stupid as you said it was – blech!

  3. Happy New Year to Curmie and all the SC readers.

  4. You too, Lynn. We’ve missed you.

  5. Here’s hoping you all have a wonderful 2012!

  6. Hey, on the HuffPo page, what’s the difference between the Media, Entertainment and Politics tabs?

  7. Happy New Beer!

  8. NOW it’s Happy New Year!! Happy Leap Year! Happy Election Year! And if the wackos are right after all, Happy Last Year! Live it up, ’cause you won’t have to live it down! (Well, maybe)

  9. Happy New Year to SC and all.

    I hate to start the year with bad news, but the DI will not disband, because they are not “rejected, reviled, and ridiculed by the entire rational world.” But the good news is that’s only because 90+% of the rational world never heard of them. But the DI’s misleading sound bites do “trickle down” to people who are capable of recognizing the scam, but don’t have the time or interest to do so. It’s not easy to stop memes from spreading, especially when the “counter-memes” require more undivided attention than the catchy, but misleading sound bites, but that’s the job we must do.

    Let this be the year that we stop obsessing over the ~25% who will not admit evolution under any circumstances, and devote more effort to reach another ~50%. They range from tentative denial to acceptance, but nevertheless think it’s fair for students to learn anti-evolution propaganda in science class, despite the fact that (1) it has not earned the right to be taught there and (2) it violates the Constitution.

  10. I’m still around, Curmie. I haven’t had much time to comment. I’m about start grad school (a Master’s of Teaching in science!). I’m excited, but as a poor, single mom I’ll be pretty busy for a while. Gotta work, study and parent with only 24 in hours a day.

  11. Happy New Year in similar wise! I keep thinking I’m not taking sufficient advantage of the Curmudgeon’s free-fire zones, as I have a few things on my mind that I’d like to unload. Well, maybe next time.

  12. Happy New Year!!!

    I spent my New Year’s Eve in the hot tub with some friends and champagne. Spent the night so I didn’t have to drive. Then went fishing with my boyfriend on New Years Day. I caught 4, he caught 1. It was a good day! 😀

  13. LRA says:

    I spent my New Year’s Eve in the hot tub with some friends … . Spent the night … .

    How very Darwinistic.