Ken Ham Wants You To Pray for the Curmudgeon

We noticed that we were getting hits from another website, so we went over there to take a look. To our surprise, it was about something Ken Ham had written about one of our recent posts — Ken Ham Is Furious Over Clergy Poll.

As you know, Ken Ham (ol’ Hambo), is the Australian entrepreneur who has become the ayatollah of Appalachia. He runs the online creationist ministry, Answers in Genesis (AIG), one of the major sources of young-earth creationist wisdom. He also created the infamous, mind-boggling Creation Museum.

So we visited the AIG website, but we couldn’t find Hambo’s remarks. Then we Googled on some of the phrases he had used and discovered that ol’ Hambo is on Facebook, and his remarks are here. We don’t have a Facebook account, but somehow we were able to find it.

To spare you the effort of visiting there and finding his comment (you’ll have to scroll a bit, as it was written on 11 January) we’ll quote what he said. It’s so enjoyable that we’ll break it up into paragraphs for easier reading. Here’s what Hambo wrote:

Sometimes I like to give you examples of how people refer to us. Much of what is written by our opponents to me illustrates how insecure they are — as we’ve seen over and over again, name calling and personal attacks.

This week, I was sent the text of a blog from someone who seems to be obsessed with doing their best to express their anger at God by writing against AiG and me personally. This has been edited down to inlcude [sic] what was said about me as this person went through one of my recent blogs sentence by sentence.

I wouldn’t bother putting the link up for you as God’s people wouldn’t want to waste their time going to such a site — but you can pray for this individual — God knows who it is.

After that, ol’ Hambo quoted bits and pieces from our blog post. You’ve already seen what we wrote, so we won’t repeat it. Our post that offended Hambo received a comment from a creationist who seemed to be one of Hambo’s big fans. Perhaps she’s the one who alerted him to what we had written. If so, maybe she’ll take Hambo’s advice and pray for us. That would be nice.

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28 responses to “Ken Ham Wants You To Pray for the Curmudgeon

  1. If you search for Ken Ham in Facebook the first hit is a group named “Ken Ham is Proof of Evolution” with a nice picture of Ole Hambo and the following quote:

    Seriously. Look closely at his simian facial structure. How can he argue that he and monkeys share a common ancestor when he looks so much like one?

  2. Just in case any more of the Chosen Ones come around:
    Chosen Ones! Pay attention! We do not take your science seriously. We especially do not take Ken Ham’s science seriously. Because neither he nor you has any. Period. We do take your actions seriously, however. Such as those actions at different school boards where you attempt to drag the rest of us back into your Dark Age time. We realize that the science is not what you care about. You really don’t give a flying rats patootie about evolution, geology, paleontology, physics, astronomy, just to name a few. No, all you care about is prosleytizing and evangelizing. Go ahead and do that all you want in your church or your homes. You will not do that in the science classroom.

  3. Ol’Hambo won’t publish the link to your site because he is trying to protect his revenue stream. Got to keep the sheeple away from anything that might cause them to think for themselves otherwise they may stop throwing their money at him. I would go so far as to bet that it was Hambo himself that came here to see what was being said about him.

  4. …someone who seems to be obsessed with doing their best to express their anger at God by writing against AiG and me personally.

    If I read this correctly, expressing disdain for Ken Ham is due to being angry with God? I know some of the commenters on this site believe in God …. if you were ever angry with God would you express it by writing something against Ken Ham? Or any other person?

    That may just be the most arrogant statement Hambo has ever made.

  5. Congratulations to the Sensuous Curmudgeon! When the enemy starts targeting you, you know your efforts have risen to a level where they feel you are an existential threat.

    Rejoice, and let the Tortoises dance the Celebration Two-Step!

  6. longshadow said:

    Rejoice, and let the Tortoises dance the Celebration Two-Step!

    Don’t forget the Gopher Dance! (“I’m allllll riiiiiight! Don’t nobody worry about me!”)

  7. You’re on the radar now. You’re screwed.

  8. LRA says: “You’re on the radar now. You’re screwed.”

    They’ve mentioned my posts at least once before, but always without a link. I don’t mind. At least they’re praying for me.

  9. I see by this article that Ken Ham, once again, mistakes himself for God. I, on the other hand, do not.

    SC, you are obviously doing something right, for Hambo to mention your blog, if not by name.

  10. SC, you’re making the right type of enemies! (I myself prefer the Magnificent Bastard type.)

  11. Ham: “I wouldn’t bother putting the link up for you as God’s people wouldn’t want to waste their time going to such a site…”

    Besides, that would be “censorship.”

    And no, I won’t buy you a new irony meter.

  12. I like how Hambo thinks he and AiG are a substitute for God.

  13. Curmudgeon wrote:

    At least they’re praying for me.

    Hope they’ve got a really thick rug….

  14. The Hamster is nothing more than a the equivalent of a carnival barker.
    It’s lovely that he has taken an interest in what The Sensuous Curmudgeon has to say.
    Congratulations for tickling the underbelly of a scumbag huckster!

  15. @waldteufel: I’d take your idea one step further. Ham might very well be a huckster, but the people following him are not (all) children. They’re responsible for their own actions and many of them (based on the comments on his Facebook page) are more-than-willing participants in his endeavors. Ham is not pushing a narcotic that has a known physical effect on people; he’s pushing a set of ideas that anyone with half a bit of logic can debunk. Yet they are willingly accepting it. They’re also the ones that are pushing these ideas on their local school boards. Even worse, they’re also the ones who are on the local school boards and who are demanding that “Goddidit” be an acceptable answer to any and all questions of science. That makes them just as culpable, if not more so, than Ham.

  16. Do you suppose Ken Ham has ever read “Elmer Gantry”? If he has, I wonder if he sees himself therein.

    As Gary states, Ken Ham’s subjects willingly believe what he’s selling. And Just like Elmer Gantry, he is selling. He’s making a tidy living by pushing his fundamentalist religiosity, and his work is made easy by the fact that his subjects have been conditioned since early childhood never to question a minister or one who acts like one.

    It’s difficult for the forces of enlightenment to break through that conditioning. So, I’m praying for you too, Curmy, that you live long and write often, and may the gods and muses of writing put just the right words through your fingertips and into your keyboard that the unenlightened may see the light!

  17. This is a rare honour, Curmy: take a bow!

    And keep up the brilliant work!

  18. Maybe Ken has a point. I’ll say Zelazny’s agnostic prayer for you.

  19. Our Curmudgeon, Who art on WordPress, pseudonymous be thy name.
    No day is done, until I’ve read ‘least one, of your pleas for rationality.
    Give us this day our daily skepticism, and forgive us our liberalism, as we forgive your libertarianism.
    And lead us not into buffoonery,
    but deliver us from cdesign proponentists,
    In the classroom as it is in science.

    Ramen? 🙂

  20. I didn’t realize you had a spiritual side, Tomato Addict.

  21. @TA: I just spit Mt Dew all over my keyboard. Bravo, TA! Bravo!

  22. Brilliant, Tomato Addict!

    Your splendid contribution here is now part of my daily devotions…

  23. TA – I will do my part to spread this prayer, perhaps with some substitutions for Curmy [no offense intended :-)] Brilliantly done TA.

  24. Thanks all. The idea just sort of popped out.

    @SC: I have many sides – this is but one of a highly irregular polygon.

    @Gary: Sorry about the keyboard. I hope it was Diet Mt. Dew? (not sticky)

    @Douglas: It was made for substitutions. We can have wonderful arguments about which one is more correct. 😉

  25. “Give us this day our daily skepticism, and forgive us our liberalism, as we forgive your libertarianism.”


  26. Excellent, TA! Bravo!!