Louisiana Creationism Repeal: Zack is Back!

Last year we were enthusiastically posting about Zachary Kopplin’s Campaign to Repeal Louisiana’s Creationism Law. This is Zack’s website devoted to the repeal effort.

As you surely know, back in 2008 Louisiana became the only state in the US to pass an anti-science, anti-evolution, pro-creationism “Academic Freedom” law modeled after the Academic Freedom Act promoted by the neo-theocrats at the Discovery Institute‘s creationist public relations and lobbying operation, the Center for Science and Culture (a/k/a the Discoveroids, a/k/a the cdesign proponentsists).

That infamous piece of legislation is the Louisiana Science Education Act (the “LSEA”). We call it the “Every Child an Idiot” law. The legislature passed it almost unanimously. The bill was promoted by the Louisiana Family Forum, run by Rev. Gene Mills, and it was signed by the state’s ambition-crazed governor, Bobby Jindal, the Exorcist.

Unfortunately, despite Zack’s having lined up 41 Nobel Laureates for Repeal, the forces of ignorance were strong. We had to report that the Louisiana Creationism Repeal Fails in Committee, which sent the Discoveroids into a giddy euphoria (see Discovery Institute: Ecstasy Over Louisiana #2).

At the end of our post about the repeal bill’s failure we said:

To the supporters of the repeal bill, especially Zack Kopplin, we say it was a good cause and you gave it a good try. But there’s a lesson to be learned here: Politicians don’t know and don’t care about science; they’re motivated only by votes and money. Always remember: Don’t bring a slide rule to a knife fight.

But it’s not over yet. In The Independent Weekly of Lafayette, Louisiana we read LSEA repeal in the works — again. Here are some excerpts, with bold font added by us:

With an aggressive reform agenda planned for the upcoming legislative session, Gov. Bobby Jindal is positioning himself as an “education governor.” He may get a chance to further burnish those education credentials if a successful attempt at repealing the Louisiana Science Education Act makes it to his desk.

BWAHAHAHAHAHA! Jindal, a biology major, could have vetoed the bill back in 2008, but he preferred to pander to the creationists. The article continues:

Opponents of the LSEA — a deceptively named measure signed into law in 2008 that ostensibly allows biology teachers in state public high schools to “supplement” the standard curriculum with materials that question long-established and widely accepted tenets of evolutionary biology — characterize the law as a Trojan Horse for creationists. No mainstream scientific organizations endorsed the law before it was enacted; the religious-right Louisiana Family Forum was virtually the only group to back it.

Very true. Let’s read on:

Repeal of the LSEA failed in a Senate committee last year despite the urging of more than 40 Nobel laureates in the sciences and a host of other scientific groups, but the organizer of that drive tells The Ind he’ll be back for the upcoming session in March to give it another go. Zack Kopplin was a senior at Baton Rouge Magnet High last year when the repeal effort began. He’s now a freshman at Rice University and says about 30 more Nobel laureates have signed on to his effort to end the LSEA.

Good ol’ Zack. Now he’s got 72 Nobel laureates supporting the repeal. Do we think that’ll make any difference to the retardates in the Louisiana legislature? No, we really don’t; but it’s worth a try. One more excerpt:

Last year’s bill to repeal the LSEA was sponsored by state Sen. Karen Carter Peterson, D-New Orleans. Kopplin says he hasn’t yet secured a legislator to sponsor this year’s legislation, although it appears Peterson may be ready to once again join the effort.

We’re behind you, Zack! Go for it!

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9 responses to “Louisiana Creationism Repeal: Zack is Back!

  1. Ceteris Paribus

    Very interesting. Last nite Santorum made an embarrasing showing against Romney, at least among the theocratic base of his party. No doubt giving Jindal some reason to hope that the 2016 election will not see a Republican incumbent running for re-election.

    Possibly Jindal might now have an incentive to wangle some of his creationist legislator cronies buddies to take a ride on an “education” ark, hoping to land on a new land of opportunity in 4 years?

  2. Here’s my “back of the envelope” calculations. According to Nobelprize.org, there have been a total of 826 individuals awarded the Nobel Prize. Of this, 552 have been in the fields of Physics, Chemistry, and Medicine (aka “the hard sciences”). Zack has lined up 72 of those 552. This means that 72/552 = 0.13 = 13% of all “hard sciences” Nobel Laureates have signed on with Zack. A quick run through half of the Laureates shows that 21.3% are still alive. If this holds true for all 552, then there are only 552*(0.213) = ~118 still alive. This means that Zack has the backing of roughly 61% of all living Nobel Laureates in the “hard sciences”.

  3. Gary says:

    This means that Zack has the backing of roughly 61% of all living Nobel Laureates in the “hard sciences”.

    You think that’s impressive. I think that’s impressive. But it won’t impress the Louisiana legislature.

  4. CORRECTION: There are 195 living Nobel Laureates in the “hard sciences”. That means he has the backing of only 37%, or just more than 1 of every 3.
    No, it won’t impress the Louisiana legislature. (What will? Scientifically, nothing.) But it is yet another bit of evidence when someone else (aside from Bachmann, from whom I do not think we will be hearing on this subject) throws out how “all those Nobel Laureates who back creationism”.

  5. We’ll we’re at 73 Nobels now. We’ll see what happens. I’m with the Governor, I just want to reform education and prevent the teaching of creationism in public schools.

  6. Zack Kopplin says: “I’m with the Governor”

    You’re with your interpretation of what he says, but does he mean what you’d like him to mean? And even if it does, he’ll do the opposite if he thinks that will advance his political career. Anyway … 73 Nobelists! You’re amazing.

  7. We’ll we’re at 73 Nobels now.

    Okay, now you’re up to 37.4% of all living “hard sciences” Nobel laureates. You go, Zack!

  8. Fantastic work, Zack! And you too, Gary!

    By the way, Zack, what’s your major?

  9. I’m definitely getting a history major and considering specializing in Chinese history. I may also go for a double in Econ.