ICR: NASA Photo Proves Noah’s Flood

The first thing you need to do is to look at this new photo of the earth by NASA: Blue Marble. Only then will you be able to appreciate what we’re being told today by the Institute for Creation Research (ICR) — the granddaddy of all creationist outfits — the fountainhead of young-earth creationist wisdom.

Have you looked at the NASA photo? Okay, but it’s likely that because of the limitations of your materialistic worldview you only saw a startlingly beautiful picture of our world. But the creation scientists of ICR see more deeply than that, as they explain in NASA Earth Image Helps Answer Flood Question. Here are some excerpts, with bold font added by us:

This image can help answer a question that creationists often hear: If the entire earth really was covered during the Flood of Noah’s day, then where did all that water go?

We know you’re interested. Don’t deny it. Now pay careful attention to what ICR has to say, as it just might save you from an eternity in the Lake of Fire:

According to the Bible, the water retreated from the surface of the earth, apparently running off the continents into newly created ocean basins. Geophysicist John Baumgardner developed a detailed, feasible model called Catastrophic Plate Tectonics of how the earth’s mantle and crust might have shifted and interacted during the Flood year. According to this model, the configuration of today’s ocean floors formed during the latter months of the Flood year.

You never thought of that before, did you? Let’s read on:

So, what happened to all the water from Noah’s Flood? It went into the oceans. As extraordinary images of the earth from space show, water covers the majority of the blue planet. In fact, from at least one vantage point near the center of the Pacific Ocean, virtually no land is visible — just ocean!

There’s your answer — the Flood waters went into the newly-formed oceans! Here’s their concluding paragraph:

NASA’s new Blue Marble image, like previous ones, shows that the earth’s watery surface — which is unique among all known planets — has all the fitting hallmarks of Noah’s Flood: mountains made of catastrophically deposited mudrocks, valleys from which mudrock was catastrophically removed, and vast, blue reservoirs that hold the waters that were responsible for the destruction of the planet’s primordial surface.

So there you are, dear reader. Now you have proof — from NASA! The Flood waters receded into the oceans. It’s all so obvious!

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22 responses to “ICR: NASA Photo Proves Noah’s Flood

  1. Be prepared to see your last paragraph quote-mined into some YEC publication. 🙂 As usual YEC claims are easy to express in a few simple non-scientific sentences with a veneer of plausibility. To set the record straight takes a bit more time for research, correction, and explanation.

  2. If only the Titanic had cut a hole in the bottom of the ship to let the water drain out, all those lives would have been saved.

  3. According to this model, the configuration of today’s ocean floors formed during the latter months of the Flood year.

    Obviously someone didn’t include the thermodynamics of several billions of tons of rock moving over each other at almost supersonic speed into his model. It would have produced enough heat to boil those oceans away.

  4. All this continental rearrangement and ocean basin forming occurred while at the same time preserving the remains of extant life worldwide in nice, neat, sequences of fossils – without a single fossil out of place – as though the organisms descended with modification over millions of years. I wonder if Baumgardner’s model addresses that issue.

  5. I think Mr. Thomas of ICR forgot to take his meds today. Those people are crackpots.

  6. “All this continental rearrangement and ocean basin forming occurred while at the same time preserving the remains of extant life worldwide in nice, neat, sequences of fossils”

    Not only that with all this massive upheaval going on managing to essentially leave the middle east virtually unchanged from before the flood

  7. Flakey says: “Not only that with all this massive upheaval going on managing to essentially leave the middle east virtually unchanged from before the flood”

    Didn’t bother the pyramids at all. Or were they built after the Flood? I can’t keep the dates straight.

  8. I wonder how they would explain the lack of any sediment on the newly-formed basalt seabed at the spreading centers along the Mid-Ocean Ridges, while the sediment layers are thicker with increasing distance from the spreading centers, all the way to the continents’ edges.

    Moreover, it’s difficult for the creationists to be convincing in their assertion that all this plate tectonic spreading apart of the continents happened ~6,000 years ago. GPS positioning along with laser reflections from reflectors placed on the moon by the Apollo astronauts allows us to precisely measure the continued movement of the tectonic plates today, and at a rate fast enough to cause enough friction to melt the rock, thus forming volcanos along all the converging plate subduction zones. Tip o’ the hat to Reinard for pointing out the thermodynamic impossibility of near-instantaneous ocean basin formation.

    Hard to believe “geophysicist John Baumgardner” is actually a geophysicist. I’m going to Google him after posting this, so I don’t loose this comment and have to re-type.

  9. Baumgardner is a geophysicist, alright, and he created a program useful for geophysical modeling and he put in the parameters necessary to scoot South America across the Atlantic basin at 100 mph. And, yes, the heat generated melted the planet. Baumbers admitted that “heat was a problem” and has not promoted his “runaway subduction” model in many years because of the obvious thermodynamic problems. But, the Fluddites hang on to the old idea to bamboozle the credulous. Fleece the flock, so to speak.

    Baumbastic is retired from Los Alamos and is associated with a Fraternity of Retired Creationist Lunatics which includes our very own David Coppedge: Logos Research Associates.

  10. “the Fluddites”

    LOLOL!!!! Love that!

  11. According to Wikipedia, he is a geophysicist, although he is hardly unbiased:

    “He became a Christian at 26 and has tried to prove the Noachian flood scientifically ever since, creating a computer program called Terra to model the flood.[3] In 1985, Baumgardner joined the controversial amateur archaeologist Ron Wyatt and salvage expert David Fasold to Durupınar, Turkey for an expedition recounted in Fasold’s The Ark of Noah to locate the biblical ship’s remains.[4] Baumgardner did not support Wyatt and Fasold claims to have found a boat-shaped ‘object’ which was the Ark. He argued that the object was a natural formation.[5]
    Baumgardner has a Ph.D. in geophysics and space science from the University of California at Los Angeles and works at the Los Alamos National Laboratory, is Adjunct Professor of Geophysics at the Institute for Creation Research.[6] He is a member of the Intelligent Design and Evolution Awareness Center.[7]”

    I’m not at all familiar with how information posted at Wikipedia is vetted. He would have to ignore huge amounts of very plain evidence to come up with the idea that the ocean basins were formed in a matter of weeks.

    But even if it DID happen, there would have been way more water than what would fit into today’s ocean basins. If indeed the entire globe were inundated, that would require a SIX MILE depth over and above today’s sea level to cover Mt. Everest, and that would be over the entire earth.
    Today’s ocean basins are on average two miles deep, with the greatest depth in a very narrow trench being seven miles. Perhaps God got thirsty and just shlurped it up.

    Such willful ignorance from a Ph.D. is appalling.

  12. Yeah, Doc, I like “Fluddites” too!

    You posted while I was writing.

  13. Unlike Walt Brown who to this day defends his Hydroplate Theory, Baumgardner recognized the heat problem as unresolvable. Of course, all he did was tweak the parameters to speed up subduction. He could never explain, of course (because it’s impossible), the geo-mechanics that would have to be in place to initiate runaway subduction, or, just a important, how to stop it in just the right place so that Carnival is in Rio and not in the middle of the ocean.

    You can stymie all Flud Kreationists with simple geometry and two questions: where did the water come from and where did it go. The problem is that you need more water than there is on the Earth and that can’t come from rain because of the Water Cycle that you learn in the 3rd Grade: evaporates there, rains here; net water change zero. Kreationists try to get around the depth problem by saying the earth was smaller, smoother, sea level was lower and so on. Fine, give them all the parameters and you still can’t make it work.

  14. Not to take any credit from Doc Bill, but I googed “fluddites,” and as I expected, it’s not new. I’m just surprised that I haven’t come across it before.

    In any case, I wonder if ICR is whining that the DI is ignoring this because of their “materialistic worldview.”

  15. So did it rain salt water, or is the dead sea a heavily diluted remnant of what the oceans were like pre-flood?

  16. According to the Bible, the water retreated from the surface of the earth, apparently running off the continents into newly created ocean basins.

    Reeeeeeeally! Well, let’s take a look at what else NASA has to say about water.
    According to this NASA site, the total volume of water on Earth is roughly 1,385,984 cubic kilometers, or 1.39e6 km^3. As both RetiredSciGuy and I discussed earlier, the total volume of water required would be on the order of 1.1 billion square miles, which translates to roughly 4.6 billion (with a “b”) km^3, of water. This is roughly 3300 times more than what is available in all of the oceans, streams, rivers, lakes, seas, and clouds on Earth.
    Now, where, again, did all that water go?

  17. All that extra water went into the atmosphere and was blow away by a massive increase in the solar wind due to huge solar flares. Hey, it could happen. Wink, wink.

  18. So, since Baumgardner earned a Ph.D. from UCLA in geophysics and space science, he obviously knows better. Yet he chooses to lie, making false statements in order to support a literal interpretation of the Bible.

    Guess he believes that the ends justify the means — like Hitler and Stalin.

  19. Add Mao to that list.

  20. Not wishing to give comfort to the enemy, but I believe Fluddites also argue that mountains were much lower before the flood. After all, if you can speed up plate tectonics, why not do the same for mountain building? That would let them get away with a smaller volume of water.

  21. Ceteris Paribus

    I can see it! I can see it! The mighty floods were so mighty, that when they receded into the ocean basins, they also warped the flat Earth of Creation into the round Blue Marble we can see from space today. Hallelujah!

    And to any non-believers who want to risk perdition by denying the truth of this, just recall that the little round ball of paper you find in your pants pocket is what remains of the flat Kleenex ™ you forgot to take out before you threw the pants into the washer.

    And doesn’t every Bible Boy and Gospel Girl know why it is we even have pants to put in the washer? Hallelujah!

  22. NASA photo? Give me a break.
    Everybody knows that NASA is in Al Gore’s back pocket.