Ken Ham: Everybody’s Leaving His Church, #2

This is a follow-up to something we wrote almost a year ago with the same title. Today we have yet another lament by Ken Ham on the same subject.

It appears at the website of Answers in Genesis (AIG), one of the major sources of young-earth creationist wisdom. AIG is the online creationist ministry of Ken Ham (ol’ Hambo), the Australian entrepreneur who has become the ayatollah of Appalachia.

Ol’ Hambo is the impresario of imbecility, the authority on absurdity, the producer of poppycock, the tycoon of tomfoolery. He’s the brains behind the infamous, mind-boggling Creation Museum — which has become the North American Mecca for the mindless.

Hambo’s latest is Going, Going . . . Gone, Why Are Young People Walking Away From Our Churches? We assume he means they’re walking away from his own peculiar reality-denying sect. It’s the same troubling phenomenon he’s written about before. This time he puts it like this, with bold font added by us:

I have met so many young people who do not see the church as relevant and do not consider the Bible a real book of history that can be trusted. I have found that most parents have delegated the training of their children to the Sunday school, youth group, or other Christian organization.

Whenever I ask a church audience if they have any questions, I find that they usually ask the same questions regardless of what country or church (conservative or liberal) I visit: How can we know the Bible is true and is God’s Word? Where did God come from? Where did Cain get his wife? Can’t Christians believe in millions of years, the big bang, and evolution as long as God was involved? Are the days of creation ordinary days or millions of years, and does it really matter? How could Noah fit all the animals on the Ark? To name but a few.

We think this is encouraging news, but it’s very upsetting to Hambo. Here are some excerpts from his analysis of this “problem.” Hambo discusses the results of a poll he commissioned. Questions were put to young people (ages 20–29):

… who had gone to church regularly as children but no longer attend. They had to have come from a conservative church background so the results would reflect what’s happening to children from Bible-believing churches. And what did we find?

There’s a chart of the findings. When asked “Do you believe all the accounts in the bible are true?” 44% said “no,” and another 18% said they don’t know. Asked when they first had doubts, 40% said in middle school and 44% said in high school. Here’s Hambo’s explanation of why this is happening:

Overall, the answer is the lack of teaching apologetics. The younger generations are not being raised to be able to answer the skeptical questions of our time, and so they begin doubting from a very early age whether they can trust the Bible.


Introduce apologetics curricula at all levels in church programs and at home. Parents need to take responsibility for their children’s education and teach them from the moment they are born.

That’s the answer! Teach ’em to recite, believe, and defend the creationist stuff that’s routinely posted at places like AIG. Let’s read on:

We take the words of that book as God-breathed, letting them speak to us from God. But these young people have been brought up in a culture where Genesis, in particular, has been attacked. They have been taught the world was formed in millions of years through evolution. And sadly, most Christian leaders (Sunday school teachers and others) have told these kids that Genesis doesn’t matter, that they can believe in secular history over millions of years as long as they trust in Jesus. Ninety percent of these kids go to a public school where God, the Bible, and prayer have been thrown out. They are being educated in a secular philosophy — in naturalism.

Naturalism! Gasp — that’s non-mysticism! How horrible! One last excerpt:

These children have been led to doubt that the Bible can be trusted in the beginning. They are not being taught how to take a stand for its authority from the very first verse. They are not taught the answers to the skeptical attacks on the Bible. So when the message of Jesus is taught to them, they don’t really believe it because they don’t believe the Book from which it comes.


Let’s begin equipping the next generation to stand solidly on the authority of God’s Word!

Yes, the kiddies need to learn not only the spiritual insights of the ancients, but also The Truth of Babylonian-era science. Only then will they see things Hambo’s way.

Hambo is in a desperate struggle. If the next generation doesn’t grow up to be creationist, then there won’t be any market for his Creation Museum. This is an important struggle.

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10 responses to “Ken Ham: Everybody’s Leaving His Church, #2

  1. Perhaps it’s the irrational ideas, and dark-ages social values, espoused by fundies like Ham that are driving young people away from the church.

    He’s right, though. The only way to raise otherwise curious, thinking humans to be like Ham is to brainwash them from a very early age, without letup, until they are adults.

    If you can do that, you might create adult humans who will give a con artist money to build a giant monument to mythology in Kentucky.

  2. Ceteris Paribus

    The kids will reconnect with Ken Ham’s god as soon as that god learns how to text and twitter.

  3. Sounds as if these kids are “critically analyzing” those stories from the Bible.
    It sucks when you have to take your own medicine.

  4. @ceteris

    I’m not sure embracing tech is the answer. It doesn’t really matter how flashy your message if the message is still hellfire and damnation and historically inaccurate information. When the kiddies get old enough to hear something else they will turn away.

  5. He’s pissed the kids are no longer being indoctrinated with a belief system that has no relevance today among the marvels the use of science has produced.

    Poor baby.
    He needs to cuddle with the attack gerbil.

  6. People tend to leave a church when they discover the guy running it is nuts and is trying to pick their pocket.

  7. Hambo, maybe people would be more willing to donate money to your cause if they saw that you were using their money wisely — actually helping people — rather than blowing millions on an ark.

    It would also help if you could at least make yourself *sound* rational.

  8. Ambient_Malice

    You people have zero comprehension. You forget that science is riddled with creationists, from biology to mathematics. They keep their heads down and focus on their work.

    Ken Ham isn’t a bad chap. He has a massive Russian fanbase, from what I’ve read.

  9. Ambient_Malice

    You need to lay off Ken Ham. He’s not a bad chap. You seem ignorant of the fact science is riddled with creationists who keep their mouths shut.

  10. Ambient_Malice says: “You need to lay off Ken Ham.”

    Thanks for the advice.