Bible Astronomy and the Geocentric Universe

Things are so slow this weekend that it’s not easy to keep you entertained. In desperation, we visited the ASSOCIATION for BIBLICAL ASTRONOMY. As you might expect of an outfit with that name, they have a GEOCENTRICITY HOME PAGE, with an Ark-load of material to bring you up-to-date on the latest in their scientific research.

If you want to dig deeply into their inspired information, check out THE BIBLICAL FIRMAMENT, a 13-page paper by Gerardus D. Bouw, Ph.D. Here’s a brief write-up about him at Creation Wiki: Gerardus Bouw.

We’ll give you only a few excerpts from the abstract of his authoritative paper, with bold font added by us. Here it comes:

The firmament is an extremely dense medium that rules all physics in the universe. Compared to the firmament, the universe of atoms is nothing. We will show that the firmament is identical to the Planck medium that has been known to physics for over a century. We shall also show that the firmament is the light-bearing medium commonly called the ether, and that the luminiferous ether is redundant and unnecessary.

This isn’t easy material, so bear with us:

The importance of the firmament is that it shields the creation from a true plenum. Also, the firmament acts as an anchor for the earth, keeping it firmly in the center of mass of the universe. From a scriptural perspective, the firmament is one more case where the Scripture knew the nature of space long before man discovered it. The firmament exonerates Scripture from the charge that its geostatic, geocentric approach is contrary to the truth. We also point out a fatal flaw in the spacetime foam and virtual particle explanations of modern cosmology.

Verily, you can’t consider yourself educated without a full understanding of this. Let’s read on:

We conclude that the geocentric, Biblical model of the firmament as the most viable explanation for the phenomena associated with the Planck medium.

That enough from the abstract. Here’s the concluding paragraph of the paper:

As a created plenum, the Planck medium is the only candidate for the Biblical firmament of the first chapter of Genesis. It shields the creation from God’s fervent heat and serves as an anchor that stabilizes the earth. Since the firmament rules the physics of the universe, it is the likely cause of the phenomenon that physics “seems to conspire” to anchor the earth at the dynamic center of the creation. The Copernican Revolution was thus mistaken in concluding that the Bible need not be believed when it touches on scientific matters, and the Bible is an infallible authority on all topics it overs.

Click over there and read it all. That’s your assignment. Quiz tomorrow!

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16 responses to “Bible Astronomy and the Geocentric Universe

  1. I’ll take an F- on that test, then. I only managed two pages of gibberish that is supposed to be physics before head-butting my keyboard.

  2. Adey says: “I’ll take an F- on that test, then.”

    It is so noted.

  3. Lewis Thomasonn

    I don’t think that this guy is in Kansas anymore or even on earth.

  4. His list of books (in the “store”) is amazing.

    Evolution apparently was an ancient Babylonian superstition. Who knew?

  5. In the last comment I made in a previous post, I said:

    Further, when you’re rational, it’s really hard to know where irrationality will come from next. Many is the time I’ve heard some particular aspect of creationism / ID and thought, “Where the #**! did THAT come from?”

    This article is a classic example of that irrationality.

  6. Reading Bouw’s writing reminded me of Prof. Irwin Corey. If you are not familiar with Prof. Irwin Corey, check him out on YouTube and you’ll see what I mean.

  7. I would like to hear from Biblical-literalist Young Earth & Noah’s Ark creationists who accept that the Earth is a planet of the Sun.
    As far as I can tell, it was universally accepted for a long time that the Bible said that the Sun goes around a fixed Earth. The only reason why anyone came to a different conclusion was on the basis of naturalistic evidence and arguments.

  8. “The Bible tells us how to go to heaven, not how the heavens go.” _ unnamed Cardinal c. 1632

  9. @Ellie:
    Cesare Baronio, quoted by Galileo

  10. @TomS:

    Has Tony Pagano raved about that site? If so I missed it. Yet that self-described geocentrist is always raving about the heliocentric old-earthers at the DI. Wonder why?

  11. SC
    Just noticed a typo in your first paragraph.
    Should it be A$$-load not Ark?

  12. Ed: “His list of books (in the ‘store’) is amazing.”
    Particularly since there are no ID books. Which means these people might actually believe what they peddle.

  13. Wow! I wonder if the stuff Gerardus is taking comes in six-packs.

  14. Methinks the “firmament” is made of Santorum:

  15. Methinks the “firmament” is made of Santorum:

    **snork** Poor Gary, another Mt. Dew up the nose …