Coppedge Trial Day 1: Discoveroids’ Report

It’s a strange situation, but we’re getting our information from the neo-theocrats at the Discovery Institute‘s creationist public relations and lobbying operation, the Center for Science and Culture (a/k/a the Discoveroids, a/k/a the cdesign proponentsists).

They have at least one observer at the trial, so it’s worth noting what they have to say. They’ve just posted this: Facts of the Coppedge Lawsuit Contradict the Spin from Jet Propulsion Lab and National Center for Science Education. Here are some excerpts, with bold font added by us:

Here in Los Angeles, the first day of David Coppedge v. Jet Propulsion Lab passed today primarily with oral arguments before Judge Hiroshige on what types of evidence will be presented, and who will be allowed to act as a witness.

That means the judge has been ruling on the pending motions in limine. We summarized all of those here: Pre-Trial Perspective. The Discoveroids continue:

The judge decided, for example, not to hear from an expert on the larger context of anti-ID discrimination in academia.

Presumably, the judge ruled for JPL-Caltech on their Motion in Limine to Exclude or Limit Testimony of David DeWolf. Here’s more:

JPL also opposed a request that the judge view the pro-ID DVDs that are at the heart of the case, but the judge decided that one in favor of Coppedge and will view the films.

That’ll be a waste of the judge’s time, but it probably won’t matter much. Let’s read on:

JPL’s legal teams appears to feel the less the judge and the public know about the case, the better them, whereas Coppedge’s attorney, William Becker, follows the philosophy that the more information, the better. This surely says something about the degree to which, win or lose, JPL actually has justice on its side.

That’s one way to look at it. There’s nothing about other rulings the judge may have made. If there were any that were favorable to Coppedge, they would have been mentioned. Then we get one more piece of news:

Opening statements will begin Tuesday at 10 AM. Which gives us an opportunity this evening to reflect on how the case is being spun by Darwin lobbyists and by JPL.

See there? All the spin is on the Darwin side. Except there is no Darwin side. From JPL-Caltech’s point of view, this is merely a case about how they handled a difficult employee. Darwin has nothing to do with it. But to Coppedge and the Discoveroids, everything is about Darwin.

After that the Discoveroid post drones on and on, spinning Coppedge’s allegations as if they were reality. We’ve seen all that before, so we’ll ignore it. Here’s how they conclude their post. It’s not news about today’s proceedings, but it shows their state of mind:

David Coppedge was harassed, demoted, and ultimately fired simply for expressing his personal views on intelligent design at work in a non-disruptive fashion. The court doesn’t have to agree (or disagree) with intelligent design to decide that Coppedge faced illegal discrimination.

That’s pretty much it. We’ll keep looking for — shall we say — a more objective source of news. But for the moment that’s all we’ve got.

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23 responses to “Coppedge Trial Day 1: Discoveroids’ Report

  1. whereas Coppedge’s attorney, William Becker, follows the philosophy that the more information, the better.

    The Gish Gallop. Also applied by Freshwater and at Dover. Flood the court with irrelevant dross. Oh, except that Becker tried to exclude testimony about Coppedge’s Prop 8 obsession and the Great Christmas Party fiasco. Oh, and a decade’s worth of complaints.

    Now that the “story” is out dozens of news outlets are printing all sorts of permutations of the story. We’ll probably read tomorrow that Coppedge was nominated for a Nobel Prize.

  2. What’s great is all the ID material is already prepped. I doubt that the JPL lawyers will bite though. It’s not material to their case.

    ID, Darwin, etc are all red herrings to the harassment.

  3. Indeed. No company I ever worked for would tolerate prosthelytizing or any other type of soliciting for personal religious or commercial purposes. One would be hauled out on the carpet at the first sign of such an indiscretion. Even political viewpoints are frowned upon. There’s always lots of hearsay, gossip and black humor at the water cooler, but you do your job without interfering or interference. End of story..

  4. Soooo… once again ID can’t stand up to scientific scrutiny, so the lawyers at the DI have to duke it out in court…. because court is where we decide the scientific merits of a hypothesis.

    And the DI wonders why the scientific community won’t take them seriously.

  5. Oops.. that LRA is me!

  6. The lawyers have a new bone of contention: level of media access.

    Coppedge’s lawyer wants as much media exposure as possible. This is consistent with this trial becoming a showcase for ID.

    JPL’s lawyers want restricted access on religiously and politically sensitive. They want their witnesses to feel comfortable in giving answers to questions about their religious beliefs and political positions.

  7. The evolutionists who run the JPL, and for that matter,the rest of the federal government, have crushed a career of a Christian for the crime of loving Jesus. What inspires such fanatical hatred?

    The evolutionists can not tolerate the presence of a single Christian in their midsts because of their inability to deal with the challenge Christianity poses to their fetid faith. Like Elijah who challenged the prophets on Mount Carmel, a single Christian armed with the truth of the Gospel can bring down an entire evolutionary establishment!

  8. Oh my. Look what stumbled in here … a geocentrist.

  9. Rubble says: “Oh my. Look what stumbled in here”

    Yes. I’ll let it go for a brief while. But there’s a fine line between amusement and annoyance, and my benevolence has limits.

  10. Tomato Addict

    Oh we tolerate Christians happily, but do we not duffer fools gladly. It’s not our fault if the two are not mutually exclusive.

  11. Tomato Addict

    yeah … um … you see we have this thing about bad golfers … yeah, that’s it! (duffer–>suffer)
    I’d blame it on lack of coffee, but my typing always resembles a random walk across the keyboard.

  12. aturingtest

    “Obesity, Madonna, and UFO’s are examples of the boundless Evolution Promoting Circus.”
    Just a random sampling from a page of the website linked to in Ian Brandon Andersen’s name above. Either a really over-the-top poe, or prime Time-Cube stuff.

  13. @aturingtest Either a really over-the-top poe, or prime Time-Cube stuff.
    It’s hard to tell the difference between a good Poe and the real thing. In my experience geocentrists are usually the real thing, and consistently crazier than your typical YEC.

    Whether a Poe or not, this one is amateurish and seems to be trying to sell books, or DVDs, or something.

  14. @Ian Andersen: This has nothing to do with his religious views. It has everything to do with the fact that Coppedge was, and is, an annoying twerp who doesn’t know when enough is enough. But even if it was about his religious views and ID, that begs a question. Does this mean we can drop the whole “intelligent design is NOT creationism” pretense? ID was supposed to be neutral with respect to religion. The people on this site know thats a sham, but you religious types were supposed to toe the line at least until you could manage to get your creationism ID into the science classroom.
    Answer carefully. Something tells me you only have one more post here before the SC banishes you back to the nether regions of the interwebz.

  15. I don’t think it’s a Poe. WHOIS reports that the domain record was created in 1997.

  16. It is interesting that the judge will view the DVDs. I wonder if, when he writes his opinion, he will address whether the DVDs promote a religious viewpoint. If he believes they do, then that would be another nail in the Separation of ID and Creationism coffin, regardless of the outcome of the trial. Bit of a risk to the ID crowd.

  17. The Boss wrote:

    But there’s a fine line between amusement and annoyance, and my benevolence has limits.

    That’s why I make all my wisecracks while juggling and riding a unicycle.

    For those of you who had your Fox-ccine shots this year you can read and watch the interview with Coppers. It’s so sad. (on many levels)

  18. Thanks, Doc Bill. That’s the thing I missed this morning. I just added the link to the post.

  19. For your further viewing pleasure here is Part 11 of 12 of the Privileged Planet available for free on YouTube.

    Part 11 goes on and on and on about how the Universe must have been designed and designed specifically for You and Me! But, surprise, surprise, all of the talking heads are creationists! Furthermore, like all creationist BS, it’s all fluff, bright lights, distractions, irrelevant fluff (did I say fluff three times?) and nonsense wrapped in a cocoon of pretty music. Fortunately, I passed out in a puddle of drool before I fell asleep.

    Part 12 of 12 simply extends the “Golly, Gee, it’s so complicated” theme. I found it annoying how they reference Carl Sagan over and over without citation, as if mocking. Oh, wait …

  20. While juggling on a unicycle Doc Billsaid> For those of you who had your Fox-ccine shots this year you can read and watch the interview with Coppers.

    Coppedge and mouthpiece aside, that was a better report was more balanced than what the DI is churning out. At least Fox called it “Fired Over Faith.”

  21. Yeah, TA, I blew my coffee all over my 15″ MacBook Pro (available at your nearest Apple store or on-line with Free Shipping for $1799!) when the talking head described ID as the “belief that the universe was created by a higher power.” I think Becker wet himself when he heard that and was forced to “disabuse” the commentator. Disabuse? The thought that was really going through Becker’s head was “disbar.”

    Old Becker had to make that ID definition correction Right Away rather than let it slide and focus on his client because we all know who his Real Client ™ is. *wink wink* ‘Cause ID isn’t a religious concept otherwise it would be religious discrimination against Coppedge, except that JPL mistakenly thought ID was a religious concept so it is religious discrimination against Coppedge because he’s an evangelical Christian but he wasn’t discriminated for that, but for … wait, where was I? Rats, I just dropped my balls.

  22. *wink wink* *nudge nudge*

    And don’t think for a minute I haven’t consider posting a video of a juggler on a unicycle. It could still happen. 🙂

  23. From David Klingleberry’s Flying Creationist Cluster:

    “Er, come on, Gov, you’re a man of the world! Man of the world! Know what I mean nudge nudge wink wink, say no more, say no more!”

    “What do you mean?”

    “Well, you know, you know, nudge nudge, you know! Say no more, secret’s safe with me. But, you’ve done it, right? Done it? You’ve. Done. It.”

    “Done what?”

    “Well, you know, wink, wink, man of the world like yourself, you’ve done it. You know … scientific research.”

    “Yes, I’ve done scientific research.”

    “Well, uh, what’s it like?”