Louisiana Creationism Repeal: 16 April 2012

With all the attention being paid to the new Tennessee creationism law, we shouldn’t forget the ongoing effort to repeal its forerunner — the infamous Louisiana Science Education Act (the “LSEA”), which the legislature passed almost unanimously in 2008.

As you know, Zachary Kopplin is once again leading the effort to repeal the law (see Louisiana Creationism Repeal: 10 March 2012), and Senator Karen Carter Peterson has once again sponsored a repeal bill in the legislature. Zack has lined up 75 Nobel Prize winners to support this year’s effort, but last year — when he had 41 — the legislature wasn’t impressed.

The latest news is at the website of Barbara Forrest, philosophy professor at Southeastern Louisiana University, co-author of Creationism’s Trojan Horse, a founder of the Louisiana Coalition for Science, and a star witness for the winning side in Kitzmiller v. Dover Area School District.

The article is Introducing the 75 Nobel Laureates Who Support Repealing the Louisiana Science Education Act. Barbara introduces an article by Dr. Ian Chandler Binns, who was formerly on the faculty at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge and is now at the University of North Carolina-Charlotte.

Dr. Binns’ article describes the contribution to society of the 75 Nobel Laureates who support repeal of Louisiana’s law, and while introducing his article, Barbara contrasts their contributions to science with the contribution of creationists — which is zero. Barbara says:

When you call and e-mail the Senate Education Committee to request that they support Senator Karen Carter Peterson’s SB 374, which would repeal the LSEA in its entirety, please mention that the 75 Nobelists have done MUCH more for Louisiana than the creationists at the Discovery Institute and the Louisiana Family Forum.

At the end of his article, Dr. Binns says:

Citizens who are trying to protect the teaching of science are fighting an uphill battle in Louisiana. It is important to point out to the Louisiana Senate Education Committee and to the rest of the Louisiana legislature the contributions of the scientists they are disregarding. Perhaps it would be helpful to just send this document directly to each legislator on the Senate Education Committee.

So click over to Barbara’s site to see what’s there, and if you can help, please do so.

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One response to “Louisiana Creationism Repeal: 16 April 2012

  1. Impressive stuff! Kudos to all involved, but especially Zach for his integrity and hard work, as well as his courage in pursuing a course of action that must be tremendously unpopular with a lot of his neighbors. That’s hard at any age, but I think it’s particularly impressive when you’re younger.