Louisiana Creationism Repeal: Hearing Report

As we mentioned yesterday (see Louisiana Creationism Repeal: Hearing Tomorrow), today was the hearing in the Senate Education committee on Senator Karen Carter Peterson‘s bill to repeal the odious Louisiana Science Education Act (the “LSEA”), which the legislature passed almost unanimously in 2008.

We were able to watch the hearing because it was broadcast from the committee room. Senator Peterson, who sponsored the repeal bill, spoke first. Then Zack Kopplin testified and did a fine job. He mentioned his list of 78 Nobel Prize winners — 78! — who supported repeal.

A retired biology teacher spoke for repeal, and she was interrogated by some creationist who was probably a member of the legislature. He asked her for an experiment that “proves” evolution. She talked about the fossil record, and how evolution predicts the types of fossils that will be found at each level, and then she mentioned an experiment involving generations of E. coli, in which some evolved to be able to digest various substances introduced into their isolated environments. The guy questioning her asked if they had evolved into a human or remained bacteria. Brilliant!

Then, as expected, Rev. Gene Mills of the Louisiana Family Forum, spoke against repeal. After that, someone from Governor Jindal’s office (that’s Bobby Jindal, the Exorcist) spoke against repeal.

The wildest witness of all was some woman who home-schools her kids. She did a Gish gallop, but one of her points was that evolution is “historical science” and is therefore unreliable. There were a few other witnesses, including some constitutional “expert” who claimed that the law was fine and didn’t need to be repealed.

After the last witness we’re pretty sure a vote was taken. Alas, it happened so fast that we missed it. As soon as we learn the result we’ll mention it here. Were we to guess, we’d say the vote was against repeal. If anyone else watched the hearing, feel free to add your commentary.

Addendum: In Town Talk (formerly Daily Town Talk) of Alexandria, Louisiana we read Committee kills repeal of Louisiana Science Act. They say, with our bold font:

An effort to repeal a Louisiana law that allows teachers to introduce alternatives to evolution in science classrooms was rejected in a Senate committee.


The Senate Education Committee voted 2-1 against the measure with Sens. Mike Walwroth, R-West Monroe and Bodi White, R-Central voting against the repeal. Sen. Dan Claitor, R-Baton Rouge, voted for SB374 by Sen. Karen Peterson, D-New Orleans. Several members were absent and Committee Chairman Sen. Conrad Appel, R-Metairie, did not vote.

So there you are. What are a mere 78 Nobel Prize winning scientists compared to the brilliance of the Louisiana legislature?

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11 responses to “Louisiana Creationism Repeal: Hearing Report

  1. docbill1351

    Thank God somebody is standing up to the experts! Parents have a right, nay, an Obligation, nay, nay, a Sacred Duty to root out Nobel Prize winning liberal bias OUT OF THE SCHOOLS and take back America where the good guys always win and ALL Christians are treated fairly!

    You can keep your fancy-dancy so-called “civilization” and “society” and me ‘n’ Ole Blue will go down to the bayou and nab us a possum for supper, won’t we Ole Blue? Aaaaoooooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuu!

  2. docbill1351 says: “me ‘n’ Ole Blue will go down to the bayou”

    Hey! I used to have a dog named Blue. Great dog.

  3. Too bad, but not unexpected. I hope those for repeal will keep introducing bills every session – just like the creationists keep doing for their bilge.

  4. docbill1351

    Who stood up to the school board in Dover? The science teachers. They said “no” to ID, and the school administrators leapt into the Dover Trap.

    Who will stand against these “academic freedom” bills? Again, the science teachers. Yes, there will be a few Freshwater’s but those zealots are already out there.

    So, thank you Mrs. Clark, Mr. Bryan, Mr. Corbin, Dr. Gilbert and Neal, Sam and Bernie and all the rest who made science a fun career for me. How we laughed at creationists and I still am!

  5. Several members were absent and Committee Chairman Sen. Conrad Appel, R-Metairie, did not vote.

    Profiles in political cowardice.

  6. Apparently Forest Gump was right. Stupid is as Stupid does.

  7. retiredsciguy


  8. retiredsciguy says: “Loose-iana.”

    It’s not a surprising result. The only thing I found interesting was Jindal’s continued support for creationism.

  9. I’m a little surprised that so many pols didn’t want this vote on their record, including the committee chairman. Maybe, in Louisiana, that’s progress.

  10. The guy questioning her asked if they had evolved into a human or remained bacteria. Brilliant!

    Uh, she did reply “Thanks for demonstrating why students need to learn evolution unpolluted by your breathtakingly inane misconceptions.” right???

  11. …I guess not, and if I may guess, that’s a big reason why the repeal failed. All due respect to those trying to repeal the hideous lay, all I see above strongly suggests that the scam artists and their trained parrots succeded in keeping the “debate” all about evolution, or more accurately the common false caricature. This “debate” needs to be about what other “historical science” the deniers find convicing, and what are itsstrengths and weaknesses. I gan almost guarantee you thatfew if any of the rubes are textbook YECs. Jindal, with a bio degree almost certainly accepts 4 billion years of common descent, if not the “RM + NS” caricature. Has anyone put the perps and rubes on the spot, and watch them evade, backpedal, and show how hell-bent they are on playing word games – to mislead students on the taxpayers’ dime no less?

    Thank God at least one Republican had the sense to realize that one needs to earn the right to say what is taught, and that these bleeding hearts are demanding handouts. The ones absent or who did not vote might be thinking about it. So please, Zack, don’t stop trying. And don’t let the scam artists control the terms of the “debate.”