The Revisionaries, Don McLeroy, & Stephen Colbert

Everyone else is blogging about this, so we don’t want to be left out. There’s a new documentary, The Revisionaries, about the recent craziness of the Texas State Board of Education (SBOE) when it was being run by Don McLeroy, the creationist dentist.

McLeroy is no longer on the SBOE because he was defeated in a primary election back in 2010 by Thomas Ratliff, but he remains a hero to creationists. Because of the publicity generated by the documentary, he appeared a couple of days ago on the Stephen Colbert show, and you can watch a video of that here. It’s about six and a half minutes long.

McLeroy holds nothing back: Somebody’s got to stand up to the experts, man and dinosaurs walked the earth at the same time, the complexity of the cell, atheists think something came from nothing, etc. It’s all old news, but it’s definitely worth a look.

There’s also a two-minute trailer from the documentary (which takes a few moments to get started and doesn’t play too smoothly) and that’s interesting too. Check it out.

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6 responses to “The Revisionaries, Don McLeroy, & Stephen Colbert

  1. Once upon a time, it was almost always taken for granted that documentaries were POV neutral. I think Michael Moore changed all that, and not for the better.

    I read about this film for the first time yesterday. From the Tribeca review posted at Indiewire: “With its nimble ability to play differently depending on the bias of its audience, “The Revisionists” is sure to generate continuing dialogue along the festival circuit and land a decent reception in limited theatrical release.”

    Glad as I am to see a good old-fashioned doc with no apparent political axe to grind, I’m not sure a “nimble ability to play differently depending on bias” is the best approach. But I’m still looking forward to seeing it.

  2. I think it will play much like the Nova Dover Trial documentary. They did a fairly balanced approach and took the info from both sides. However, it showed fairly quickly how little of a case dover had.

    I suspect the same will happen here. Afterall if you show someone a completly onsided view they will assume that you are lying about something or trying to mislead them in some way. Also those who slightly disagree may not watch it thus defeating the point.

    I’m looking forward to this release.

  3. “I have always been in favor of reality by majority vote.” Love it!

  4. Tomato Addict

    NN wrote>”I think Michael Moore changed all that, and not for the better.”

    I don’t think MM deserve that credit. Nobody ever made propaganda and advertised it as such.

  5. Doctor Stochastic

    Sometimes the Minister Without Portfolio brought in to present The Government’s Case has no portfolio because the government has no case. So with some other ministers.

  6. “McLeroy holds nothing back: Somebody’s got to stand up to the experts, man and dinosaurs walked the earth at the same time…”

    Nothing??? So he provided details of his heated debate with the DI on whether man and dinosaurs existed at the same time?